Chapter 17 – Draco Malfoy Junior

Isn't life funny?

One moment you're a young girl, playing with beautiful dolls, pretending they are real and perfect... The next moment you're a teenager, going to school for the first time, trying hard to please your family with your study results...

A few years later, the boys start to occupy your mind and you start thinking about family, but only when you finally finish your studies and your life has a direction, do you truly realise what you need in your life...

For Ginny, that special thing in her life was Draco Malfoy and Cassandra Malfoy.

The happiness of marrying him, adopting Cassie and expecting a child had been overwhelming, but something very wrong happened, and the happiness was taken away from her.

You see, this happens very often in everyone's lives... One moment everything is wonderful and the next one, you just feel like you want to stop your life.

But, think about this, if you're on the bottom, there's only one way to get out of that condition, and that way is UP... Smile more often, think about happy things, and watch little children playing in a park, whatever, as long as you leave that state of mind.

Ginny got very depressed with Draco's death, and when she finally decided to start living again, the pain disappeared with something wonderful... Draco came back to her!

I'm not saying that the ones you love and already died will come back to you... Not literally, no... But if you try really hard to go back to your normal life, spend time with your friends and family... then, you'll be at peace with your self and remember that person as someone really special that once walked on this Earth and loved you greatly.

So, here she is, Virginia Malfoy, teaching gorgeous Cassie Malfoy to read, in a big room full of beds. All around the room, big windows let the sunlight come through and give a soft appearance to the room.

Outside, hundreds of voices scream excitedly... Someone must have scored!

"Mrs. Malfoy! This Gryffindor needs help!" a voice yelled, entering the Infirmary with a young girl in his arms.

"Ok, Professor... Place her on that bed over there! Thank you for brining her..." Ginny replied, leaving the little table where she was teaching Cassie, with great difficulty, because of her enormous belly.

"Do you need any help?" he asked, watching her swollen stomach.

"I'm alright, thank you for your concern..." Ginny smiled, healing the Gryffindor girl, and putting her to sleep for a while. "This little guy is becoming too heavy to be inside of me!"

Snape tried hard to hide a smile and left the Infirmary, leaving Ginny seated on one of the beds, with Cassie caressing her stomach.

"Mommy, do you think he can dream in there? I could visit him!" Cassie asked suddenly.

"Well, I had never thought of that!" Ginny smiled, standing up again. "Tomorrow we could visit Aunt Julie and little Natasha... What do you think?"

"Yes! And can we visit Granny and Grandpa?" Cassie asked, jumping excitedly.

"Of course, darling..." Ginny replied, starting to put away Cassie's books from the table. "Julie is so lucky... She has already given birth while I'm still carrying this little guy everywhere!"

She smiled to herself, running a hand along her belly and at the same time, she felt a liquid running down her legs.

"Cassie, Mommy needs you to do something very very important... Can you do it?" Ginny asked calmly, so she wouldn't scare her little girl.

"Yes, Mommy... I'm a big girl!" Cassie replied, smiling sweetly.

"I know sweetie... I need you to go find Daddy, really quick, ok? He is at the Quidditch Field watching the game. Go and tell him he needs to come urgently!" Ginny explained, sitting back on the bed, starting to sweat because of the pain.

Cassie ran from the Infirmary, going to the Quidditch Field, where Gryffindor were playing against Slytherin.

Looking up, she saw her Daddy sitting on one of the high benches. It would take forever to get there... So, she ran to the middle of the field and started waving her arms like a lunatic.

"Cassie, what are you doing over there? We're in the middle of the game!" Madame Hooch asked, riding her broom a little above from Cassie's head.

"Hoochie, Mommy needs Daddy really quick!" Cassie explained, pointing to her father, who sat there confused, watching what was going on.

Madame Hooch performed a Sonorus Charm on Cassie's throat and told her to speak.

"Daddy, Mommy needs you really quick! She wetted her pants... I didn't, I'm a big girl now!" Cassie said, her voice booming around the field, as everyone looked at her with curiosity. At the mention of Ginny wetting her pants, everyone started to laugh. "She looked worried, Daddy!"

That was enough to make Draco run down back to the floor and kneel in front of his daughter.

"Where is she, Cassie?" he asked, nervously.

"At the Infirmary..."

"Oh Merlin, she's having the baby!" he whispered.

"The baby is coming today? YAY!" Cassie yelled.

Draco stood with Cassie in his arms and ran to the school... He was sure that Ginny was going to have the baby today! That was the only explanation.

"Oh, did you hear that? Mrs. Malfoy is having the baby today!" everyone started to comment, as they heard Cassie's words.

"They are such a cute couple! I wonder how's the baby going to look like!" a few others said.

"I'm sure he'll be gorgeous! His father is so hot!" a Ravenclaw sighed, and a few other girls did the same with dreamy looks on their faces.

"Well, Mrs. Malfoy is quite a hotty, as well!" a Gryffindor boy replied.


So, after all the suffer she went through, Draco came back to her life. Together, they fought to become free from Fudge's menaces, and overcame her coma, thanks to Cassie.

In the middle of all this problems, she got pregnant. Finally, the baby they had both wanted so much, was on its way. She could still remember Draco's face when he found out it was a boy. He threw a party that night and invited everyone they knew to celebrate is first-born.

With these happy thoughts, Ginny pushed harder and harder, to make the baby come out to Madame Pomfrey's skilled hands. Draco was by her side, holding her hand firmly, yet lovingly, and at the same time, placing a wet cloth on her forehead to help her maintain her normal temperature.

"Where's Cassie?" she asked, between pushes.

"She's with Snape, in the Potions Room... Don't worry about her now... You're going great, darling!" Draco smiled, kissing her head. "Our baby is almost here..."

With one last push, the baby was out and screaming at the top of his tiny lungs.

Madame Pomfrey performed a Scourgify spell on the baby boy and on Ginny, then gave him to his mother with a smile.

"Congratulations, Mrs. Malfoy, you have a beautiful boy!" Madame Pomfrey said, leaving the young parents alone with their first child.

"Well done, darling... Once again I must tell you how strong you are!" Draco smiled, caressing his son's little face. "He's so little and fragile... And red haired!"

"Don't worry, in a few years he'll be as strong as his daddy... About the red hair, I like red hair!" Ginny smiled tiredly, watching her baby sleep. She dreamed about this moment for so long that she still didn't know if she would wake up soon, or if this was really happening. "So, what will we name him?"

"Leopold Malfoy..."

"No way, Draco! That's an awful name!" Ginny laughed softly. "His name will be Draco Malfoy Junior. A Malfoy with beautiful red hair!"

"Poor little guy, with such a name and with such a hair colour!" Draco joked, kissing his wife's lips passionately. "You know what, this time, nothing will separate the four of us... Never again!"

"I hope so, my dear DADA Professor..." Ginny smiled, kissing him back.

************** So, you see, life is full of ups and downs, and all you have to do is live each day as if it's your last.

If you're extremely happy, enjoy that feeling. If you're down, do whatever you can to be happy again.

Always do your best in everything, and one day you'll look back and say, I was happy because I worked for it!

So, this is the story of a girl whom fell in love with a boy, once her enemy, and how they built a happy life together. Cassie and Draco will always be a proof of their love and courage.

Now it's your turn to make that happen as well!

The End


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