Title: Unexpected

Author: Jmaria

Rating: R

Disclaimer: Not mine. I'm owner of nothing whatsoever.

Spoilers: Book 5, BtVS season 7

Distribution: TtH, ff.net, ask if you want it.

A/N / Summary: 20 minutes with Blaise. Since nobody really knows if Blaise is a he or a she, I'm going with female. A demon shows up, who's gonna slay it?


She screamed. This wasn't happening. She wasn't being attacked. Dementors weren't after her. She'd done nothing to deserve this!

Blaise Zambini cringed against the wall. Her parents were already comatose and drooling in the hall. She would be next, and then she'd be dead. She screamed again.

"Don't just sit there, you dummy! Get up!" A young voice chirped from down the hall.

She and the dementor turned to see a twelve year old girl standing in the hall. She recognized her as a Hogwarts student. But she was a . . . A Hufflepuff?!

"Don't be an idiot! Zambini, move your bum!"

Blaise pushed away from the wall and rushed past the girl. She didn't want to stop, but the stupid Hufflepuff wasn't moving. She paused and turned to face her.

"What are you doing? Come on!" She said, but the girl just turned back to her.

"Go, on. I can handle this demon." She said, smiling shyly as she pulled a wicked looking battle-axe from her hip.

Blaise's eyes widened as she raced out the doorway. There were a dozen girls, ranging in age from their early teens to early twenties, battling all over Palazo Zambini. And in the center of the massive lawn, the bodies of six dementors lay, a whitish-gray fluid oozing from their wounds.

A dark haired man with a black patch over his right eye raced up to her. He grabbed her by the shoulders.

"Where's Rosie?"


"Eleven, dark hair, shy? Likes the colors Bronze and Black. Loves Badgers. Rose Zeller."

"The Hufflepuff?"

"Yeah!" He yelled

"She's in there, with the dementor!" She yelled back.

"You left her in there alone?" He shook her hard.

"Xander! Where's Rosie?" One of the girls cried out.

"In there, this stupid girl let her face one of the demons all alone!" He hefted a broadsword and charged into the mansion.

"Idiot!" The red-haired girl muttered at her, as she brushed past Blaise. "Xander, wait up."

"C'mon, Vi!" He called back.

Blaise sat down hard on the grass. She actually felt bad for leaving the girl in there. She watched as Aurors showed up, and as they brought the Zeller girl out of the house. She was smiling as she made her way over to Blaise.

"You ok?"


A hand stuck out to her, and Blaise took it.. The dark haired man stood back with the other slayer.

"Why does this make me think we just adopted her?"

"Cause we probably did?" Vi replied. "Rosie's heart's too big to not reach out to her."

"Right. Slayers, back to headquarters." He turned to Blaise, "You coming?"

* * * End* * *