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Now, my version of Treasure Planet…

            "On the clearest of nights, when the winds of the Etherium is calm and peaceful, the great merchant ships with their cargo of Octrurian solar crystals felt safe and secure.  Little did they suspect that they were pursued by…pirates!"

            The child stared in wonder at the unfolding world before her, the gigantic ship and the new one bearing the flag of Captain Flint.

            "And the most feared of all these pirate was the notorious, Captain Nathaniel Flint."

            The pirates quickly attacked the merchant vessel and were looting it when the narration came back on.

            "Like a Candarian Zapwing, overtaking it's prey-"

            "Jennifer Petunia Hawkins!"  The girl threw the book on the bed and lay on her periwinkle sheets looking as innocent as possible.

            "I thought you were asleep hours ago!"

            "Aw, Mom," she complained, " I was just getting to the best part!  Please?!"  Jennifer stared up with large Hazel eyes.

            "Can those eyes get any bigger?  Scootch over."  Sarah sat down on the bed, holding her daughter close, and the book resumed.

            "Like a Candarian Zapwing overtaking it's prey, Flint's band of renegades swooped in out of nowhere,"

            Captain Flint laughed as he ran his fingers through the gold coins and crystals that made a jingle sounding like that of blades striking one another.

            "And then, gathering up their spoils…vanished, without a trace."

            "Oooooooooooooo," Jen and her mother echoed together as the girl turned the page.

            "Flint's secret trove was never found, but stories have persisted that it remains hidden, somewhere at the farthest reaches of the galaxy, stowed with riches beyond imagination, the loot of a thousand worlds!"

            "Treasure…Planet!"  Jen and the book both finished at the same time while Sarah looked exhausted.

            "Okay, blow your nose," she held out a white handkerchief to her daughter, there was a snort and she folded it up and placed it away in one of her pockets.

            "How do you think Captain Flint did it Mum?"  Jen asked while performing several acrobatics and burrowing in her blankets, "How'd he swoop in out of nowhere, and vanished without a trace?"

            "I have no idea," Sarah said playfully, then grabbed her daughter while Jen giggled with pleasure,  I'm gonna get you!"  She blew on her daughter's belly, hoping not to wake any customers, then carefully placed her beneath the sheets.

            "Okay, now it's time for this little spacer, to go to sleep," She pressed on Jen's button nose affectionately, then reached behind his pillow to look for the toy that was squeaking.

            "Do you think someone will ever find Treasure Planet mom?"

            Sarah stared at the small pirate toy that she had found, "Sweetheart, I think it's more…like a legend really!" She placed it on her daughter's bedside table.

            "I know it's real!"  Jennifer defended staring at her mother with large and powerful eyes.

            "You win," Sarah smiled, "It's real."

            Jen snuggled into her blankets, "Nighty night mom."

            "Nighty night sweetheart," Sarah stood at the door, "I love you."

            "I love you too," Jen whispered as the door shut.

            There were a few echoing footsteps that moved swiftly down the hall, then a rustling of bedsheets and the beginning of a story.

            "There are nights, when the winds of the Etherium, so bold in their promise of flight and freedom, made one's spirit soar!"

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