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17-well, my title was stolen(used) by Grab-bag and I was going to do the ending almost exactly like hers, so here it is-mwaha!  The Far Side of the Universe (and a very familiar planet)

            Jen fell off her surfer and onto the heap of gold, breaking her bum.  She got better relatively quickly, it was actually only three seconds…she was a very strange human.  When she got up, everybody was happy!  Amelia was singing the Goldfish© jingle and Delbert was trying to dance to disco music that had appeared from thin air. 

B.E.N., being the readily crazy robot that he was, jumped up and gave Jen a hug; she of course, pulled out his memory circuit again so that he forgot who he was.  He was a little saner that way!

She looked around the deck, nothing strange; a few pirates attempting to get away unsuccessfully, the little office assistant Links was purring and holding a big red and white sign that said, "AND WHAT ABOUT SILVER??"  Yup, just normal stuff.

The girl sighed, "Just one more chapter and we will be free of author influence!"  Jen ambled slowly down the stairs into the cargo hold where the longboat was currently tied.

"We gotta make tracks Morphy!"

Jen sniggered, "You never do you? You big fat Greek cyborg!"

Silver grinned and retied the rope he had been loosening, "Actually, I was just making sure that our last longboat was safe and…" he tied a slipknot, "…secure!"

Jen looked at it for a second and quickly made pulled the rope.  It fell into a long strand and she quickly made two clove knots.

Silver laughed, "I taught you too well."

"I learned that from a book!  Teachers are useless!"

"Sheesh!  Sorry!  Now, If you don't mind, we'd rather not imprison little Morphy, free spirit, ya know.  Aw, c'mon!  Don't make me say all the touchy feely crap!!"

Jen rolled her eyes, "And let me guess, you want me to come along?"

"NO!  I mean…sure, we would love to kill-have you."

"No, I think I'll stay.  Keep my sanity and health."

"YES!  I mean, I probably should keep an eye on you, so take my little pet, he's housetrained, well, you get to teach him how to use the bathroom!"

"Er, sure."

The little blob circled around Jen's head and Silver quickly shoved out into space, speeding away as fast as he could while Jen and Morph watched and cheered.

The next day, Sarah Hawkins went to the spaceport to await the return of her daughter.  As she searched, she felt a hand grab her shoulder and turned to see…the dirtiest person ever.

"Hi mom, I'm home."


Jen was disowned the next day because her mother was deeply frightened of her.  She went into a bar the next day and met CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow and they fell in love, soon becoming the fiercest pirates ever known.  Silver was never found, but most people thought that he went back to Pluto to brood. 

After they became filthy rich, Jack and Jen, now married, retired to a developing planet called Earth to live out the rest of their lives as "Sea Pirates" facing the British Navy.  They enjoyed using secret engines to make it seem like their ships were flying and scared the hejebees out of the Cajuns.

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