Fuuei: Wow… I think everybody must have forgotten who I am already… I've been away for like… 8 mths??? Even I myself is surprised… oO So… Sanzo-ikkou? Why don't you all say something???

Sanzo-ikkou: Huh??? Who the hell are you!???

Fuuei: WHAT!?? Even the Sanzo-ikkou has forgotten me!!!! WAHHHH TT

Hakkai: Gomen ne, Fuuei… We were just playing with you…

Fuuei: PLAY!? What do you mean 'PLAY'??? Oohhhhh!!!!! strangling Hakkai

Hakkai: Gakkk arkkk… He…lpppp… !!!!

Sanzo: shoots Fuuei This girl's gone wild again…

Fuuei: XX.

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Our Sanzo-ikkou was on their regular journey to the West as they were nearing a town. "Wow! A town! Food! Harahetta ne…" "Baka saru! Always thinking of food!" "NANDATO!?" "Uru—" "Go die YOU! Kuso baba! Only bring misfortune to our town! Shi—ne!"

In front of the foursome was a group of tall, muscular men, along with some children. They were surrounding a girl, who looked like a teenager. The girl's body was only covered with ragged clothes. Her delicate body was covered with bruises and blood whilst the group of bullies was landing more injuries on her.

The four heroes got off the jeep and gaped at the scene in front of them. Gojyo's mouth hung open so big that it reached the ground. Despite the bruises and blood covering her, she was like an angel. Her well-tanned skin matched her long black hair and black eyes. Her slim and delicate body was leaning on the wall while sitting on the ground.

She was definitely, stunningly, beautiful. However, there was something missing within her beauty. Her eyes were lack of life and happiness. They were totally blank and she was like daydreaming in spite of the landing of the kicks and punches. It was as if… she could not feel pain. It was as if… she was dead.

"Oi… oi! It's bad to bully such a pretty lady! Women will hate you!" Gojyo said as he rushed forward, with his shakujou and ready to strike. The group of bullies saw him with his weapon and was so afraid that even some wet their pants. The group dispersed as they all rushed home and called for their mommies.

Goku rushed towards the girl as the others followed slowly. "O-nee-chan, daijoubu desuka?" The girl raised her head and looked at Goku. She started to speak, but she was so weak that her voice hardly came out like a whisper. Nevertheless, it was enough for the foursome to hear. "Omae… dare… ka?" "Shhh… you shouldn't talk… You're badly hurt. Let me heal you…" Hakkai proceeded to take her hand but she flinched, trembling.

Hakkai started to assure her that nobody was going to hurt her and his gentle voice made her trust him slowly. She was completely healed and she proceeded to stand up. After the first attempt was proved successful, she started to walk, but she fell and Gojyo caught her just in time before she fall to the ground. "Ano… Ojou-san, it looks like you've lost too much blood… Why don't we send you back home?" "NO! DON'T! Don't… Please don't go to my house… No… I beg you… Please…"

"Well, it's not my type to disobey a beautiful woman's order…" Gojyo said as he helped the girl to walk. "Let's take her to an inn so we can also find a place to rest." The others had no comment so they followed him. They reached an inn and as the people there saw the pretty girl, they started to whisper around and casting some glares at her. Suddenly, some of them spotted Sanzo and they rushed towards him. "Ano… are you a Sanzo?" "Ah." Oh man… Don't tell me they want me to preach again… A girl faced the others in the inn. "Hey everyone! This blond hair man is a Sanzo! He might be the holiest man ever stepped into this town!"

Hearing what the girl just said, more and more people went to gather around the group and a crowd was formed. "Psst! Why is such a holy man with that girl?" Both Sanzo and Hakkai heard that whisper and got curious. That girl? They all know her? But why are they treating her like that? "Give me five rooms! Quick, before I become sliced meat!" Gojyo said to the innkeeper. "But we only have two rooms…" "Oh, whatever!" He snatched the two keys as they hurriedly went into one room.

"Sanzo… Goku… Why don't both of you stay here as Gojyo and I go to buy something to eat? You need to stay here and protect her anyway…" "Oi, why am I also staying with this baka saru?" "Because those people there will all become nuts and chase us around if they saw you!" "Ch! Fine…" Therefore, Gojyo and Hakkai went out and the other two was left behind with the girl sleeping. Goku went to the only bed and examined the sleeping beauty.

"That's strange… Why do I have a feeling that I've seen her before?" Goku said out loud. Sanzo, hearing that remark, went to take a look at the girl covered with bruises too. True, I have a feeling I've seen her before, too. But I don't remember ever seeing her before… What is this feeling? It's like I've known her for a long time… Such a long time before, but I can't forget it and can't remember what was it. "Baka saru! You're only thinking nonsense!" Sanzo tried to deny that he had the same feeling too and Goku just shrugged.

"Tadaima!" Both Hakkai and Gojyo opened the door to see Goku sitting on the same spot when they left, Sanzo still reading his newspaper and the girl still sleeping. "Ah, Hakkai, Gojyo! Okaeri! Ahhh! Food! FOOD!" Goku stood up and went to Hakkai's direction. "Dame da yo! These are for the girl." "Then why don't we wake her up so maybe she'll share a little with me?" "Hah! You'll surely finish the food off before she touches one! But I don't disagree with the idea of waking her up… Oh, she looks just like Sleeping Beauty… Maybe I should try waking her up by kissing her…" Hakkai chuckled nervously.

"Thanks but no thanks… I don't want a filthy man to kiss me." Goku fell down, laughing as he heard that remark. Sanzo smirked and Hakkai chuckled politely. "Ch… If you aren't a woman and if you're not that beautiful, I would've scolded you!" "Ah… never mind… Let's just eat now, shall we?" The girl stood up and went to get her food. She opened the package and the food inside was not much. "Uh… Gomen if it's too little…"

Gojyo, Hakkai and Sanzo could see tears streaking down her face. As she saw them looking at her with surprised faces, she quickly wipe the tears away using the back of her palm. "Gomen ne… Demo… I've never had seen so much food in my whole life before… And this is the first time anyone has been so good to me… not including my parents, that is." She said as the tears started to collect at her eyes again. "Maa… Why don't we eat and talk about it later?"

"So… Let me introduce ourselves… My name is Cho Hakkai, this is Sha Gojyo, this little kid is Son Goku and this is Genjo Sanzo." "Please to meet you all… My name's Ming Yue…" "So can you please tell us why you are… um… treated like that?" Ming Yue raised her head and looked at the other four. "You see the colour of my hair and eyes? They have a colour of black." "Uhh… Black? What's wrong with black? It's not like you're a hanyou or something…"

"It's all because of a legend. It is said that about how many centuries ago, this village once faced a terrible disaster. A woman with black hair and eyes came to this village and cast a spell on it. Since then, the sun does not come out. Every time the villagers look up to the sky, all they could see was darkness. They were living in a world of darkness. Because the sun did not come out, the plants started to die. People became weak due to hunger and coldness. Slowly, more and more of the people die. The villagers started to hate darkness and night and of course, that woman."

"But then, one day, a man with bright blond hair arrived at the village. Miraculously, the darkness slowly dispersed and the sun comes out. After that, everything went normal. Just because of that stupid legend, the villagers treat blond hair people like gold and people with black hair or black eyes will be treated like low third-class citizens." "Oh, so that's why the villagers chase Sanzo around like crazy…" "And don't forget, he's a Sanzo too!" "But hey, just now I saw so many people with black hair but they weren't treated like you…" Ming Yue looked at them. She smiled sadly. "That's because I'm different from them. You see, I have both black hair and eyes."

Gojyo looked at the beautiful girl. She reminds him of himself. Doing nothing wrong but always being accused and being mistreated inhumanly. Then he thought about his mother. "How about your parents? You said that they treated you nicely, right?" Ming Yue looked at Gojyo. She lowered her head and narrowed her eyes. She bit her lower lip so hard that it started to bleed. Then she looked up again. "They were once good to me… But then… things happened… And they're dead now," she said coldly.

Sanzo narrowed his eyes. What did she mean by they were once good to her and what kind of things happened? Goku looked at the girl who looks about the same age as him. "Why don't you try running away from here?" She lowered her head. "It's no use… If I try to escape from here… I will be executed. And if I try to disguise myself or dye my hair into other colours… I will be put to prison and be punished there forever." Hakkai flinched at the thought. "Hidoi na…" "Humph, baka… If the legend were in the opposite, those villagers would surely bully people with blond hair and worship black-haired people. Those baka ningen…"

Ming Yue glanced outside the window. "It's late… I think I should go now…" "Whoa! Wait up, missy! You're living alone, right? So why don't you stay here with us longer and maybe we can go out and have a drink or know each other better?" "Well, if you insist me to stay… Then I'll stay. But I don't drink sake and I don't think I need to know you better…" Gojyo's head fell. "That's the first time a woman turn me down, you know?" "Oh, really? I thought there were many ladies who had turned you down already…" Gojyo fell down, anime-style. Every word she says is dripping with sarcasm… She's just like that bouzu… And yet, she's so beautiful… Aww… What a waste…

Gojyo turned his head towards Hakkai. "How about we go have a drink, pal?" "Okay…" Hakkai said as he chuckled, thinking of what Ming Yue had said just now.

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