AN: *sniffles and tears* This is it! The end! I have really enjoyed writing this story, and I hope some of you have enjoyed reading it as much! Be afraid, though: I'm sure I'll start another one soon....;)

We were married one month later in Dol Amroth. It was a ridiculously short engagement, for a State marriage at least, but I wouldn't let Father force me into a longer wait. In a small gazebo on the palace deck overlooking the sea, Eomer and I pledged ourselves to a life of love, respect, and fidelity together. The silver blue swans of my country flew in the breeze, but the green banners of Rohan were to be seen as well.

Also present were Faramir, Eowyn, and their beautiful new baby boy. Faramir had opposed the somewhat strenuous journey from Edoras to Dol Amroth so soon after the birth, but Eowyn had insisted, and being back to her normal routine (minus the inevitable interruptions a child causes) within a week, got her way.

King Elessar and Queen Arwen Undomiel were in attendance as well. They both gave their wholehearted approval of our alliance and bestowed many hugs, kisses, and gifts upon us all.

Wyn devoted himself to our fine Gondorian wine selection and praised the future of trade with our city. Heaghir discussed martial strategies with my brothers, far into the night (or so I've been told. Eomer and I were long gone by then). Laethus was, according to rumor, somewhere in Rohan working as a goatherd

"Eomer, I have something to tell you."

"Hmm?" He was busily trying to unlace my elaborate wedding gown. I stilled his hands and made him look me in the eyes.

"In approximately eight months you're going to be a father." I burst into a smile. Keeping the secret to myself for the past several days had been nearly impossible...but what better wedding present to give than a child?

Eomer just stared at me, his mouth slightly open. "Wh...wh...well...are you sure? I mean...oh, Lothiriel!" He pulled me tight into an embrace and kissed me.

And that is how I found the courage to love and be loved.

AN: Really melodramatic ending, I know. But I had to tie the title in somewhere, didn't I?