Melt by the Lady Arianrod

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a/n: Kenshin/Tomoe reflection thing.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~`~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The world was silent. An odd sort of quiet had fallen over the land as of late, and this pervading lack of noise found its way into the ill-guarded corners of his heart.

He was prone to memory and nostalgia, to terror and guilt. The peacefully drifting snow unnerved him as he walked through the blank solitude, quieter than winter itself.

Was the blood that fell of his doing? Had he spilled those crimson blossoms of color onto the snow of ten years ago on a landscape eerily similar to this? Blurs of sound and color overcame him, tugging at his thoughts and dragging him into submission.

Her name is no longer the song on the breeze or the wind's sigh in the lush gardens of late spring. She is the crocus that tried to bloom a week before springtime, forever encased in a little frozen seed.

His tears cannot become the fresh rains of April to her, for she sinks further into the icy ground. Layers of blood and dirt and snow blanket her essence, suffocating the past with a wall of opaqueness.

He is not yet ready to see her. She is too elusive, too much of a character from a fairy-story or a hazy dream. He sent her there, to that world beyond the snow...

She waits for him there.

She will love him forever, she whispers, her words gently melting the snow at her feet. He longs to take her away from the coldness and to lie with her amongst the flowers.

Even so, he must walk along this path. He must follow the unintelligible footpath of repentance, now laden with snow, to the end of winter. At the end of this road, he will find her, and all memory will fall away at that moment.

Pain will wash away, guilt imploding, 'till no flaw remains. And there, in that perfect valley, the tiny, persistent wildflowers will push away the snow and dirt around her feet as they drink from the pale winter sky.



End notes: This was random and a bit rushed, but I think it turned out decently. Please review and comment on the piece and its better points and flaws.