Kakashi's Singleness By: Violettachan

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Kakashi's Inner Thoughts:

Women his age were becoming less and less appealing with each passing year. Counter to rumors it wasn't because he was a sukebe who liked nubile young bodies, but because he could only be interested in a kunouchi who could understand and support him in the life of a shinobi. And in his age group it was hard to find one still alive, much less single.

And even with the few that DID fit such a description, Kakashi found that they were battle hardened and bitter. Being a shinobi didn't exactly give you the best opinion of mankind... That didn't mean that he wanted to be with someone like that.

He wanted someone who could calm his nerves, tell him that life would not just be "okay" but that the future held secrets worth seeking out. And yet a non-shinobi who hasn't experienced the threat of death on a daily basis and has only lived a "normal" life couldn't really do that for him. Any assurances such people gave always felt empty; only someone who had been through what he had...

It was no use to brood; he always came to the same tired conclusion: he wanted a kunouchi and there just wasn't anyone in his age range. So what to do? Become some creepy old guy who goes after young girls? No thanks. He didn't need the entire village thinking that he was going through a mid- life crisis and he also wasn't about to confirm their suspicions about his perverseness.

And besides, an innocent young kunouchi that still had a positive outlook on life wasn't going to mysteriously stay that way just for his benefit. Life tends to catch up with all shinobi in the form of death or resignation to its proximity.

Thus, the constant singleness. He was pretty much used to it by now, but still it DID get lonely. Maybe that's why he couldn't help but read the "Icha Icha" series. At least they gave him some kind of spark in his life. His libido didn't just die because of a lack of outlet and those books WERE romantic...just rather detailed in the consummation of said romances.

Maybe he was being fatalistic. Just because he hadn't found a kunouchi who's seen it all but hasn't been jaded didn't mean he would NEVER find one. But in the meantime, why carry false hope? It seemed better to be resigned to solitude than to be disappointed everyday when he had to take his meals alone.

But maybe...maybe one day he would meet that taisetsu na hito*, someone who would add a layer of richness to his life. ======================================================================

* important person/special someone

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