Kim Possible: Two Swords

BY Dragonfang33

Synapes: A KP/Shinobi crossover (don't laugh), basically Hellspawn attack Middleton, and Kim becomes bound to the mysterous sword Akujima during an encounter with Monkey Fist.

Introduction: Two Swords

In a time before time, two mighty blades were forged. One was named Akujuki, and feed on the Yin of men's souls. The other was Akujima, which feed on the Yang of men's souls. Legends speek that many battles were fought for control of these two blades between the Samurai and Ninja of Japan and the Hellspawn Legions. Legends speek that who ever posses either Akujuki or Akujima would possess enough power to control the fate of the world. But brought together these two swords would give the wealder enough power to rule the universe.

By the time the wars had ended Akujuki had found its way into the hands of the Oboro Ninja Clan where it would remain for 2000 years, passed down from one Oboro leader to another, and each one eventually fell to the might of Akujuki, except one.

Akujima though remained lost following the Battle of Kyoto Mountain. Till the day when the cursed blade was unearthed by a band of archiologists from Middleton Museum of History, and removed from the sacred soil that had kept Akujima's hunger for Yang dorment. Now it was only a matter of time before both Akujuki and Akujima awoke, only a matter of time before a new Mistress of the Hellspawn arose to command the legions of the dammend.