Kim Possible: Two Swords

BY Dragonfang33

Chapter II

Rescue by Ninja

Location: Middleton USA

Hotsuma jeted across the sky, leaving behind nothing more then his shadow, toward the museum. The only thing flashing thorugh his mind was the thought of Akujima falling into the wrong hands.

"I must hurry," Hotsuma thought to himself. Suddenly he stopped, a great pain filled his body, it felt as though the very life was being siphoned from his body. On his back Akujiki was glowing bright red, its hunger had gone unquentched long enough, and now it began feeding on the soul of its master.

"I know Akujiki," Hotsuma said, scanning the ground for anyone, whose Yin would satisfy Akujiki's hunger long enough, for him to make it to the Museum. It didn't take him long to find what he was looking for, and what he feared. Just below him flew a large, bat like Hellspawn, chasing after what looked to be two figures, one Hotsuma could clearly see was a girl, with firey orange hair, and the other was a boy, so frightened at the sight of the Mokugiyo Hellspawn. Thinking fast Hotsuma lept from the wall and drew Akujiki.

Kim and Ron rushed through the alley, the Hellspawn right on their tail.


"Wade," Kim said, grabbing her Kim-unicater, "I need some help here."

"I don't know what to say Kim," Wade replied, "I've never seen this kind of bat before."

"Well that helps," Kim said to herself, suddenly she heard a loud slashing noise, and turned around to see that the bat had stopped, and below it was a man, dressed in very wierd fashin, holding a glowing red sword. Suddenly the Hellspawn split in half and fell to the ground. Without thinking Ron rushed over to shake the hand of the man who had just saved their bacon.

The boy rushed at Hotsuma, like his life depened on it.

"Stay back," Hotsuma shouted.

"Well now that was rude," Ron replied, suddenly a bright red and black Yin sign emerged from the slain Mokugiyo, and entered the sword tied to the man's back.

"OKAY THAT WAS EVEN MORE SICK AND WRONG THEN THE MONKEY SWORD AND THE GIANT BAT." Ron shouted, as Kim approached, just as curiuous as to the what had just happened.

"Akujiki's hunger is quenched," Hotsuma said to himself, "but that was too close."

"Okay you," Kim shouted, but the ninja didn't here her, and simply began walking away. Kim suddenly did one of her signiture flips, and landed right in front of Hotsuma, and this got the Ninja Lord's attention.

"Impressive," Hotsuma said.

"And you can start by telling us what's going on," Kim said.

"I killed that Hellspawn to feed my sword." Hotsuma replied.

"Hellspawn," Ron inquired, "feeding a sword, could someone kindly fill me in."

"The Hellspwan are creatures born from darkness, they take delight in causing chaos, and this," Hotsuma drew his sword, "is Akujiki, the Cursed Sword of the Oboro Ninja Clan."

"Whoa," Kim said, "I got the whole Hellspawn deal, but Curese Sword please," she reached for Akujiki, "now if you'll excuse me I beleve that belongs to the Museum." Suddenly Akujiki glowed and began feasting on Kim's Yin. Kim shuddered, as the sword devouered her soul. But suddenly it stopped, as Akujiki returned to Hotsuma's hand.

"Okay now I believe about that being a curesed sword," Kim replied, "so what just happened?"

"Akujiki feeds on the Yin in Human souls, its brother Akujima feeds on the Yang." Hotsuma replied

"Hay wait a minute," Ron said, "if you're looking for this Akujima, and there's that Power of the Monkey sword at the museum," Hotsuma stopped him there.

"That is no Monkey Kung Fu Blade, that is Akujima." Hotsuma replied, "and already the prophacy has begun." he pointed to the Hellspawn corpse, then faced Kim and Ron.

"This was but a small taste of what's coming," Hotsuma said.

Sorry about the delay, I've had a bad case of writer's block, well here's chapter II, Chapter III goes up as soon as I can get it written.