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Summary: Kagome Higurashi has been followed around by overprotective, tight lipped bodyguards since she escaped a kidnapping at age twelve. Now, at age 16 she's fed up. Thanks to her 'shadows' she has no social life, and her distant father refuses to budge. Her whole life changes however, when she meets Kikyo Taisho at a clothing store in one of the cities her dad was visiting on business. The two girls look exactly alike. Somehow, Kagome manages to convince Kikyo to switch places with her, trading the life of luxury to that of a regular high school girl, for six months, until her father brings her back to this city. There was just one problem . . .

She hadn't counted on Kikyo's sexy older brother Inuyasha . . .

 Kinda Weird



Rogue Pryde

"Dad!" Kagome Higurashi pounded her fist against the door, ignoring the complaints coming from the other rooms. "We're gonna be late! You promised me we'd go to this concert!" There was no answer from the other side, and she sighed and kicked the door. "He's not there, is he?" She asked herself quietly, not expecting an answer.

"No Miss." Akima, one of her bodyguards, closed the distance between them. There were eight of them in all, but they never spoke to her unless it was necessary. Those were her father's orders. He figured if they ignored her, she could ignore them.

Fat chance.

"He promised," she muttered resentfully as he led her back to the staircase. No one said anything, but judging by the looks on their faces, she could tell they didn't really care. They got paid either way, so why would they care? And it wasn't like they were overjoyed at the prospect of guarding her at a Ruthless concert.

But it hurt her. A lot. The only reason I came on this trip was because he promised to spend time with me. Her guards waited a few seconds before they followed her down the staircase. This gave her a fraction of the space she craved. We didn't even have to go to the concert. To her shame, she felt herself blinking back tears. We could have just talked. Is his work really that much more important to him than I am?

She breezed by the crowds of sophisticated guests lounging in the five star hotel's lobby, not making eye contact with anyone who might want to talk to her. It wasn't really her they were interested in. Higurashi Corporations had made her father a multi billionaire, and everyone wanted a piece of the action. Even if it meant making nice to the 'anti-social brat' that he spawned. Apparently he did everything for her, since she was the spitting image of her mother, and spoiled her to the point of ridiculous. If he did, it was news to her. It was like he couldn't bear to look at her sometimes, but he was still paranoid about losing her.

When she was twelve, she'd been kidnapped. It was right after he'd made it really big in the business world and some small time crooks decided that they wanted a piece of his success. They're demands were ridiculous, and they knew it. They just wanted time to 'play' with her while the cops bartered with them to lower the price. In the end, her father never had to pay a dime. At twelve years old she'd decided she'd rather die than spend another second with those men, and when someone reaches that point, nothing could stop them. She'd escaped, but the crooks were never caught. That was the day her father had hired the bodyguards.

She didn't resent him for not paying right away. She knew all too well how impossible it would have been for him to give up over half his business. Work was his life, whereas she was the product of a memory that had died with her birth. She knew she looked like her mom, never so clearly, perhaps, as the day she returned to him. She tried to run to him, but he took one look at her and froze.

Maybe it was because he'd gone two weeks without seeing her, or maybe it was because her clothes were ragged and her skin dirty, but whatever it was, he stepped away. It was as if he'd seen a ghost. He hugged her later, for the media, but since that day he'd distanced himself from her even more. And it hurt.

She didn't really have a destination in mind. She was already late for the concert, and the idea of going alone wasn't very appealing. Especially since her entourage intervened if a guy even looked at her. Her social life had been sadly lacking the past four years.

Shivering slightly, she scanned the shops lining the street for a clothing store where she could find a light jacket. Her eyes lit up when she caught site of one called 'Rave.' When she was at home, she was only allowed to shop at designer stores. But when she came with her father on business . . . she had a lot more freedom with her money. She wouldn't be able to wear any of it around him, but he never saw much of her anyway.

She didn't even glance back at her bodyguards as she crossed the street and entered the store. They were there, and visual confirmation would just put her in a bad mood. She stepped inside, eyes wide in anticipation as she surveyed the store's regular, funky merchandise. It took about two seconds for her to take it all in before she clapped her hands together and made her way to the nearest rack.

She had to search through three different areas before she found the perfect jacket. It was black, a color her dad didn't really like, and it looked tight enough to be flattering yet comfortable. It was also fake leather, something she'd never even seen. Holding it up to get a better look, she caught sight of Akima and another bodyguard browsing in another section. The two burly men looked so out of place in the teenage girl store it was laughable. A glance around showed her two more hanging out in the shoe section, and the other four waiting outside the entrance. Seeing them surround her gave her that familiar feeling of claustrophobia.

Gripping the jacket tightly by the hanger, she headed to the dressing room, determined to get out of their sight for at least a few minutes. She didn't bother going into a stall. There was a mirror in the main area, and she only needed to see what the jacket looked like.

She slipped it on, pulling her dark hair out from under it, and letting it fall down her back. Black suited her. She wasn't being vain, or rebellious about her father's dislike of the color, it was just a fact. She turned, trying to see what it looked like from the back, but caught site of her face from another angle.

There's another mirror? She mused, wondering how she'd missed it. A second glance confused her even more. Her other reflection was wearing jeans and a tank top instead of her designer summer dress. But the confusion on its face mirrored her own.

"What?" It was her voice, but there were two of them. She stared at the other girl in shock, unable to believe how similar their features were. There was a pause, one that neither of them seemed to want to break as they continued analyzing each other.

As she eyed the other girl from every angle, an idea slowly began to form in Kagome's head. It was ridiculous, impossible, and above all stupid but it was worth a shot. "I'm Kagome." She stuck out her hand, amused to see the shock spreading over her features on someone else's face.

"Kikyo." The other girl recovered quickly, hurrying to shake Kagome's offered hand. "This is really weird."

Kagome grinned, "oh yeah." There was another pause. Kagome couldn't get over how weird it was too see herself with such an incredulous expression. Though, the more she looked at the other girl, Kikyo, the more she started to believe she could pull it off.

She cleared her throat and waited patiently till her 'twin' met her eyes. "How would you like to be a millionaire?" She crossed her arms and kept their eyes locked.

"What are you talking about?" 'Kikyo' edged away from her, making furtive glances at the exit.

"No! I'm serious!" Kagome grabbed her arm, ignoring the panicked look she received. "My name is Kagome. Kagome Higurashi. And my father is the head of Higurashi enterprises."

Slowly, realization began to dawn in the other girl's eyes. Taking that as a good sign, Kagome pressed on. "We're going back home tonight, but we'll be back in this city in six months to finalize some contracts. If you switch with me now, you can spend the next six months doing whatever you want." Okay . . . slight exaggeration . . . but not really a lie. "There'll be no limit to what you can buy." She added, as a kind of amendment.

Kikyo paused, actually considering. Kagome held her breath. "Why would you want to switch with me?" She asked finally, pulling her arm from Kagome's deathlike grip. "I'm not rich, I have no friends, and my older brother is a complete jerk. There's absolutely nothing you could want from my life."

Sensing a chance, Kagome raced ahead. "I want everything you have. Especially the lack of eight bodyguards. Less money, no friends, and a jerk isn't even a sacrifice." Kikyo peeked out, eyeing the men as they roamed the store. "Please?" She added.

Kikyo turned her attention back to Kagome. Their eyes locked, and for a second no one said a word. It's gonna be a 'no'. As soon as the thought entered her mind, Kagome was overcome with a sense of dread. To be so close and have it slip through her fingers!

"Okay." She was so lost in her thoughts; it took a second for Kagome to realize Kikyo had spoke. "Okay. I'll do it." She stared at her, dumbfounded. A look of disbelief crossed both their features as they really thought about what they were going to do. And than the moment passed as if it had never happened, as they began frantically began to exchange clothes and information.

"You can pretty much do whatever." Kagome explained, slipping off her sundress. "Don't expect the guards to talk much, Daddy wants them to keep their distance. And you won't have to talk to my Dad at all probably, except over the phone."

Kikyo nodded and pulled her shirt over her head, then handed it to Kagome. "School's no big deal. Second term just started, so my schedule is inside my backpack under my bed. I don't really talk to anyone, so there's no name's you have to remember. My room's upstairs, the second one on the left."

Kagome grinned as she traded her dress for the shirt. "My credit card is all yours. One of the men will always have it with them in case I want to buy something spur of the moment. But, in front of other people, you can only wear designer brands."

Kikyo rolled her eyes. "Oh, what a sacrifice. My brother's name is Inuyasha. He's a complete jerk, but he doesn't talk to me too much. My parents are Tae and Jung Woo Taisho. They're totally oblivious to anything I do. They love me, but they don't even try to understand me." She slipped off her jeans from under the sundress and handed them to Kagome.

Kagome laughed. "Normal parents, how exciting! You're staying at the Ritz for now, and when you go home, my room's the only one on the fourth level. You don't really need to know where anything is in the house unless you want to explore, since all my meals are brought to my room. There's a limo if you want to shop or anything." She pulled the jeans on, pleased they fit her so well.

"Awesome!" Kikyo's eyes brightened at the prospect. "I'm a good student, so don't ruin my grades or anything, and teachers tend to like me too. I spend a lot of time on our computer at home or reading, so it'd be a good idea for you to do that too."

"Not a problem!" Kagome mentally searched her head for more information. "I'm tutored, so Mr. Koji will come by every couple of days to check on your studies. I'm an okay student too, so I don't think we'll have problems there." She straightened her hair a little, and stood tall, presenting herself to the other girl. "How do I look?" She struck a pose.

"Like me!" Kikyo clapped a hand over her mouth to keep from giggling. "This is too weird!" Kagome couldn't agree more, feeling an odd out of body experience as she watched Kikyo glide around the room in her clothes.

And than they both stood at the entrance of the dressing room. "I'll write you." Kagome promised. "If you have any questions, I'll answer them for you."

Kikyo nodded, "me too. Just let me know if you want to switch back. I hope you don't mind if I totally blow your allowance!"

"Not me!" Kagome grinned. "You could make my dad go broke for all I care!" Kikyo wiggled her eyes suggestively at that and they both giggled.

Then, with grins rivaling those of Cheshire cats, they stepped into the store.


Kikyo's mom had been waiting at the counter, and the other girl had discreetly pointed her out to Kagome before they parted. Feeling her heart flutter nervously as she approached her 'mother', Kagome pasted a smile on her face.

"Hey hon!" The older woman smiled as she beckoned her 'daughter' closer. "Find anything you like?"

Kagome shook her head, "not really." She wasn't sure what else to say, but apparently that was enough because the dark haired woman only nodded.

"Let's go then." The two headed out of the store and into the parking lot, Kagome following a few steps behind so she wouldn't stop at the wrong car. When they did stop, she found herself climbing into an ordinary blue van. For some reason, the sheer normalcy made her happy and she couldn't hide her grin as she buckled her seat belt.

If Mrs. Taisho noticed, she didn't say anything. They drove home in a comfortable silence. Tae didn't cast any weird glances in Kagome's direction, so she figured it must be normal to not talk much. The thought brought her some kind of relief. She had been worried about making normal conversation with ordinary parents. She hadn't been sure she could pull it off. One less worry out of the way . . .

They reached a pleasant looking two story house, and Kagome meekly followed her 'mother' inside as she took in the nice neighborhood before being confronted with their modest household. Everything looked like something from a TV show or movie, from the family room with the plush couches to the china set in the glass curio cabinet. She was suddenly overcome with the feeling that if she breathed, or even moved, it would all disappear.

But Mrs. Taisho didn't even slow down, and Kagome trailed behind her until they reached the kitchen, complete with a four person wooden table in the middle. "Sweetie, why don't you head upstairs and do homework while I start dinner."

"Sure Mom!" Kagome smiled brightly, nearly laughing out loud at the ease in which the words left her mouth. From the corner of her eye, she could see the staircase at the opposite end of the kitchen. As natural as breathing, she walked straight over and bounded up the stairs, oblivious to the slightly surprised look Tae sent her at her cheerful behavior.

The second room on the left. She stepped inside and took a deep breath of the normal, regular, not perfectly clean room air. It was wonderful! She ran and threw herself on the bed, grabbing the pillow and stuffing her face in it to keep from laughing. Eyes wide, she surveyed her room, her home, for the next six months. The pillow felt dry against her teeth as her grin widened.

Her life was perfect!


End Chapter One

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