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Short-Lived Relief

Ted let himself smile. It was over at long last, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named was gone!

"And now over to Jim McGuffin with the weather."

He cast his mind back to the night before, the reason for all the mysterious owl sightings he had just mentioned to Britain over the news. Harry Potter, a young 1 year old child - a baby! - had destroyed the worst Dark Lord the world had ever seen. And had done nothing but get a nasty cut on his forehead!

Ted smiled to himself again, as the Weatherman, and his Muggle friend, Jim just told the news of the shooting stars. He had to stop himself from chuckling out loud.

The world as he knew it was safe once more. No more Dark Lord, no more mysterious attacks on Wizards and Muggles alike, Death Eaters were being found and sentenced to a life in Azkaban or the Dementor's Kiss.

The news had finished for that night, the cameras being turned off. Without even thinking, he jumped on to the table and whooped in complete happiness at the recent events.

"Rejoice! The world is once again a safe place!" He shouted, making every head in the studio turn in his direction, some rolling their eyes, some running out scared...some scowling at him for being on the table.

People were used to his odd behaviour by now. Jim smiled at him, the only one knowing about the Wizarding world. Not caring about anything but getting home to his wife and two children, Ted jumped off the table, grabbed his briefcase and hurried to his car.

He was in a rush to get to his home and family, but couldn't afford the rest of his workmates seeing him Disapparate in front of their eyes. After all, Muggles were not used to seeing people disappear right in front of them.

He drove so recklessly, it was amazing he didn't crash. He reached his home in record time in one piece though. His wife, Sally and his two children, Debbie and Joe were waiting outside for him. He had promised them a restaurant dinner in celebration for the recent defeat of the evil that plagued their lives.

The dinner went fine, the return trip home was a lot more subdued, the two children tired and calm settling in instead of the massive relief and excitement of before.

They turned onto their street, eager to get home and to their beds. To their shock, their house was nothing but a smoking husk of what it used to be. Atop the burnt wreck was a horrifying green image of a skull, a snake coming out of its mouth.

The children screamed, the image burning itself in their young minds, probably for the rest of their lives. Their parents were white, colour pouring from their faces.

"Oh my God..." Mumbled Ted into his wifes hair, hugging her and the two kids close to him. If they had decided not to go out and celebrate, they all would be dead. Suddenly all the relief they felt vanished...the world would never be safe, even with You-Know-Who gone. Not with his supporters still hidden out their, biding their time.

Ted and his family would never feel safe again.

A/N - I began to read the series from the start for the upteenth time today and realised suddenly that the newscaster that had stated the owl-sightings was probably a wizard. Why else would he smile to himself on-camera and then finish that off with the words "How mysterious." It was like he knew the reason...

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