One-shot fic. Cowboy explains some things. Pros and Cons.


People don't understand why I like Davey, why I do the things with him that I do. The people who know, I mean. He's not the most attractive boy on Earth, that's for damn sure. But neither is he repulsive, just . . . average. And he has gorgeous blue eyes . . .

He's intelligent, sure, but his accent and some of his mannerisms cancel that out. So we're still breaking even, I guess a little in the pros because of those beautiful baby blues.

Davey doesn't have the body of the Sex God, Mush, as we call our friend, but he isn't deformed in any way, and he has a healthy look – because he's been fed more. So we're going a little farther in the pros.

But God, when Davey tries . . . he can be more seductive than Spot Conlon. 'Course, I've only watched Spot, I'm assuming it would be different were he seducing me instead of some random girl. Davey just looks you straight in the eyes, whispers Latin of all things, a dead language he learned in school, and suddenly you're a puddle of, well, mush.

And it's not just his voice. David Jacobs can do things with his tongue that I've only ever imagined.


I just needed to get that out of my system.