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The Shadow Library
Epilogue: The Magicians Meet

By Shadow's Mirror

The Spirit of the Puzzle and his light dueled happily in Yugi's room, but their peace was not shared by everyone. In the Shadow Realm, a solemn mood hung in the air over the forest clearing where two familiar figures were conversing.

For once, their voices were not raised in anger or annoyance, or filled with laughter or mischief as they teased each other. Instead, they spoke in hushed tones, standing close together as if drawing warmth from each other to guard against the odd chill in the air.

"You did not tell them everything?" The Dark Magician looked sharply at Dark Witch, who shook her head in response.

"Nay. Although I know the time will soon come when they will need to be told the full truth, I agree with you that it is as yet too dangerous for them to know all." The female Shadow Monster sighed softly. "It is most regrettable that my dear master summoned me in front of Master Yami, however."

The Dark Magician nodded. "Indeed. There is a chance he sensed the difference in your summoning. Still, it had to happen sooner or later. I am only surprised that Bakura has not sensed it yet." He shook his head and sighed heavily. "All that fuss over the special cards and he did not realise that he had two in his own deck! That boy always was rather slow at recognising things that are right in front of him."

Dark Witch smiled slightly as she lay a hand on her companion's arm. "Now now, do not be hasty to say such things. I have a feeling that he knows about me, but simply chooses not to acknowledge it."

"Why in the Shadows would he do such a thing?" The mage stared at her in shock and she grinned as if delighted that he had asked her that.

"Most likely so he can reveal his knowledge at the moment when it suits his purposes best to do so." Dark Witch smiled fondly as she thought of the white-haired yami. "You know how he is."

"Yes. I certainly do." The Dark Magician winced and rubbed his forehead, as if just thinking about Bakura and what he was like was enough to give him a headache. "He is as stubborn as a camel."

Dark Witch smiled and patted his arm. "I seem to recall another with that same trait and he ended up saving the world, and the Shadow Realm besides."

The faintest hint of colour appeared on the Dark Magician's cheeks as he looked away from her. "Yes... well... That was a long time ago and... I was not alone." He looked back at her and smiled slightly as his words caused her cheeks to colour as well.

"Neither is he." Dark Witch frowned as a bush rustled nearby. She glanced in that direction and sighed softly. "Neither are we."

The Dark Magician nodded and raised an eyebrow at her. "Are you staying?"

Dark Witch shook her head, smiling slightly. "Nay. You know perfectly well that they do not approve of me." Her eyes twinkled as her smile became a wicked smirk. "Not that I can blame them. After all, my own dear brother does not approve of some of the things I do. Even though he has been known to bend the rules himself, on occasion."

The Dark Magician chuckled softly. "The difference, my dear sister, is that I have never been caught doing it." He winked at her and smiled when she poked her tongue out at him.

"I know! It is so frustrating. I would love to see the Elders lecture you, just once." Dark Witch pouted, then sighed as the rustling came nearer. "I had best go. You will come to the castle later?"

"Aye." The Dark Magician smiled slightly at her. "Although I may be some time. There is much to discuss."

Dark Witch nodded. "I will see you then. Farewell."

"Safe flight." The Dark Magician watched as she took to the skies, her powerful wings quickly carrying her out of sight.

He closed his eyes and began to silently count. He had only reached eight when he sensed the other's presence. Opening his eyes again, he looked at the figure standing opposite him and smiled slightly. "Thank you for agreeing to meet with me."

The other ignored the greeting and got straight down to business. "Fire Sorcerer has fallen to the fever. So it has begun once more." He frowned slightly, his dark blue eyes narrowing as he approached the Dark Magician, not stopping until he was standing opposite him. He lifted a tan hand and impatiently brushed a lock of silvery-purple hair out of his face, tucking it back beneath his maroon and gold hat.

"Indeed. However this time... it is different." The Dark Magician sighed softly and bowed his head, causing a curtain of dark purple hair to shadow his dark brown eyes. "At least, I hope it is."

"You believe this time to be the one you have been waiting for?" The voice was deeper than the Dark Magician's, with a note of weariness to it. The two in the clearing turned to look in the voice's direction, clearly not at all startled by it.

"It is possible. Everyone is in the same city and all of the Items are present and accounted for. Also, lately..." The Dark Magician hesitated before continuing, his voice soft. "Lately, I have been seeing... him... in my dreams. I can feel him sometimes, too. He is close." The mage raised an eyebrow. "Are you coming out?" His voice revealed his amusement.

A heavy sigh came from somewhere in the bushes. "You know I dislike us three meeting in this way. If we were seen..."

The two in the clearing both sighed as well but it was the one in the maroon and gold robes who spoke, his youthful voice sharp with irritation. "Who is going to see us and what would it matter if anyone did? Everyone here already knows about us! It is only the humans who do not." He crossed his arms and glared at the unseen figure. "Come out or go away, it matters not to me, but stop wasting my time with your paranoia!"

A rustle of leaves was the only warning before a figure emerged into the clearing. He strode over to the other two, his purple robes fluttering around his ankles. When he reached them, he scowled at the one who had spoken so testily, his light blue eyes piercing and cold. "You may call me paranoid, but at least I do not go around insulting everyone!"

The other scowled and started to speak, then spluttered as a hand was firmly clamped over his mouth. "Now, now, Magus. He has a point. You did insult him." The Dark Magician leaned over the other's shoulder and smiled at the newcomer. "Come now. We are all friends here and we should not quarrel. We have plans to make." He turned his smile onto the glowering male whose mouth he had covered. "After all, if we three cannot trust each other, who can we trust?"

The other nodded, then relaxed as his mouth was uncovered again. "Fine. Then let us do so quickly. The sooner this is over with, the sooner we shall all be free." He scowled as the Dark Magician moved to stand beside him.

"Indeed." The newcomer nodded. "The Shadow Magic grows wilder by the day. Soon, very soon, we shall need all the strength we can gather." He moved closer until the three of them were standing in a circle.

To anyone watching, it would have been an impressive, and most unusual, sight. For these were not merely three random Shadow Monsters.

Each of them was a Dark Magician.

They were identical except for their colouring. The first, the one who had called Dark Witch 'sister', had pale skin, dark purple hair, brown eyes and purple robes. The second, the insulting one, was tanned with silvery-purple hair, dark blue eyes and maroon robes trimmed with gold. The third, the newcomer, was identical to the first, except for his eyes. They were ice blue, instead of deep brown.

The third mage looked at the other two. "Darak, Magus, let us hope that our secrecy over our existence, and that of our apprentices, provides us with the edge we need to win the battle that lies before us." Mahaado smiled slightly as the other two mages nodded in agreement.

Putting their heads close together, the three Dark Magicians began to discuss the plans for the battle that would soon take place in the mortal world.

Whether the mortals there were ready for it or not.

The End