by Chaoseternus

For the record, I do not own Stargate SG-1 or Buffy The Vampire Slayer.
Nor do I own the word 'Tarithna', this belongs to BKtheirregular.

Chapter 1: Dreams

Buffy thrashed around in her bed, the nightmare coursing through her mind making her cry out in fear and pain. Flashes of pyramids, of demons who took humans as hosts, of cultists in funky armour passed through her mind. Then Buffy saw her, a slayer leading an army, a host of humans against the cultists, screaming 'false gods' for all to hear. The humans behind her taking up the chant, as demons, even vampires joined the slayer in pushing this vile creature and his followers off their world.

Then the scene changed, it felt newer somehow, like there was less age to what she saw. A massive black man bearing the seal of Apothis pointing a staff of some kind at humans cowering below him, an older man in fatigues shouting

"I can save these people, help me!"

Pleading, "Help Me"

"Many have said that" the black man says, turning and firing at his fellow warriors of Apothis " But you are the first I believe could do it! "

Flash, a mountain, a tunnel leading deep within, Cheyenne Mountain Complex in raised letters over the entrance, soldiers patrolling and guarding.

Flash, the black man back again, calling her 'Tarithna' Slayer,

Flash, the first slayer, "you are needed, Tarithna"

Flash, the tunnel entrance again, zooming in on the words 'Cheyenne Mountain Complex'

Buffy awake with a start, breathing quickly, "Okay" she muttered, "I can take a hint"

Chapter 2: Colorado

Buffy stopped her rental car just short of the mountain, gazing at the entrance; it was exactly as she remembered it from her dream, 'except', she thought with a wry grin, 'for the guards who were taking a very active interest in her presence'.

She rolled down her window as a blonde-haired female approached her car, a patch on her uniform identifying her as Staff Sergeant O'Malley,

"I'm sorry miss, you can't park here"

Buffy looked up to the sergeant with a wary smile, "Do you have a" she thought back to her dream, concentrating hard for a moment, "Teal'c working here?"

O'Malley stiffened subtly, "Could you please come to the guardroom while we check for you miss"

"Sure" Buffy said, glancing around at all the guns that were suddenly not quite pointing at her.

The airman walked quickly into the cafeteria, looking swiftly around the room, noticing SG-1 sitting in the corner almost instantly. He walked quickly over,

"Excuse me"

"Yes Airman" Colonel O'Neill replied, putting down his spoonful of Jelly.

"Message for Teal'c sir"

Teal'c raised an eyebrow in surprise; it wasn't often that an airman came looking for him; usually it was O'Neill, Major Carter, or Daniel Jackson, the other members of SG-1.

"The guards are holding a young lady up top; she refuses to identify herself, but insists on a message being brought down to you Sir"

Teal'c raised the other eyebrow, every female on planet he knew was either known to the guards, or a member of the SGC.

"The message is, 'the Tarithna is at the gate' sir"

O'Neill glanced at Teal'c chair as it bounced off the floor in shock, "Did Teal'c just flat out run out of the room?"

"Err, yeah" Daniel replied, brushing the remains of Teal'c dinner off of his fatigues.

"Did he look… shocked to you?"

"Very" Carter answered, glancing at her CO.

With a clatter of chairs hitting the floor, the rest of SG-1 ran after their comrade.

Chapter 3: Chel Nak! (Very Cool!)

Buffy started as a feeling of someone walking over her grave passed over her, she glanced up, then at the door of the guardroom just as it opened and Teal'c steeped through.

"Are you the one who claims to be the Tarithna?"

"Yes" Buffy replied simply.

Teal'c nodded his head slightly and brought his hands out from behind his back, handing Buffy an iron bar he had grabbed on his way up. Buffy took it just as O'Neill, Carter and Daniel Jackson crashed through the Guardroom doors, seeing Buffy with the pipe, O'Neill assumed the worst and grabbed his pistol out of its holster, pointing it at the petite slayer.

"Alright, put the bar down now, and no-one gets hurt"

Buffy quirked an eyebrow in amusement, glancing at O'Neill, before bending the iron bar around until both ends touched, she passed it over to Teal'c as Daniel pushed O'Neill and Carters mouths closed with a click of meeting teeth.

Teal'c attempted to bend the bar even further, and failed, he looked at the diminutive figure of the Slayer, and spoke just two words,

"Chel Nak!"

Buffy pretended not to here O'Neill's muttered reply, "Most cool he calls it, looks like she blow over in a strong wind, and yet she just bends iron bars, oh yeah, female superman at large"