Alanna decided to wait to ask Alec if he would race his filly instead of her mare's foal. 'Perhaps I should at least give mine a chance.' She smiled and watched Alec exercise the filly. She eagerly waited for the Hopeful weekend to come. It was to be the filly's first Big race.

As the Hopeful racers came down to the wire Alec and Alanna were cheering Star of Egypt on. She was in the lead by four lengths and no horse was catching her. As she crossed the finish line everyone was screaming happily. "I can't believe it she won her first big race." Alanna cried hugging Alec before he tugged her down to the Winners Circle.

After the excitement faded from the race they stood outside Star's stall chatting. "Alec I have something I need to tell you." She stated nervously, Alec looked over at her feeling her nerves. Three weeks ago they began to make love almost every night. He hoped she was not going to tell him she was pregnant. After the first four times they both made sure he wore protection.

"I'm sorry Alec." She whispered as tears ran down her cheeks. His look had said it all; she turned and fled the stables hurrying down to the truck hoping he wouldn't follow her. As she stood outside the truck crying she felt his strong arms wrap around her. "Its wonderful, I was going to ask you to marry me this Christmas." She turned around and looked at him in surprise. When she did he dropped down to one knee. "But today when Star won, I decided I would ask you tonight after dinner. Alanna I love you so much, will you marry me?"

Speechless Alanna wrapped her arms around him and kissed him. "Oh Yes Alec, I will marry you." He stood up and gave her a most magnificent diamond ring. It alone was six carets not to mention the six little two caret diamonds around the main stone.

He was going all out for her; it was such a rush for him at that moment hearing her say yes. He swept her up in his arms after placing the ring on her finger. He placed her into the back of the truck and kissed her. There living dangerously he made love to her.

Star of Egypt went on to win all of the rest of her races and as Christmas itself neared Alec put her to rest for the next year. After all he had other things on his mind, Alanna's mare Dark Night had given birth to a colt she had named Knight of Dreams.

Night was having a hard time keeping her weight up and supporting her son. Alanna herself was six months pregnant and preparing for her child, as well as planning her wedding to take place two days before Christmas Eve.

On such a hectic day Alec found himself out side of Star's stall. He looked in at the filly watching her munch away on her alfalfa. "Star you are such a wonderful little filly. Come next year I'm going to enter you for the Triple Crown." He whispered softly.

Alanna stood in the nursery looking around; she only had two days left until she is to be married. Father won't be happy that I am marrying Alec. Let alone that I am having his child. I do hope this is a girl. The nursery was beautiful everything in there was ready and waiting for the baby.

After the wedding Alec and Alanna headed back to the Farm. Henry was returning from his vacation today and Alec was excited to see him again. He also wanted to check on a few of his mares that were still pregnant. As the truck turned into the drive Alanna sighed, "Alec do you think we should keep this baby?" She questioned. Alec looked over to her as he drove down the winding drive, "Of course. We will make wonderful parents."

Stopping the truck Alanna got out as Henry headed over from the stables. "Alec its good to see you again. I have kept tabs on our little filly since I went away on vacation last year. Boy time has sure passed quickly…" His voice died as his eyes landed on a very pregnant Alanna. "Alec who is she?" He questioned raising his eyebrow. Alec laughed, "This is Henry Daily, my trainer and long time friend. This Henry is Alanna Lynn Ramsey my wife."

"Nice to meet you Henry, I have known Alec since he came to run the great desert race. We are expecting a child." She spoke softly suddenly feeling shy. Alec nodded and kissed her head, "I'm going to check on Night and her colt." She called back as she headed to the stables.

Henry turned and looked at Alec, "Does your mother know you got married?" Alec shook his head, "But I will tell her." Henry sighed, "You have horses to tend to you didn't need a wife yet." Alec just laughed, "Star is doing great and so are the rest of them. I need to check on the mares or have you already?"

"I checked on some of them, one mare looks like she will birth any day now. She has already bagged up as well as pasted." Alec nodded following his friend to the stables, "Which mare?" Henry led him down the row of stalls and paused at a mare's whose name was Candy Dancer. "She should foal by Christmas Day."

Alec nodded and patted Henry on the back, he headed out to go see the Black. Once at the Blacks side he decided to take him out for a ride. He mounted up and took off not noticing the way Alanna watched him. She sighed she hoped that her wedding day as well as night would be spent with Alec. Instead she knew he would be with his horses.

Several months later Alec was brushing down a few horses and talking to a long time friend of his. Ranma stood brushing down his own mount, "So Alec you never did tell me what Candy had?" Alec glanced over at him, "Candy foaled on Christmas day, she had a colt we named him Christmas Gift. Hey Ranma how is your wife?" Ranma shook his head, "She is at home with our twins. A girl and a boy, When is your wife due anyhow?"

Alec set the curry down and picked up a dandy brush, "Anytime now. I can't wait for her to be over the pregnancy. Did you know that Star is going to be running in a major race today? It's too bad I won't be there for it. Henry took her so I can stay close to Alanna."

"ALEC!" Alanna screamed from inside the house, Alec looked over at Ranma then dropping the brush he headed for the house. Ranma quickly took the horse he had been working on and put her back in her stall. Then he replaced Nice Spice back into her own stall. As he headed up to the house he was met with Alec carrying Alanna to the truck.

The baby was coming. "Can you watch the place?" Alec asked hastily, "Yours Forever is due any time and I need you to watch her. If she is in any trouble call my vet. Thanks I owe you!" Alec rambled off before getting in the truck and taking off to the hospital.

By the time 5am rolled around Alec was graced with a baby girl and a colt from Forever Yours, as well as news that Star had won another race. He was the happiest man alive.

He stood looking at the clock that now read 5:55am, remembering that his daughter had been born at 4:44am. Ranma had called to say that the mare had foaled around 1:30am both were doing fine and he was going home, he would be back tomorrow to check on them.