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Lone Wolf


The rain poured down steadily over the city of Budapest. Deep within the darkened streets and elderly buildings, two figures staggered out from the shadows. A young woman, dressed in a sleek black jumpsuit and an equally dark coat struggled as she clambered through the rain. An arm was slung over her shoulder, tracing back to a young man that she was currently dragging along. The young man was barely conscious. His hair was soaked and mattered and his left shoulder was injured severely. Blood poured out of the wound and to the ground in mixture to the rain. The woman continued on, not stopping for a moment, yet seemingly unaware as to where to go. She turned her head to look behind. A group of shadows moved a distance not too far away. Growling lowly, she shifted the weight of the young man and dragged on, barely passing an old house.

"What happened to him?"

She turned to the building and saw a man exiting the standing on the stairway. He was of medium size and build, with dark brown hair barely at shoulder length. He quickly moved down from the entrance and looked at the injured man. His dark eyes quickly scanned him and then looked at back at her.

"What happened?" he repeated.

The dark woman looked at him strangely, unsure of how to answer him. All she knew is that she had to get away before her pursuers caught them. The man looked at him before noticing that her eye had curved off to the side for a moment. Looking behind her, he saw the group of people moving through the street, seeming in search. Looking back at her comrade briefly, he moved away and motioned.

"Come, quickly."

The woman looked at him in puzzlement, with suspicion growing along those lines. But looking back again, she saw that her pursuers were closing in. And the man she was holding was unconscious and losing more blood. Finally making a decision, she moved up the stairs and entered the house. The place was nicely furnished, no where near as decorated as the mansion, but still nice. The woman however, didn't have time to admire the scenery as she moved the injured man to a nearby seat and examined his wound.

Meanwhile, the stranger moved to the left of the room and picked up a metal crowbar. The woman gave him another cautious glance, but the man moved back outside and down to the far end of the street. With the crowbar, he pried off a manhole slightly and moved away. No sooner than he entered his house and closed the door did the pursuers arrive down the street. The man peeked out the window to see several men, darkly dressed like woman. They slowed down a bit, looking around for their prey before one of them caught attention to the pried manhole. They group moved to it and they began to descend into it one-by-one. Sighing lightly, he looked back at the pair. The young man was still bleeding badly and the woman was about to strip off of her clothing when he stopped her.

"No wait."

He quickly moved into the back and returned with some bottles and a white cloth. Placing it on a coffee table, he quickly mixed the medicines onto the cloth and applied it. Before he placed it on the young man, he re-examined the wound. It was a small hole with silver liquid oozing out of it. The woman noticed his glance and abruptly took the cloth and placed it over the wound. As she applied it, she looked back at the stranger.

"Why did you help us?"

The stranger merely shrugged as if it was no big deal, "You needed it." Looking at the woman...

"My name is Ethan."

The woman simply turned to the injured man and tightened the bandage. But midway,

she stopped and seemed to sigh.


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