Jason Meets Jet

What happens when Jason finds a ten-year-old girl in the woods? Jason finds out what punishment really is...

Note from author: This is my first humorous Friday 13th story. I would really like some reviews, and it may not be too good. I'll be adding more very soon after I get some ideas. Thank you. O.o

The year is 2004 and Jason still lurks the woods of Camp Crystal Lake. But the camp opens once again to the public and so far there is no sign of the famous serial killer, Jason Voorhees. Things finally may have calmed down. Both children and counselors sat around the fire singing camp songs. Well, all but one. A small ten-year-old girl sat out of the group. She truly stood out. It could be the fact the she wore a torn up what looked like a black and red dress with a red, but semi dead, rose on her shoulder. Or it could be the fact that she was torturing little animal such as mice and little baby squirrels will humming 'Death March' happily. Jet was a truly unique child. When other of the campers trailed off to bed, Get stood up and looked around. It was way to early to go to bed, and no one had even seen her sitting there all by herself... that's when she heard it. The soft sound of footsteps walking towards her getting louder and louder, snapping sticks against the forest floor came to her ears. She turned to see the large man, face covered in a hockey mask and his clothing torn and battered. Although so may run the girl just smiled up at him.

"Hello! My name's Jet!"

The zombie took no interest in her and raised his machete in the air preparing to come down on her with full force. But the young girl just stood there talking.

"Hey, your tall! What's your name? Are you a counselor? Can I see your knife? ..."

Jason watched her threw the eyes of his hockey mask in wonderment. Why hadn't she run from him? Did she want to die or was she just that stupid. Whatever the reason he didn't care, he would kill her just like every other who returned to the camp. But the next thing he felt was the hurl of her body crashing into him in a hug. Now this he definitely couldn't understand. He looked down at her lowering his arm and machete and listen to the words he wished to never here.

"No one likes me here, so I'll be your friend! We'll have tons of fun, I just know it."