Chapter 2: The War begins.

            Buffy looked into the nearest cradle. A green-eyed baby stared back at her . "Good Night William." She told the boy. He grinned at her. "Sleep well and look for, Mommy." She asked him. His mouth widens more and a pair of razer sharp teeth glare up at her. She shivers. His blond hair growing faster then thought possible. Someone would soon need to cut it and it had only been a month since they had came into this world. Then again they were both almost one. In a way of speaking. Giles and Willow had run a number of tests on their blood and in every test it showed that the children would grow at this rapid rate until they came to about the rough age of seventeen.

            Everyone said that he looked like her. Buffy smiles and brushed the hair off of his face. He closes his eyes and drifts back to sleep. She moves to the second crib and looks in. A pair of blue eyes meet her green ones and she relaxs a tiny bit. "And Good Night to you also, Joyce." She said. The small enfants brown hair was long enough to be pulled into a tiny ponytail, but to night it incirlced her head. Buffy smiled and saw Spike in this child. Giggling small fangs also appeared. Buffy didn't shiver or look away. Instead she placed her index finger on the child's check. "Dream sweet dreams my sweet." Buffy stated. The child watched her until she was out of view. Within ten miuntes Joyces breathing matched William's they were both asleep. It was time to patrol.


            Buffy ran towards the scream she heard. She was pulling a stake out of her waistband as she threw herself onto the nearest Vamp. They rolled onto the ground fighting. Somehow he got the upper hand and she was pinned under him. He growled. She opened her month to speak but his left hand covered it. She bit it but he had no response. She struggled under him. His face transformed. Yellow eyes meet her wide green ones.

            "I've heard that slayer blood will give you a month high." He told her. His voice strong. She narrowed her eyes, and began to fight back again. He removed his hand long enough to slap her across the face. She was spinning. She fought to keep her eyes open. His free hand wrapped around her thoart. Stars spun around her. He was weak. What was wrong with her? She stopped breathing. The hand was removed from both her neck and mouth. Play dead. She told herself. Just long enough to get the element of surprise back. Her head was picked up and then dropped. It hit the ground like a brick of rocks. She slowly ticked the seconds off. The vamp stood up and pulled her over his shoulder in frightman pose. His nails bit into her back and she had to bit back a scream at the pain. She opened her eyes. He hand still held the stake. She brought it up and staked him in the back, stabing the heart. She tumbled to the ground with a shock as he became dust. She spun around to face the other two. They looked frighten. She grinned.

            "What are you?" They asked her. "How did you do that?" They asked about 'coming back' from the dead.

            "I'm the slayer." She stated. "You'd be amased at what I can do." They looked at one another, then took off.

            "Wimps!" She called after them as they ran off. Her legs gave out and suddenly she was glad they hadn't wanted to fight. She sank into the ground and sat agasint a nearby tombstone. She felt so weak and helpless. She hated it. She stayed like this for a while. Then gathering as much streght as possible she stood up. She checked herself over. Just a few bumps and cuts. Nothing life-threating. Her legs shook under her as she began her unsteady walk home.


            Spike was worried. He paced the living room once again. He stopped by the window to pull back the blinds and look up and down the street for Buffy. She had left the house after being told not to by that doctor. He growled. Waiting for longer then he had thought possible he was tired of it. He walked to the front door and grabbed his duster, slipping it on he walked out the front door.


            Willow placed another book with the large stack that had formed. She sighed and took a drink of her coffee. The entire week she had been looking for another meaning to the prohpecy that was foretold about Buffy and Spike child...Children. She corrected herself. She paused and looked up. THAT'S IT! She thought. How could she pass that by. The first prohpecy had said that their child....One not two...One...The future had alreadt been changed. She walked over and grabbed the Codex. No one had used this in a long time. She flipped threw it. Then she found it.

This powerful set of twins will become the future's only hope. For all of the earth. One taking the power of the light; while the other turns to the darkness.

The battle will be fought between them and them alone. For the winner will spread their power all over the world.

            Willow's eyes widened. "Okay, so things didn't get that much better."

            Giles walked in. "Have you found anything?"

            "Yeah. I think you should read it." She pushed the book to him. He scaned it, then closed it with force that made Willow jump.

            "We don't talk about this." He told her as he placed the book back in it's resting place.


            "No, Willow!" He commanded. "We must let things play out the way they are ment to be."


            Spike made his way around the graveyards as quickly as possible. He check everywhere not wanting to miss her. One last place to look. He thought to himself as he headed towards his old graveyard. 'Gods I hope she's alright.'


            Buffy was sore. She stumbled as fell to the ground. "Damn." She cursed outloud. She pushed herself to her knees and looked around trying to get her bearing. Then she spotted it. Salvation. Spike's old crpyt. She painfully got to her feet. 'What did that vamp do to me?' she asked herself. She was light head and felt sick to her stoumach. She finally made it to the crpyt. She landed painfully by the door, prying it open enough to fit in. She squezze in and laid down on the chair Spike had left. She closed her eyes. Her breathing became even and she began to dream.


            Spike growled as he snifted the air. There was fresh blood. Slayer blood. If he had a heartbeat it would have been pounding. He closed his eyes and let his vampire side take over. 'Find the slayer....Find Buffy...' he thought to himself. He 'sensed' the trail and began to walk forward.

            Once he got a good grip on where she was he opened his eyes and took off in a run. He slowed the trail was building up. He stepped forward; into a small pool of blood. His thoart tighened. He looked around. He smiled. His cyrpt. He broke into a sprint. He reached it in a matter of seconds. He pushed the heavy door out of him way and stepped inside. There she was. Asleep in his chair. He sighed. He walked over to her and picked her up into his arms.

            "I'm taking you home, Buffy." She wrapped her arms around him and pushed against his chest. He kissed the top of her head, then headed towards their home.


            Dawn woke up at the sound of the door being slammed shut. She crawled out of bed and grabbed the knife Buffy had given her for her last birthday. She crept to the stairs and looked down. The lights were on. Spike climbed up the stairs. He jumped as she came into sight.

            "Bloody Hell!" he shouted. "What are you doing? Why aren't you doing in bed?" he yelled at her.

            "Heard the door. Thought there was trouble." He sighed.

            "Sorry, Dawn." He was to tired to play with names to night. She must have sensed it.

            "What's wrong?" She proded, worried about Buffy.

            "Nothing,  to panic about. Go back to bed." He turned her around and pushed her to the recently new bedroom. Everyone had been moved around after the kids had shown up. She was moved to the smallest room, of the three. Willow had Buffy's old one and the new family had Joyce's old room.

            "I'm going. I don't need a guide." She said pulling her arm from his firm grip.

            "Sorry." He managed. He hugged himself as she got back into her bed. "Good-night." He said as she flicked out the overhead light.

            "Night Spike." She called. He frowned and lend agasint the wall. Sighing he got up and walked to the bathroom. He gathered the supplies that he would near to clean Buffy up and headed back down the stairs. She was asleep on the couch. She was so peacefully. He proped her up and began to clean the cut on her forehead, and check. Her neck had a number of small half-moon shapes, from what looked to be a hand. After cleaning them, he covered them with banages. Nothing needed stiches. But he couldn't find the wound that caused such a lose of blood. He pulled her coat off and placed it on the back of a nearby chair. He rolled her forwards and looked at her back. There was five long bloddy gashes running down her top. He grabbed her jacket and held it up to the light. Unfolding it, he finally made out the tore areas. He growled...'However did this better hope she got to them first.' He placed her on her stoumach and pulled her top off. He unfasted her bra so it wouldn't get in the way and opened a bottle of acohol. He bit his upper lip as he poured it on her back. She moaned in pain and moved around, in discomfert. A sob escaped his mouth as the door opened and Willow walked in.

            "Oh-God!" She cried. "What happen?" Spike turned. A blood-tear rolling down his check.

            "She got in a fight." He informed her. Willow walked over to the two and look over the wound.

            "I think that you cleaned it up well enough for tonight. We can always get it check over in the morning." She took the roll of gassze from the objects and cut off a peice large enough to cover the area. She taped it down. The sat back on her heels.

            "Thanks." He said.

            "No problem." She smiled a him. "I think you both need a goods night sleep. Don't worry about the twins. I'll look over them." he nodded and picked the sleeping slayer up and carried her up the stairs to their bedroom. He laid her down and then climbed in next to her. He carefully striped her and then himself down. He placed a protective arm around her and pulled the sheets over them.

            "Good-Night Luv." He said as he drifted to sleep.


            Buffy woke around afternoon. The room was pitch black thanks to someone pulling the blind. She moaned as all the pain she had been feeling hit her at once. She felt Spike move next to her and she pull him closer, he hugged her. She cried out softly.

            "Sorry, Luv. Forgot."

            "It's okay." She whispered. She softly kissed his cheek. "How long have you been awake?"

            "About half an hour. Didn't want to wake you." He kissed her back.

            "What do you want to do today?"

            "I was thinking about just hanging out my family." Buffy said. She turned around and faced the doorway pressing her back agasint him. He lightly kissed around the bandged area. She moaned contently. Her neck relaxed and she felt like she was floating. She sank forward as his hands began to explore.

            "Love you." He told her.

            "I love you, too." She whispered. She closed her eyes and just enjoyed herself. "What would I do without you?" She asked.

            He countiuned to kiss her, sending shivers threw her body. As she moved to kiss him back a baby cried out. The second one picked up where the first left off. They both groaned.

            "Who's turn is it?"

            "Yours." They both said at the same time. They laughed and got up. They quicky got dressed and walked downstairs.

            "Morning...Well afternoon." Spike said cheerfully. Xander looked up at them.

            "How do you shut them up?"

            "You don't." Buffy said as she made her way to the coffee maker. She started it up and walked over and picked up Joyce." Mommy's here. What's wrong honey?" The enfant just countiuned to cry. Spike picked up William. He smiled at Buffy and Xander and walked away from them shhhing the crying boy. Xander nodded and walked off. Buffy juggled the child as she pushed the tears away from her little checks. She held her chin. The little girl bent forward and bit into Buffy's hand.

            "AHHHH!" She screamed manging to keep a hold on the child. Spike and Xander ran back in the room.

            "What's wrong?" Spike asked. Xander moved forward to take Joyce from her.

            "Hey, She's not crying." Xander exclaimed looking at William who was still bailing his eyes out.

            "Because she's feeding."

            "What do you mean, Luv?" Spike asked tipping his head to one side. She swayed on her feet. Xander helped her sit down on the couch. Joyce was still attached to her mother.

            "She's drinking my blood." Buffy said. "I imagine that you could get William to be quiet if you offer you him you're hand." Spike frowned and did as she said. He let a gasp flow from his lips as William bit down. He sat down heavly onto the couch beside Buffy and relaxed.

            "Relax, Buffy. It will hurt more if you don't." She bit her lip and tried to do as he said. She moaned in pain. "Buffy." He warned.

            "I can't. It's my little girl."

            "Buffy." Spike said tensing up. Pain shot up his arm. He reached out with his free hand and grabbed Buffy's hand. She tighten her grib. He took the pain. Her grib began to lossen. "Xander. Get Joyce off of her." His eyes flickered as William conutiuned to to drink from him. Then the child was removed from his hand and he sank back into the couch. He turned his head to face Buffy. "Luv, Are you alright?" He asked her. She turned her head towards him. Her eyes flickered and she looked back at him.

            "Is it always like that?" She asked shivering.

            "No." He shook his head. "Most vampire's can help their victums relax. Then both of them enjoy it." He shrugged. "It takes practice." Xander walks over and holds Buffy's head up. He looks into her eyes.

            "Buffy, are you okay?" He asked her.

            "If you stop rolling her head she might be." Spike hissed. "She's just a bit lighthead...Right pet." He said looking at her. She slowly nodded.

            "A little bit of shock that's all. Plus the lightheadness." She closed her eyes and tried to get up. She got no where fast and fell back. "That's not good."

            "Just give it a few." Spike said. He began to move around. He sat up. His hand was already beginning to heal. It hurt but that was a given. He stood up. "I think that we should call, Red. I think we might need her help on this one."


            The phone was on it's three ring before Willow made it to it. "Hello." She said a bit out of breath.

            "Hey Will, it's Xander. We need you help over here."

            "What's happening?"

            "I think that you and Giles should get here as soon as possible...And can you get Anya also?"

            Something must have been in his voice. " We'll be right over." They hung up.

            Within fifteen miuntnes the whole group minus Dawn who was at school was at Buffy's house. "So what is this so important?" Anya asked. "I was counting the money."

            "Where is Buffy and Spike?" Willow asked.

            "Upstairs." Xander said with a yawn.

            "And the twins?"

            "Resting...Finally." Xander said looking up at them. "As a matter of a fact they are why we are having this little meeting."

            "What happen?!?" Giles asked worried about everyone. Thinking back to the new information that they found this morning.

            "I think I should leave that to Buffy and Spike." The others nod and sit down waiting for the couple to make their apperence. It only took them a few miuntes when  they made their way back down. Buffy's hand was bandged.

            "What happen?" Wilow asked pointing to the new injury.

            "I think that you should all sit down for this." Buffy told them. They did as they were told. "We've stumbled across so rather frighting facts."

            "You can say that again sister." Spike glares at Xander as he states that.

            "The twins decided that they wanted a change of food today." Buffy stated.

            "As in what?"

            "Blood." Spike said speaking up for the first time.

            "But the thing is. They seem to be picky eaters." Giles perked up.

            "What do you mean?"

            "They would only drink from Buffy or Spike." Xander said. "Human blood isn't good enough for them."


            The child contiuned to grow and they needed more and more blood. The others became worried about Buffy and Spike. They were both growing weaker and in need of blood transfusions. Patrol was left up to the slayerattes. When the twins 'turned' ten a number of things changed. Instead of using their willing parents as bloodbags they went out and began hunting down vampires for their own use. Althought they others were happy that Buffy and Spike could finally regain their streght, they knew that the prohpecy would soon be coming into effect. Willow and Giles taught them all the skills that they would need to know for life. But the other's noticed that there were lots of things that weren't being informed of.


            Buffy slowly woke-up. She looked around. Another day in  Sunnyhell. She thought...God Spike is really getting to me. She rolled over. Today was the day that the twins finally reached maturaty. Spike pulled her into a hug. She sighed happly and closed her eyes drifting back asleep.

            Spike was tired. Tired of being a bloodbank; tired of hiding; just plain tired. He hug Buffy. But today ended all that. He knew somewhat of the things that were going to happen. He closed his eyes. Today was the day, that the world could come to an end.


            William looked over at his sister. 'She's so strong.' He thought to himself. He wished that he could have half of the power she did. She dropped the body she had drained and staked the vampire. It went puff.

            "We should be getting home. The other's will want to know that we are safe."  She said. He nodded. The vampire he had been drinking from inched around him. He grabbed his thoart and laughed at him. "You shouldn't play with your food." She called over her shoulder as she walked out into the sunlight. He growled after her.

            "I can do what I please." But the thrill was gone. He snapped the poor bloke's neck then staked him. He followed after his older sister and  walked out into the bright light of the coming day.


            Buffy re-awoke later in the afternoon. She smiled and walked down stairs. The other's were already there.

            "Mom!" Joyce and William yelled. She was being huged from all possible angles.

            "Happy birthday." She said when they finally allowed her some breathing area. "I have you presents upstairs."

            "They can wait. It's family right now." Buffy nodded and sat down next Spike. She gave him a quick kiss.

            "So what do you guys want to do today?" As Joyce opened her mouth to reply. As she did the house began to shake with such a force that Buffy flew to the floor. Objects fell to the floor.

            "What's going on?" Xander manged to spit out.

            "Earthquake." Spike said helping Buffy to her feet. The floor began to sizzle and spit flames by the twins.

            "No!!!" Buffy screamed. Spike's head snapped to look at the two.

            "Don't just stand there MOVE!" He commanded them. But it was like they were frozen to the spot. The floor broke apart and the twins were pulled upwards and held there. Throught the floor came a sprint. Buffy and Spike were walking towards the twins. It spun at them and waved a hand. They were pulled into the air and frozen there.

            "You will remain out of the way!" It told the others, he turned to face the twins. "You are now of age."

            "Age for what?" Wiliam asked. "What are you?!?" He demanded.

            "Hush." It said and silenced them with a wave of his hand. "You will both be tested, to determine your worth." The twins were slowly lowered to the ground. "Then more will be revealed." Before everyone's eyes the area moved and changed. They were now standing in a large open field. Buffy and Spike were still being held up in the air.

            "What are you going to do?" Willow asked.

            "That is nothing for you to care about." Both twins were decked out in older warrior clothing and each held a large sword. "The dwel will being now." The twins looked around. Not finding anyone else they looked confused.

            "What is the meaning of this?!?" Joyce yelled at the creature. It sighed.

            "Fight one another, or I will kill your parents." Pain washed over Spike as he said this. He bit his tounge to stop from yelling. The pain dissapeared as soon as it had appeared and Buffy screamed out loud and began to twitch like she was being electrocuded.

            "STOP IT!!!" Joyce yelled.

            "Fight." It calmly told them. William growled and dove at Joyce. She backed away, pulling the sword up into a sweeping angle.

            "William. DON'T!" Spike yelled at his son. He didn't pay any attendance. The two fell into a rhythum. Buffy fell silent, as they began to fight. Everyone watched in terror as William disarmed Joyce and held her at sword point.

            William looked into his sister's eyes. Then he threw his sword down. "Happy?" He asked the being.

            "No." Joyce spun and grabbed her sword and pushed it threw Williams stoumach.

            "NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Both parents screamed as he fell to the ground with the blade protuting from his stoumach. The being clapped and laughed.

            "That is the way to do things." It said. William laied back and began to cough. Joyce just looked down at him.

            "Your weak William, you let others walk all over you." She told him. She pulled the sword from him and pressed it up to his thoart. "Too bad you won't get to learn from your weakness."

            "Now, Now." The being tisked. "None of that." It snapped it's finger and they were all transported back to Buffy's place. The twins were back in their regualar clothes and all visible weapons and injuries were gone.  "Now the future can begin."

            "What do you mean?" Xander demanded. The creature smiled.

            "The prohpecy has finally come to pass. The future is up to the strenght of each of these teens. Some of you now what is to come..." He looked at Giles and Willow. "While others are going to learn. But everyone will learn soon enough." It closed it eyes and Joyce and itself disapear. Buffy and Spike were dropped to the ground painfully. William rushed over to them.

            "Are you okay?" He asked as he helped them up.

            "We're fine." Buffy said. "I'm more worried about you. Are you okay." He nodded.

            "I'm fine.See." He said as he lifted his top. There wasn't even a scar.

            "What was that thing?" Buffy asked. When no one answered her she could feel her anger bubbling to the surface. "And what did he mean when he said that some of us all ready knew what was to come?" She glared at Willow and Giles.

            "Buffy, I think you should calm down." Anya said. "This will not get us anywhere." Buffy closed her eyes. Anya was right for once.

            "And what should we do?" Spike asked pushing himself up onto his knees. He stood up onto her feet and pulled Buffy to stand beside him. She grunted.

            "Go and count money always helps me relax." Anya stated. Xander sighed.

            "I don't think that what they are talking about."

            "Whatever." She said sitting down next to Xander she frowned. "This is boring."

            "Anya, Please." Giles hissed.

            "Fine. Whatever." She said as she looked around the room.

            "Anyway, back to the matter at hand." William said. "What happen? I mean where did Joyce go?" At her name Buffy could see William being hurt again. She closed her eyes.

            "Who cares!!!"Dawn yelled. "She was ready to kill you."

            William flinched. "But she is still me sister." Dawn fell silent.

            "Sorry." She stated a few minutes later.

            "Don't worry about it." They smiled at one another.

            "Giles, Please can you tell me what is going on? I need to know." Buffy said her eyes full of pain.

            He sighed. "I think you should all sit down for this." They did. Only Willow and Giles remainded standing in front of the tigh knit group infront of them. "Now, This is going to be hard to understand but, You all must know now..."


            Giles had finally finished explaining everything to everyone, and she felt like he had stuck a knife in her stoumach. He had kept this a secret from her! His slayer. His 'daughter'. She stood up.

            "I need to go kill something. I will be back later." And with that she ran from the room leaving everyone to stare after her.