Title: True Love

Author: Electricgurl

E-mail: electricgurl_0582@yahoo.ca

Disclaimer: I don't own any part of Andromeda or it's counterparts...Just trying to have some fun:-)

Timeline: After Tyr left.... No given date.

Paring: It's a mystery...It's Male/Female...Try and figure it out before the end :)

Archive: Please ask me first.

Summary: A mystery romance with two Andromeda characters....

A/N: A short fic...A VERY short fic that I wrote up in like five minutes and I thought I'd post it for you all the enjoy So please remember to Read & Review :-)


         He moves closer and I am drawn to his smell. I try and tell myself that it isn't right; I shouldn't fell this way. He was nothing to me. But I can't help myself. I lean into him and he smiles.

         "Come now it isn't that bad is it?" I lightly smile at him. "Will you dance with me?" I nod, it's the only thing I can trust myself to do without making a mistake. He grins and pulls me closer and I sigh. He smells so good. Like a new outfit. I push up against him and a small moan escapes his lips. I grin and bury my face in his shoulder. I'm glad that I am not the only one who feels this way. The music flows into my ears and fills me up as I lean against him. I close my eyes and he pulls me close.

         "Why do we always meet like this?" I ask him gesturing to the empty room.

         "Because I do not wish to share you with anyone else." I lick my lips and slightly pull back so I can look into his eyes. They are sincere.

         "Of course but why can't we meet more often?"

         "People would find out." I pull back from him.

         "And I am not good enough for YOU?!?" I yell. Pain, anger, and sadness dance across his face.

         "No, it's not that it's just that if my enemies ever found out about this...I couldn't live without you my love." I bite my upper lip. He smiles at me and I can feel my strength leaving me. He steps closer to me and holds my chin in his right hand and his left rests on my hip. "To live without you would be to live without food." He kisses my cheek and my knees are weak.

         "What else?" I ask. He grins and knows that he is out of trouble.

         "It would be like a flower without the sunlight." He kisses my other cheek. He locks eyes with me. " But worst of all my sweet. It would be a world without you." He bends down and kisses me lightly on the lips. I meet his kiss and flick my tongue over his lips. He opens his mouth and I am searching the inside of him mouth. He pulls me closer. My hands run up his back. I hear an alarm. I pull back.

         "Damn." I look down at my wrist and my 'watch' tells me my time's up. "I have to leave."

         "But you just got here."

         "I know but I have to go. The others are waiting." He nods defeated.

         "When will you be back?"

         "As soon as possible." I grin and give him a peck on the cheek.

         "I count the seconds." he kisses me on the lips, and his smell lingers. I close me eyes and when I re-open them he is gone. I sigh and walk to my ship. I call up my commands and set in an autopilot. I should get back in time and the others won't even miss me. They didn't know that Tyr and I had been meeting together for the last past months in secret. Dylan would be furious, as would be Rommie. Harper...I'm not sure what he would feel and Trance.... Well she's always been a mystery. I smile and lean back in my seat. For the first time in a very long life Beka Valentine was in Love...True Love.