Chapter Six: The Awakening

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Chapter Six: The Awakening

Mokuba ran as fast as he could through the sandy paths, his grayish eyes narrowed in determination.

"I have to get that box back," he murmured desperately, clenching his fists as he ran. "Ryuji entrusted me with it, and I won't let him down! This is my way to prove I'm prove I can help!"

Pearl flopped down onto the sandy ground, her cheeks tearstained as she sniffled, pulling her knees up to her chest and hugging them close to her. Her white dress was streaked with dirt and mud, and her legs ached from running so much.

"Wh...why do you have to be so me...mean?" she choked out in a frightened voice.

"Stop! Here's the box! Just leave us alone! Leave us alone!!"

"I...I just want it st...stop..." Pearl cried, tears flowing down her cheeks again as she clenched her fists, laying her head down on her knees.

"You haven't got a clue! You're such a sheltered little child that you have no idea of the things that are going on around you! You don't know what it's like to lose someone you care about! Your life can be changed in an instant all because of people who just want what they want for their greedy reasons, and they don't care about you!!"

Pearl continued to sob as the dark, masked woman in the trees looked down at her, an evil smile twisting over her face.

"The annihilation begins now," she mused, leaping down from the tree, her black cape trailing behind her as she landed with a thud on the sandy ground a few feet in front of Pearl.

The white-haired girl gave a startled cry, looking up at the dark-haired woman with teary eyes.

"Wh...who are you?" she whispered, scooting backwards, not willing to trust anyone just yet after what had happened.

The young woman with dark hair smiled, her eyes glinting in the moonlight that shone through the trees.

"I am Zurui," she murmured, stepping close to Pearl, who inched further backward. "And you are Pearl, are you not?" she added, addressing Pearl by the name she'd overheard Mokuba yelling before.

Pearl's brown eyes widened, her tearful gaze rising to glance at Zurui's face, which was obscured by the dark mask she wore.

" did you know?" Pearl demanded fearfully, inching further away from the woman.

Zurui smiled beneath her mask, sweeping up upon Pearl like a vampire bat, her black cape nearly engulfing Pearl, who frantically tried to back up more, not liking this woman.

"I know many things, dear child," she mused, her eyes glinting in the moonlight. "Like your "friend," Mokuba. He was mean to you, wasn't he? He shouted at you when you were only trying to help him."

Pearl hesitating, nodding slowly.

"Yeah, he yelled at me," she sniffed, shaking in fear. "I just want all this fighting and all the bad people to go away! I want it all to stop!" she sobbed.

The dark woman smiled, sweeping up upon Pearl like a bat.

"I know," she purred soothingly, putting her slender arm around the young girl's shoulder, realizing that the girl did not have the box she desired. "And I can make it all stop...but I need you to help me first."

Pearl shivered at the woman's cold touch, and hugged her knees together tightly.

"I can't do anything..." she muttered apathetically. "I'm just in the way..."

Zurui smirked.

"You can help me," she continued in her soothing, convincing voice. "Tell me where your sister and the goldsmith are," Zurui whispered in her ear, Pearl cringing. "I need to ask them a few questions. Then you and I can go get back at that mean Mokuba for what he did to you."

Pearl's eyes widened and she shoved Zurui's arm off her shoulder, edging away.

"I don't want mean to Mokuba," Pearl whispered through her tears. "I...I just want everyone to happy again."

Zurui smirked.

"And they will be," she declared, rising once again, towering over the white-haired girl.

Bonez smirked, tossing the box up into the air and grabbing it once again.

"This is perfect," he said aloud to his two comrades, who nodded as the group walked along through the brush. "Master Arkana will surely trust us with more prestigious work from now on, and once he's got all these Millennium Items, we'll be working for the new ruler of Egypt!"

Sygore nodded, cracking his knuckles.

"Exactly...-" he began, but he was cut off by an angry shout from behind him.

Raising an eyebrow, Sid turned around, the other two following his gaze over to a very ragged and tired-looking figure who was standing behind a vine. Angrily, the small boy thrust the vine out of his way and marched into the clear so that he was distinctly visible in the moonlight.

"That's not going to happen!" Mokuba declared, his black bangs blowing in the nighttime breeze, beads of sweat dripping down his face. "I'm taking...that box back!" he shouted, clenching his fists at his side.

Bonez let out a laugh of amusement.

"You and what army, boy?" he shot back, his body glowing slightly and the Armored Zombie Ka appeared beside him once again. "Have you forgotten what our Ka did to you last time? Or do you just want some more?"

He grinned evilly, his two partners calling on their Ka as well. Mokuba bit his lip, stepping back slightly, losing his confidence all of a sudden. It was the same setup as before. He had nothing to defend himself with, and they'd attack him with all their spiritual power in the form of the Ka monsters.

"Why did he think I could do this...?" Mokuba thought miserably to himself. "Why did he trust me? Why did anyone trust me? I'm going to let them all down..."

"Armored Zombie!" Bonez yelled, pointing forward at the defenseless boy. "Attack him and destroy him!!"

Mokuba squeezed his eyes shut. Why couldn't he have power like they did? Why couldn't he summon his Ka, use all his spirit and strength in a physical form. A bead of sweat trickled down his cheek as all three of the monsters lunged for him.

"I want to help!!" a voice screamed in his head. "I just need someone to show me how!!"

Suddenly, there was a blinding white light in front of him, and Mokuba ducked, putting his arms up in front of his face as a shield. There were yells and inhuman growls from the Ka monsters he could only hope wouldn't rip him to shreds from all around him, and then there was a gasp of shock.

"What is that?!" Came Bonez astonished cry.

Mokuba suddenly felt himself enforced by something; like part of him was growing stronger...and fighting against the mass of Ka attacking him. There was a tug at his his soul, and he felt, for the first time, true strength.

Narrowing his eyes, he forced himself to look up at the scene, and saw to his complete astonishment a large figure standing before the three Ka, brandishing a long, jagged sword. The creature's eyes narrowed into white slits, his body rugged and purple-tinged. Mokuba's gray eyes widened as he stepped backwards, in awe of the creature in front of him.

"" he murmured, eyes wide. "My Ka..."

The creature turned to look behind him, down at the small Mokuba who was standing on the ground. Mokuba shook his head quickly, determined not to let this chance slip through his fingers. Now it was time to prove himself!

"It''s a Swordstalker Ka!!" Sid cried, backing up, the three Ka they had summoned lunging at the single Ka of Mokuba's. "I thought this kid couldn't summon his Ka, let alone such a powerful one!"

Bonez gritted his teeth as the three advanced on Mokuba's Swordstalker.

"It's three on one, we can still win!" he declared, but the words had just barely left his mouth when the Swordstalker turned on the three beasts once more, his jagged sword lighting up brilliantly.

Mokuba clenched his fists, determinedly looking on at the battle.

"Swordstalker, attack those monsters and retrieve the Millennium Puzzle Box!" he shouted, the Ka slashing through all three of the attacking monsters at once, destroying them in an instant.

There was a horrid cry as the three pawns of Arkana who had been the owners of the demolished Ka fell to the sandy ground, dead. Mokuba panted as the dust from the attack cleared, looking up at the Swordstalker Ka in awe.

"I...I did it..." he thought out loud, the Swordstalker seeming to smile at him almost as Mokuba staggered forward, feeling drained. "I really did it!"

The boy scrambled over to the fallen Millennium Puzzle box and scooped it up, holding it tightly in his hands. He could almost feel the magical aura rising from it, even separated in the shards inside.

I knew you could...

Mokuba looked up, startled. The Swordstalker Ka looked down at him once more before vanishing back to Mokuba's soul room, having completed its duty to his master for then.

Mokuba smiled, looking up at the dark sky.

"Thanks," he murmured. "I won't let them down."

End of Chapter Six

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