Summary: Post Haunted- Suze, Jesse, Paul and everyone else a year later. A new mediator arrives in Carmel. A/N: This is my first Mediator fic, please r&r and give me some constructive criticism! ~*Ava's POV*~
I sat in my car, unsure whether I wanted to get out or not. It was the day before school started, and I was going to be a senior. I sat there, resting my head on my steering wheel.
My family—which consisted of my mother, older brother, two younger sisters, and my mother's fiancée – had just moved to Carmel over the summer, from South Dakota. I had grown up there, lived there my entire life, but then suddenly "Ava, honey, Carl's gotten transferred to the Carmel affiliate, we're moving in two weeks." My mother had gotten me into Juniperro Serra Mission Academy, which was where I was now. I opened the door, then shut it again. Did I really want to go in there, and register? What would people think of me? You see, I'm different from everyone else. I can see dead people. Yea, ghosts, spirits, souls, whatever you want to call them. I'm probably the only one, too. I've never met another one like me. But then, I don't exactly going around asking, "Hey, I see dead people. Do you?"
Just as I was about start up my car again and drive off, I noticed a slight glow in the corner of the courtyard. Dammit, not another one. Ghosts always come around and make me do stuff for them. Hmm... I lowered my sunglasses. This wasn't a regular ghost. This ghost was hot! I mean, seriously. He had tan skin, black hair, and, of what I could see, very nice abs. But he was dressed sort of funny. Very tight pants and a billowy white shirt. Wait a second—a girl, about my age, opened up a door along the breezeway, and walked right up to the ghost! The ghost smiled, and they embraced and started kissing. She could see him? Touch him? Was I maybe not the only freak in this world? Finally making my decision, I opened my car door and headed over towards the girl.

~*Suze's POV*~

I exited Father Dom's office—he wanted to talk to me about how I dealt with Brian, that ghost who was , frankly, being a pain in the ass. He wouldn't listen to me and refused to move on. So I punched him. Well, he's gone now, right? It must have worked. So I exited his office, and saw Jesse, my boyfriend, leaning against a locker. I smiled, walked over to him, and he took my in his arms.
"Hello, querida," he whispered, and pressed his lips to mine. Sure, we had been together for almost a year, ever since that day in the graveyard, but he still made my knees weak when he kissed me. Suddenly I heard footsteps. Someone was walking over to me, and had a very confused look on her face. Uh-oh... she had just seen me make out with thin air! Trying to think of a valid excuse, I broke away from Jesse and tried to indicate to her nonchalantly so Jesse knew what was wrong.
"Hey. Yo-you're a mediator, too." What? Not exactly what I was expecting. Jesse's eyes widened.
"You can see me?" He asked. She turned towards him and gave him the once over, and a tiny flare of jealousy came up inside me. This girl was about my age, and rather pretty. She had short, layered brown hair and perfect features.
"Yea. I'm Ava," she said, and looked at me.
"Suze." I said. "Suze Simon. Are you knew here? I've never seen you around."
"Yea, I just moved here from South Dakota, and I'm going to be a senior here, and I came to register when I... saw you two." I blushed.
"Come here, you need to meet someone," I said, and grabbed her arm. Jesse followed us into Father Dom's office.
"Susannah, back so- oh, Hello there." Father D. looked sort of flustered at the sight of this girl, who kept giving Jesse tiny glances. HE'S MINE! I wanted to shout.
"This is Ava. She's a mediator," I said. Ava looked shocked.
"What are you doing? Don't tell anyone! They'll think we're freaks!" She hissed at me. I rolled my eyes. I wasn't sure if I liked this girl.
"Father D. is a mediator too, Ava. Talk to him," I said. "Now, sorry I have to run, but Andy will want me home. See ya tomorrow, Father D." I left Ava with him, and I left. Jesse followed me to a more shadowy portion of the breezeway. He leaned against a column, and I fell into his arms. He stroked my back gently, and kissed the top of my head. I lifted my head up, and our lips met. Ah, back to where we were before we were so rudely interrupted...

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