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Chapter 11--The final chapter!

Around 4:30 PM, Kelly and Andrea were in Andrea's room trying to decide what Andrea would wear to meet Dean. Kelly kept the surprise quiet. She didn't want Andrea to know what Dean had planned.

"Are you going to eat over again, Kel?" Andrea asked.

"Um, yea. If it's ok with your parents," she answered.

"Oh, I'm sure it is. Maybe we can order a pizza," Andrea told her.

"Ok, that sounds good."

"Well, I'm going to ask my mom and dad. Their downstairs," Andrea said. She walked out of her room and down the stairs. She saw her mom sitting on the couch in the living room reading a book when she got in there.

"Hey mom," Andrea greeted her mom.

"Hi honey," Mrs. Carson said as she looked up from her book.

"Mom, do you think Kelly can eat over?" Andrea asked as she sat next to her mother.

"Sure. Andrew and Dean are working on something in Andrew's room and Jason is at a friends house. Your father and I are going out tonight around 5:30. So, you guys will have to order a pizza, or something. We'll leave money," Mrs. Carson said.

"Ok, where are you and dad going?"

"Just out to dinner."

"Ok, I'm going to tell Kelly."

"Oh, Andrea, can you tell Andrew, too?"

"Sure, mom."

Then Andrea got off the couch and walked out of the room. When she got to Andrew's room upstairs, she knocked twice.

"Yea?" She heard Andrew's voice.

Andrea poked her head in. "Hey, mom said that we have to order a pizza or something, ok? Mom and dad are going out to dinner," she said. She caught Dean's eye's and smiled.

"Ok, uh, can you leave please?" Andrew asked.

"Uh, ok, whatever,"Andrea asked pulling herself back into the hallway and shutting the door. She then walked back to her room. Back in her room, she saw Kelly looking through a magazine.

"Hey, my parents are going out, so we can order a pizza," Andrea told her.

"Great," Kelly said.

"Ok, you have to help me decide what to wear. I'm going to meet Dean tonight," Andrea told her, as she walked over to her closet.

"Ok, maybe you could wear that new top you got yesterday!" Kelly said excited.

"Yeah, good idea, Kel. Now should I wear a skirt, or capris?" Andrea asked as she looked through her closet.

"I think your new purple tank top will go with your white capris," Kelly told her.

"Hmm...yeah, that sounds good, Kel. What would I do without you for fashion advice?" Andrea told her.

Kelly laughed,"Probably pick out all the wrong clothes." Both girls laughed.

"I won't change now. I'll order the pizza now, though. Do you want to go and ask the guys what kind of pizza they want, or should I?" Andrea asked as she closed her closet door.

"Uh, I'll go ask," Kelly said as she stood up and walked out of the room. When she got to Andrew's bedroom door, she knocked a couple of times.

"Who is it?" asked Andrew from inside.


"Oh, Come in," he said.

Kelly opened the door to find Dean sitting on Andrew' chair and Andrew on the edge of the bed with his guitar in his hand.

"Hey," he said.

"Hi, Andrea wants to know what kind of pizza you guys want," Kelly told them.

"I won't be staying," said Dean,"I have to go home soon and get myself ready."

"Oh well, Andrew do you want any?"

"Sure. I like pepperoni," he replied.

"Ok, how's everything going?" Kelly asked.

"Pretty good," Andrew said,"We are almost set in here. Please make sure Andrea stays in her room from 6 o'clock on!"

"Don't worry. She will!" Kely said with a smile before she left the room.

When she got back to Andrea's room, she noticed Andrea had hung her light purple tank top and white capris on her closet door.

"Andrea, Andrew said he would like pepperoni, and Dean said he'll be leaving soon....so he won't be having any..." Kelly told her.

Andrea just looked at her at first, and then asked," Oh, Dean is leaving?"

"Uh, yea. I'm sure he'll be back though."

"Oh, yeah. Probably. I'm going to go downstairs and get the number for the pizza place. Wanna come?" Andrea asked.


The two of them left the room and walked down the stairs. When they got to the living room, Mr. Carson was wearing a suit and watching tv.

"Hey dad. Looking sharp there!" Andrea said.

"Yeah, huh?" he said.

Then Mrs. Carson walked in saying,"Andrea? We are going to be leaving very soon. I'm going to go upstairs and tell your brother." Then she left.

Andrea and Kelly went to the kitchen, and Andrea picked up the phone book and looked for the pizza place she wanted to order from. Then she piked up the phone and ordered a large cheese, and a large pepperoni pizza to be delivered. Then the two of them walked back into the living room to find Mrs. Carson entering also. She said,"Ok, let's get going Edward."

"Ok, Geneva," Mr. Carson said as he got off the couch.

"Ok, girls I told Andrew we are leaving, Jason is at his friends house. He is spending the night. Now be good," Mrs. Carsaon said to them as the four of them walked to the door.

"Oh course mom," Andrea said giving her mom and dad a hug.

"Bye, Mr. and Mrs. Carson," Kelly said.

Then Mr. and Mrs. Carson walked through the door, and Andrea checked her watch.

"Ok, it's 4:45. The pizza will be ready in about 15 minutes. What should we do?"

Just then, Dean walked down the stairs holding his car keys (A/N:I always though Dean wa a year or two older then Andrea) and said,"Bye you two."

"Bye," Andrea said, she wanted to say see you tonight, but Dean had already walked through the door. Andrea noticed that Dean really hasn't mentioned any thing about meeting eachother. 'I hope he didn't change his mind,' she thought.

Kelly seemed to be reading her mind because she said,"Don't worry, Andi, he'll be back."

"I hope so."

Then they went back to the living room and watched tv until the pizza came. When the pizza came, Andrea told Andrew and the three of them sat in the kitchen and ae.

In about 15 minutes, Andrew finished four slices of pizza and stood up from the table.

"In a rush?" Andrea asked.

"Uh, I just wanted to use the phone," he said glancing at Kelly.

"Ok, whatever," Andrea said.

After Andrea and Kelly finished, they cleaned up and walked back to Andrea's room.

Once they got there, Kelly looked Andrea's alarm clock.

It said 5:45 PM.

'15 more minutes,' thought Kelly.

"Wanna watch a movie?" asked Andrea.

"Uh, no," Kelly said.

"Ok..what did you want to do then?" Andrea asked.

"I don't know..uh, so how are you going to tell Dean how you feel later? Are you going to come right and tell him? Or are you going to do it some other way?" Kelly asked as she kept looking at the clock.

"I don't really know...I never really thought about it," Andrea said.

5:48 PM.

"Well, maybe that's what we should talk about," Kelly said.

"Uh...I guess," Andrea said. Kelly could tell that she was nervous.

"You know. It's ok to be nervous," Kelly told her.

"Yea, I know...Oh, what am I going to sy to him?" eclaimed Andrea.

Kelly glanced at the clock.


"Just tell him exactly how you feel. Speak from your heart," Kelly told her.

"Yeah, but Kelly what if he wants to meet me to tell me that he really hates my guts?" Andrea asked paranoid now.

'Oh man. Now look what I've done...she was fine before!' Kelly thought.

"Andrea, if he didn't like you, do you think he would smile at you alot?"

Andrea thought about that.

"Well, no. I guess your right," Andrea said.

"Of coursee I'm right, now why don't you keep yourself busy in here to get your mind off things until 7pm," Kelly told her.

She glanced at the clock. 5:54 PM.

"Um, Andrea. I have to get going. I promised my mom that I would be home by 6..."

"Uh, ok. See ya. I'll call you to tell you what happens," Andrea said.

"Bye, Andrea."

Kelly walked out of Andrea's room and shut the door.

'To be early is to be ontime, ontime is to be late, and to be late is to never show up at all..' Kelly thought.

She figured she would be there a few minutes early. When she got outside through the front door, she saw Andrew waiting for her with his back to her. Kelly walked up to him, and stood on his left.

"Hey," she said.

He looked at her. "Hey, ready to get everything set?"

"Of course," she answered.

For the next hour, Kelly and Andrew got the motocross track al set. It had lights put up in all the surrounding trees. Andrew put his guitar against a tree, and everything looked nice. All they needed was Dean and Andrea.

Andrew looked at his watch. 6:55PM.

"Hey! You guys! I'm here," Dean yelled behind them.

Now all they needed was Andrea to arrive.


In her room, Andrea stood in front of her mirror on her door and made sure she looked alright. She wore her new purple top and white capris and purple sandels.

"Well, I guess I'm ready," she said to herself and opened her door and stepped out of her room.

When she got downstairs to where the back door was in the kitchen, she hesitated.

She couldn't believe she was finally going to talk to Dean. She took another deep breath and opened the door. She stepped out and walked a few feet to the motocross track.

'Whoa,' she thought when she got there. She saw Dean in the middle wearing a dark blue suit with his left hand behind his back. He looked handsome. When she got to him, he said,"Hi, Andrea. Thanks for coming."

"No problem. Listen, I neeed to tell you--" she started to say.

"Shh, let me say something first," he interupted.

He took his hand out from behind his back and gave Andrea a single red rose.

Andrea took it, surprised. Then she heard it sound of a guitar played in a soft, romantic way. Then, what surprised Andrea the most was Dean started singing to her. Her. Andrea Carson.

He sang, "Everyday when I look into your eyes I notice how beautiful you are I notice how beautiful you are Everyday when I see your smile I can't stop myself I gotta smile back

When we aren't together I feel so empty inside I just wish we could be together Oh, Andrea, I love everything about you Is it true? Is it true what they say? Will we ever get together?"

Now, Andrea was listening to every word with tears in her eyes. No guy has ever sung to her.

"Andrea? I like you a whole lot," Dean told her.

Andrea opened her mouth but nothing came out. Instead she put her arms around Dean's neck and kissed him with all her love. A minute later, Dean pushed back and said,"So, does that mean you like me too?"

Andrea laughed, and found her voice ,"Of course."

Then they juat stayed there holding eachother swaying to the sound of Andrew's guitar.

A few feet away from them, where Andrew stood playing his guitar, Kelly said,"We did it...well, Dean did it."

"Yeah. they look really happy,"Andrew said not smiling.

"You don't seem happy, though," Kelly pointed out.

"I am, it's just...nevermind," Andrew said.

Kelly lookedat him. Andrew stood there playing his guitar.

'There must be something on his mind,' Kelly thought.

"Andrew??" she asked.


"You play the guitar really well," Kelly said smiling.

Andrew smiled back. "Thanks."

Andrew found that he as perfectly happy with his guitar in hand and Kelly standing next to him.

Although, he was not as happy as Andrea.

She wished her and Dean could stay close like this forever.


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