And I Think It's Gonna Be a Long, Long Time

By: Angelinhel

Legal Bits and Pieces: I just spent my last $6 on a sandwich so don't bother suing. I own nothing, nothing you hear me!

Special Thanks: This is for all my buds on the PPMB. Thanks, guys. The title is for Roger (sorry it didn't fit better.)


The little red-headed boy squealed with glee when he saw the blue Toyota pull into the drive. His favorite baby-sitter was here!

He hid shyly behind his mother's leg as she greeted the teenager at the door.

"We'll be at the gala until late tonight. Of course, you'll be paid extra for hours after midnight. You know bedtimes and the phone numbers are in their usual place." His mother said. Then she and his father left in a swirl of glittery formal wear and expensive scent, giving only the most perfunctory of good-byes to their son.

He was used to this by now. It was okay because Shelly was much more fun anyway.

"So what should we do now?" The perky blond asked the six-year-old.

He raised his arms in a 'pick-me-up' gesture. Smiling she bent to lift him, knowing his mother probably never did and feeling a bit sorry for him.

Seeing her new silver locket, he moved to try to grab it as she picked him up, accidentally grabbing something else instead.

"Hey there!" She laughed as she shifted him to her hip and he released her chest and finally got hold of the shiny silver heart instead. "You're a feisty one, aren't you, Tiger?"

He loved her nickname for him. He looked up still clutching the jewelry in one tiny fist and smiled. "Grrrrr... feisty!"