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I'll spread my wings and I'll learn how to fly

I'll do what it takes 'till I touch the sky

And I'll make a wish, take a chance, make a change

And break away

Out of the darkness and into the sun

But I won't forget all the ones that I love

I'll take a risk, take a chance, make a change

And break away

--Kelly Clarkson, Break Away

Recap: Chapter 8

Harry and Kerrie nodded in agreement, then Sirius, realizing how dark it was said, "You two have to get back to school!"

"Oh, Gosh," Kerrie said. "Someone's bound to be looking for us, especially my brother. You know he doesn't trust you."

Both Harry and Sirius scowled. Then Sirius said, "The Malfoy's don't trust anyone."

Kerrie, smiling gratefully at her newfound family, got up and sat on a startled Sirius to hug him. "It's so great to have a family again. I love you, Sirius." She then turned to her mom and said her farewells. And finally, Harry and Kerrie were off. They took the back way, through the Whomping Willow, as to get back to the school faster. The two talked the whole way, discussing everything they had learned.

Chapter Nine: A Blossoming Love

Hermione set up her CD player with the speakers so that she could here it through the shower. She knew about the rule that muggle objects didn't work in the wizarding world, but she got around that, by taking it apart and putting it back together in the wizarding world. That way, it wasn't technically muggle-made, because she used magic to put it back together. After deciding the temperature she wanted, Hermione slowly stripped down, and stepped her delicate feet in. It was then when the song began to play. Favoring this particular song, she sang along.

(Wish I had somebody; wish I was somebody's baby)

Somebody's somebody; somebody's somebody (somebody)

Watching lovers walking, hand in hand they pass me by… (yeah)

Wish I was one of them, wish I had somebody

Wakin' up beside me!

Lookin' into my eyes at night, (I wanna know)

I want a love to call my own…I want someone that I could hold

Want someone wanting me, I wanna feel how it feels to be (oh!)

Somebody's Somebody…Someone's Someone!

Some sweet lover's lover! I wanna be, I wanna be the one!

Someone's faithful…Someone's faithful!

Someone kind and someone kind to me!

Somebody to somebody who loves me! (Who loves me!)

On his way to the bathroom, Ron heard the most beautiful singing. It was ironic, actually. That person was looking for somebody, and so was Ron! He so wanted to get Hermione off of his mind, and he didn't know what to do. The time was a little past midday, and Ron had just come from Divination, so the perfumes were keeping him from thinking straight. Drawn to the singing, and desperately trying to figure out which Hogwarts student could sing so well, he opened the door to the bathroom ever so slightly. The room was steamy, but the voice was clearer now.

What I'm looking for, is someone to love me more,

And I've been loved before with love so right

All I need to find is someone to hold me tight

What I mean is I want to be somebody!

She hit those high notes so beautifully, that the glass around her naked body should have shattered. Ron gasped as she started the third chorus, for he realized that not only had he seen Hermione Granger naked, but he was also sitting there enjoying himself.

Hearing, but not expecting the gasp, Hermione slid back the steamy glass door to reveal her naked body to Ron, and his cheesy smile to her. She screamed, and Ron (who was just as surprised), stood there staring at her before he got to his senses and scrambled out of the bathroom.

"It's not just that," Ron explained to a chortling Fred and George. "Why did I stare at her? I feel like I disrespected her or something. I didn't turn my head or anything. It was like I was mesmerized."

"So," George said thoughtfully. "Granger can sing, eh?"

As Ron began to respond, Fred interrupted with, "Oy! Forget the singing, how's her bod? Little bro," he put his arm around Ron, and led him to the back part of Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes (the twin's store) to the love section. "You've been waiting for this moment, the moment you set your pathetic little eyes on her."

"No I haven't," Ron said defensively, but blushed all the same. "Anyway, she's got that bloody Malfoy."

George choked on his butterbeer, "Granger and Malfoy are going steady?"

And then Ron filled his brothers in on the whole plan. "Well," Fred finally said, "you've got to win her back, mate."

"But I don't want her back."

"The first step to getting a girl is admitting you fancy her."

"Yeah," George agreed. "Now, tell me carefully. When you saw Hermione naked, what exactly happened?"

Ron looked up at his brothers, wondering what he was to say. He talked to them about his love life before, but now it seemed to be getting a little too personal, even if they were his brothers. "Err, I…err," He stuttered, not knowing what to say.

"YES!" Fred and George said together, high five-ing each other.

"Ron, mate," Fred said to his brother, "You have finally crossed the border line from a boy into a man. We have to get you something to celebrate." Leading Ron around the false love section, their store was a prank shop after all; they came across a small pink vile.

"No, Fred!" George said melodramatically, sounding an awful lot like Barney from the Flintstones. "Not the pink vile! Anything but the pink vile!"

"I don't want to date Draco." Hermione said as she sat down at the Gryffindor table across from Ginny. It was dinnertime, and Kerrie and Harry had yet to return. Ron was conveniently missing as well.

"What do you mean you don't want to date him?" Ginny responded in a falsely surprised voice as she piled potatoes on her plate. She had known for a while this was going to happen, and she already had her speech planned out. "You have to," she said tensely, "for Harry. Plus, it should be a nice change for you, dating a 'bad boy' and all."

Hermione stayed quiet, burdened with heavy thoughts. Ginny was right. All her life, for she was brought up that way, Hermione was the adult. She was the "mummy" everyone came running to. Even before Hogwarts, Hermione would be there for the new kid at school or the one who fell and scraped their knee. She hadn't once known what it was like to just be a teenager. She hadn't once experienced that teenage moment where she did something bad, and took a risk. And not the kind of risk she took with Harry all those times, but the kind of risk where she could have a party when her parents went out, or have a sip of liquor when her parents weren't looking. The kind of risk where she would finally get to go to the mall without her parents, so she'd promise them she would behave, but once she got away she could go buck wild.

That kind of risk. And she never knew what that kind of risk was. At least, that was, until she started "going out" with Draco. "I guess…I…I don't feel comfortable dating him," she finally managed to stammer. First boyfriend ever: Draco Malfoy. (Not a very good start.)

"I love you like the sister I never had." She smiled warmly at Hermione, "He will help you…err…" she tried to pick the right words, "Break out of this cage you're in. You know…have a little fun. See," she gestured toward Draco, "he's coming this way. Be aggressive."

The graceful blonde walked straight up to Ginny, completely ignoring Hermione, and burst out, "Where's Kerrie?" He seemed almost nervous, and was desperately trying to avoid Hermione's glare.

When Draco left after Ginny told him that she didn't know Hermione turned on Ginny. "How absurd!" she cried out. "How does someone walk right past their…?" She was cut off by the arrival of Ron. An awkward silence fell upon them as Ron sat down next to Ginny without even looking up. He simply reached for a plate and piled on way more food than he usually would.

In the best way she could, Hermione stifled a cry and ran for the Room of Requirements. "How could anyone treat me like this? How come I just can't figure him out! This is crazy, I hate Ron! I hate Draco!" After thinking a moment, she decided, "I hate the lot of them! Just a lot of bloody bastards, the hell with all of them; I don't need them…I don't need anyone!" Hermione screamed at the sound proof walls. So over come with grief, she collapsed to the ground and cried.

Hermione cried for almost ten minutes, when she heard a knocking at the door. She opened it to face Ginny. "Sweetie, please don't cry," she soothed Hermione. "Please, it'll all be ok."

Hermione sobbed onto Ginny's shoulder, "No it won't!"

"Why not?" Ginny asked in a motherly tone.

"Because…because…Ronsawmenaked!" Hermione choked out.

"Wha…what?" Ginny asked, not expecting that response. She was prepared for a "Draco wants to have sex with me" or an "I've never been kissed" or even an "I'm in love with Ron," but she definitely didn't expect this. "Ron…he saw you naked?" She was desperately trying to take all of this in.

"You're not helping, Gin." Hermione picked out a spot on the floor, and cuddled one of the cushions like a teddy bear.

"When he saw you…well, when you realized it was him…what did he…what did you do?" Even though Ginny was Hermione's best friend, she couldn't help but smile. Plus, she always knew that her brother and her best friend would make a good couple. In fact, this event was what she needed to start her plan. Ginny figured that if Hermione broke up with Draco because of Ron, Draco would make Harry and Kerrie break up, and she could finally have what she always wanted…Harry.

"Well, first I—"

"Hermione, forget everything I said before." Ginny interrupted. "You are in love with Ron. You have all the signs, it's perfect."

"But I thought you said I should be more adventur—"

"Ron is plenty adventurous! Now hurry, go get your man before he looses all hope of ever loving you."

With that, Ginny helped Hermione up and shooed her out of the door with a victorious smile. Phase one: Completed.

"Ron?" Hermione asked cautiously as she knocked the boys' dormitory door. "Ron?" This time she just pushed the door right in. Dean, Seamus, and Neville were in the common room, so she knew it could only be him.

"Blimey, Hermione! This is the boy's dormitory…have you lost your bloody mind?" Ron added wildly as Hermione sat next to him on the bed.

"Ron," she started, not quite sure what was going to come out next. "We…we need to talk."

As if almost sensing what was coming next, Ron said, "Look Hermione, if this is about this afternoon, I'm…sorry. I didn't mean to just sit there but—." Just then, Ron was cut off by his very first kiss. He was so happy, that he wanted to make a mental note. April 1, 1999: Ronald Weasley at age 16 had his first kiss to none other than Hermione Granger. "So that love spell that Fred and George gave me really did work." Ron thought thankfully to himself. And just like that, all the bliss ended when Hermione pulled away as pink as a tomato in the spring. (AN: Notice how I didn't compare it to Ron's hair.)

Ron was so shocked that he just sat there as if he was still kissing her. Hermione, as if offended, turned an awful shade of purple and stuttered, "Erm…I…sorry. I, erm…I've got to go—."

Then, Hermione was cut off by one of Ron's clumsy kisses. But she didn't care. When their lips touched, her heart fluttered, and she became so unrealistically nervous, that she broke off and said, "You know, the first kiss is always in the middle of a sentence…" she laughed at her own joke and continued, "Someone would say, 'So, nice weather we're having,' and—." Ronald's luscious lips once again cut her off, and all she could do was smile into the kiss.

They continued their soft kissing until Harry barged in. The two barely took notice until Harry yelled out, "NO! Not you two, it's not supposed to be you two!!" He came almost close to tears. "No, no, no! Draco's back…Draco's back…" Harry repeated this several times as if trying to register it.

Turning her lovely pink again, Hermione broke the kiss and whispered to Ron, "I'll talk to you later," and almost jogged out of the dorm.

As she was going down the staircase, she could here Harry bellow, "HOW COULD YOU? SHE'S SUPPOSED TO BE WITH MALFOY, NOT YOU! YOU JUST COULDN'T KEEP YOUR STINGY HANDS OFF HER!" The Gryffindors, being as they are part of Hogwarts, (and therefore very nosy), looked up towards the boys' dormitories to see Hermione Granger leaving Ronald's room.

Low and behold, by breakfast the next morning, rumors had spread, and everyone was talking about the mysterious relationship between Ron and Hermione. And when Draco finally came over to the Gryffindor table, it wasn't to see how well the meeting went with Kerrie, and her mom, but to see what was going on between his girlfriend and her best friend.

"Weasel…" He nearly growled.

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