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Kyle ran out of the trees and finally got back onto the trail. He had taken many shortcuts to shorten his walking or rather running distance. Kyle looked back at the creature. It hadn't woken yet. Kyle plopped the creature on its back and caught his breath. He put his hands on his knees and felt a warm fluid. He brought his had close to his face. It was blood. He looked down at his legs. They were glistening in the moon light. Kyle took off his shirt and ripped it in two. He wiped the blood off of his legs and tried to see how bad the cuts were. Most of them were on his knees. It was nothing to worry about. He probably got them from running through the woods. "I hate it when that happens." He said to him self quietly. He looked down the trail. He could barely make out the shape of the playground. "Wow! That really was a shortcut." Kyle picked up his unconscious victim and walked to his camp.
Kyle laid his deadweight on the ground near the fire pit. He looked around for something to tie it up with. He walked over to Lilo's campsite and searched the trees. Pleakly had left some clothes line tied around them. Kyle pulled out his combat knife and cut the close line down and tied up the creature. Kyle quickly built a fire and sat down to tend to his cuts. The half of the shirt that he has put on earlier was now soaked in his blood. He removed it and replaced it with the other half of his shirt. Kyle sat back and stared at the creature. It moved. "Well I guess I get some answers now..."

Stitch got out of the tent, stretched, and blinked his eyes a few times and finally smiled. "Lilo!" Lilo stumbled out of the tent "What?" "Eh!" Stitch pointed over at Kyle's campsite. "Kyle's back!" Lilo ran over to him and hugged him. She looked up at his face. He was staring blankly into the fire. "What's wrong Kyle?" Kyle turned his head and faced Lilo. "You lied to me." Lilo looked confused. Kyle pointed at stitch. "Your dog is not a dog. When I saved him from drowning I felt an extra pair of shoulder blades. Dogs don't have four arms." Lilo looked towards the ground "I'm sorry Kyle." Kyle's frown melted into a smile. "I forgive you." Lilo looked up. "I guess I should tell you everything then." "Nope. I already know that stitch is number 626 and that there are at least 625 other genetic experiments in existence." Lilo and stitch's jaws dropped. "Who told you?!" Kyle got up, reached into his tent and pulled out... "625!" "Yeah this was the guy who shot at you Stitch. He says some big guy with a broken knee told him to do you in. I caught him and took his weapon." Kyle placed 625 on the ground and ripped the duct tape off of his mouth. "Oww!" "He wouldn't stop talking so I shut him up. He did tell me about your experiment hunting though. I'm sure he has something to say to you as well." 625 looked around nervously. "Ahh.... I'm.... sorry... for shooting you." Lilo looked at him with a scowl on her face. "Why should we forgive you!?" "Because..." Kyle interrupted. "...everyone deserves forgiveness... no matter what they did. Even if they shoot at you." Lilo looked at 625. He looked afraid. She took a deep breath. "I forgive you." Kyle got up. "Good enough for me!" He walked over to 625 and untied him. 625 darted off into the woods.

By the end of the day everyone had packed up all of the camping equipment. After running into 625 Nani figured it was best that they leave. Everyone got into either Nani's jeep or the dune buggy. Everyone except Lilo. "Hold on... I have to do something first." Lilo walked over to Kyle's campsite. Kyle was sitting in front of a dying fire staring at the embers. "Hey Kyle? Were leaving now. I just wanted to say good bye." Kyle looked up at Lilo. "All right. Well, bye." Lilo stood there and paused. 'You know Kyle. You were pretty good at catching 625. And it looked like you enjoyed chasing him." Kyle smiled. "Maybe you could come to my place and help find a few experiments?" Kyle nodded. "Yeah... Maybe... sure." Lilo got into the dune buggy and left.