If I Had One More Day

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'This is it,' was the first thought that flew through his head, as his eyes flickered over each of the red, beeping consoles. He gasped for breath, it paining him severely to do so. He struggled to reach his hand out to the console to try to do anything to save his beloved FTO -- and himself. He couldn't reach. The strain was too much.

He tried once more to reach. It was no use. 'Oh, not now!' his mind screamed when he started his hacking cough. More blood than usual spilled over onto the console, creating a burning smell, but he refused to let the realization register in his mind. He hastily wiped his hand across his crimson-stained mouth, cringing in pain at even the slightest movement.

The stars were dancing in front of his eyes, but he struggled to look out of the console window. He had to see it. He had to see she was okay. Sure enough, she was still unharmed. He envisioned her cascading, rose-colored locks and her flaming eyes. If only he could see her once more. If only he had one more day.

He struggled to reach out again, only this time to touch the console window. He managed it, and somehow, it was like he was touching her silky skin. His vision faded for a few moments, causing him to drop his arm in disappointment, but it returned a few seconds later.

He never had her. He couldn't compete with his best friend. She didn't love him in that manner anyway, he knew. Oh, cruel fate, leave me of this world now! He suddenly thought of the first time he had met her. He reminisced about their battle to become the Pillar.

'This must be my life flashing before my eyes,' he thought with little humor. What humor could be found? He wasn't exactly thrilled to be on the verge of death. It was necessary, he reminded himself. Anything to save his people. Anything to save Cephiro. Anything to save her!

He choked on the blood pooling in his mouth and hung his head as it dribbled out. He didn't bother trying to re-lift his head; it was no use. He tried desperately to keep his eyes open. He wasn't afraid of death. He simply wished that things could have been different. His vision focused on a bright light in the recesses of his mind. If he could have, he would have laughed at the cliche of it. His eyes slowly slid shut.

'Lantis, take care of her.'


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