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Summary: She acted like a grownup.  He acted like a little boy.  What a strange pair… AD/MM.

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Playing the Part

By Laura Kay

            She had always played the grown-up.  She had been unintentionally forced by her father to take care of herself and her siblings after her mother had died.  She was always responsible, mature, dutiful.

            But there was always a small part of her that wanted to be a little girl.  She didn't want to be the one who everyone blindly followed, who everyone went to for answers, who everyone relied on.  But she was.  And there was nothing she could do but play the part.  Besides, she would reason, she really didn't know how to be that little girl.

            Until she met him.  Until she fell in love with him.  Until they kissed and she had more grown-up feelings than she knew what to do with, and ironically she suddenly felt very young and very shy.  So she tried to keep up her act.  But he saw through it.  And he wanted her to stop acting.  He was in love with her, not the grown-up she played.

            He was a grown-up.  He was, in fact, old.  But he was still a young boy.  His pockets were full of candy.  He absentmindedly hummed random tunes as he walk through the castle.  He was arguably the youngest presence among the staff at Hogwarts.

            Oddly enough, if anyone knew about their relationship, they'd say he was too old for her, but if anyone who knew the pair well knew about their relationship, they'd say she was too old for him.

            But under his influence that began to change.  Now when she studied, she'd allow for study-breaks, playing Exploding Snap in the common room, or snogging him if she was studying in his office.  She tied her hair back with ribbons.  She walked barefoot around the common room when she told off older students for picking on first years.

            But the biggest step he got her to take was to ask for help.  When students came to her with something they needed help with, he got her to admit she couldn't handle it all.  She still helped a lot, and she took on a lot of extra work—too much work, he said, but she argued that she *was* Head Girl—but when she was overwhelmed, she directed the students to him.  The more she did this, the more they came to realize, they were a partnership.  They worked together as a team.

            Now they are still a team.  She is much older and when she acts the grown-up, it isn't entirely acting.  But now he is very old. And he still is the boy.  Most are fooled by his appearance, assuming that he is wise and peaceful.  The way she is.  In public he can still show his inner child, and she is a paragon of strict maturity.  But when they are alone, they can act as young as they feel.  They read fairy tales and The Quibbler, and they play Gobstones.  She lets her hair down out of its bun, pulling it back with ribbons.

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