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Chapter One: Compassionate Scallywag

                        His roughened sailor's hand slid up her jaw line to cup her cheek, and her eyes came up to meet his.

                        "Will ye be alright, Luv?" he inquired gently, worry and concern in his eyes.

                        She simply nodded and looked down again. How could she be alright? My family hates me. They don't care about me. I should just throw myself to the sharks. Too many times they had disappointed her, showed her, proved to her that they didn't give a damn whether she lived or died. And today was one of the worst it had ever been.

                        Who had been there to care for her? Not even a member of her family. She had only one friend, clearly, and that was the man before her. Captain Jack Sparrow. Her closest and most trusted friend, regardless of his pirate status. He was the only one that took pity on her, cared for her, treated her as if she were worth all the treasure in the world. She knew very well she wasn't.

                        In fact, Calypso seemed to be the black sheep of the entire Caribbean. No one resembled her in the slightest. Her ridiculous excuse for a father was a pirate, and he had named her after the beautiful Greek goddess that kept Odysseus tangled in her love spell on his way home to Ithaca. To her complete discontent, she had received her father's strong broad shoulders, and her mother's obesity. She often found it hard to find anything about herself worth liking, and she had no idea how she had managed to keep Jack around this long. She was horrid.

                        She figured Jack saw a different side of her. Maybe he enjoyed her long, dark amber hair, which cascaded down her back and reached her hips. Perhaps it was the icy blue eyes she possessed; He always told her that they reminded him of the Caribbean waters, so blue and just inviting him and luring him to swim in their depths. She had smiled then. Jack was the only one who had the ability to make her smile.

                        And then, maybe it was her large breasts. They were hardly noticeable, in her opinion, with all the fat that plagued her body. With that, she dismissed it being her breasts. If they weren't noticeable, they were out of the question.

                        Then, she sighed, and chuckled bitterly. Jack was her friend, and nothing more, although she so hoped for much more. Everyday she hoped for a lot more in their relationship. She wasn't quite sure if she was worthy of Jack's affections. She wasn't even sure that he would consider it, when she was only sixteen. A mature sixteen-year-old, but sixteen nonetheless. Would he view her as he would view a skinnier, prettier, more apparently endowed prostitute that demanded his affections? One could only hope.

                        "Cal… talk to me, Darlin'." Jack was still cupping her face, his eyes boring into hers.

                        "I'm just thinking, Jack."

                        "About anything in particular?"

                        Calypso shook her head and pushed her hair behind her ear, standing up before him and glancing down at him.

                        "You're not goin' to tell me, are ye?" he grumbled, standing up and now looking down at her.

                        "No. But don't take it personally." She took him by the hand and led him from her small hut of a home to the sandy beach just ahead of them. Her long hair flew back in the gentle breeze and Jack stepped to her side to prevent getting hit in the face by the soft amber waves.

                        "I'm tired of being here, Jack. I'm tired of them treating me the same way, constantly. I need to get away from Tortuga."

                        Jack stopped her, and his left hand went to rest on her hip. "I know they're hurtin' ye, Calypso, and I wish I could do somethin' about it. I've known yer father for a long time, and he is a filthy cad. But he served me ship for a long time before he got his own. I can't woo his dear daughter away from him now, can I?" he grinned charmingly and squeezed her hip.

                        Calypso smiled flirtatiously up at him, daring him to woo her. "Haven't you already?"

                        Jack narrowed his eyes playfully, a small smirk still visible upon his face. "What're ye tryin', Cal?"

                        She shrugged and tugged at his braided beard. "Why must I be trying something? You're always trying something." She laughed and lightly swatted his arm.

                        "There's a point to all o' this, Calypso, I'm sure of it."

                        "Are you? Well you're right. Jack, you're the captain of the most feared pirate ship in the Spanish—I mean, the world!" She emphasized, making him grin in pride. "And I want to get away. Can't you just take me away?"

                        "Abso-bloody-lutely not!" he replied quickly and turned from her before walking down the beach.

                        Calypso furrowed her eyebrows and hastily made after him.

                        "Why not?!" she shouted, grabbing his shoulder.

                        "Because I said so. I'm not kidnapping you and then takin' ye on my ship where you'd be there for temptation to rule."

                        She folded her arms across her chest and kicked him in the shin. When he lost his balance, he grabbed her shoulders, and she fell against him, knocking him to the ground because of her weight and landing on top of him.

                        Oh, how she wanted to stay in that position, but she was self-conscious to a high degree and didn't remember that Jack had held much more heavier things than her. Quickly, she climbed to the side and sat on her legs, placing her hands on her knees.

                        "Jack," she whined, pushing her hair behind her ear, "Please! Don't leave me here to die in misery!"

                        "You've survived fer almost seventeen years now, I'm positive ye could make it just a li'l longer!" He placed his hat over his eyes so he wouldn't have to give in to her pouty lips and eyes.

                        When he tried to hide from her, Calypso stood angrily and made to leave. She tried; She failed, and had made a fool out of herself in the process… in front of the man that had stolen her heart.

                        Unexpectedly though, her grabbed her ankle and she felt face-first into the sand. Cursing, she rolled over onto her back and looked up into her pirate's dark brown eyes. He carefully brushed sand from the side of her face and lips, and then kissed her softly. She stiffened, a warm feeling coursing throughout her. When he pulled back, she almost mewed.

                        "I don't want ye hurt," he told her, his voice just above a whisper. He gazed into her blue eyes, and his hand came up to cup her chin.

                        "Jack," she began, placing a hand over his wrist while her heart beat wildly in her chest. "I'm strong, and you know it. Besides, you can protect me. Please don't leave me here again."

                        It tore at his heartstrings and he sighed. Placing a chaste kiss upon her lips, he rose and took her with him. Wrapping her in his arms, he held her tightly, his chin resting atop her head.

                        "Gather your things, then, and meet me at the docks tonight. We'll have to leave before morning so yer family doesn't notice something amiss."

                        "Thank you, Jack. You won't regret this." She pulled out of his arms and turned, running giddily to her home.

                        "Won't I?" he asked himself as he watched her and crossed his arms over his chest. What the bloody hell have I just gone and done? Ye know better, ye scoundrel!

                        It wasn't a secret, at least within himself, that he cared for her. If she didn't rely so much on him for helping her through the internal problems she faced, he would try to take advantage of her. There was no denying that he was a scallywag. But now, he would have to control himself and be her savior, and nothing more. He would have to act differently with this lass.