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Chapter Nine: A Standstill

Of course, the legendary Captain Jack Sparrow was at a standstill. He'd heard every word of Calypso's raving, even her words of love for him—not the Frenchman—but he honestly had no idea how to handle the depth of that emotion. Love didn't come easy for him. Trust and love went hand and hand, and being that he could rarely trust a person, how was he supposed to love? His Calypso, she would always be his, but to love her? The brief humorous thought that love and condemnation would be equals in his case passed through his mind, and a sardonic smile came upon him. He shook his head and continued to hug Calypso close.

"Leave us, Ana." He gave the strict command and sent her a good menacing look as well, which failed when she gave it right back. If looks could kill, Ana would've killed everyone by now, he was sure of it.

"I've threatened to castrate ye before, Jack, but if ye hurt Calypso, I'm thinkin' to follow through with it!" She stomped off with her head held high.

Jack sighed and drew back a bit to look down at Calypso. Her oval-shaped face was tear-stained and red, and her icy blue eyes shimmered with new tears approaching.

"Oh, Cal… what am I goin' to do with ye?" His thumb stroked her jaw and cheekbones, as he was so fond of doing, and she leaned into his hand.

"I don't know, Jack… I don't know how to handle the intensity of these feelings." She looked down at his chest, avoiding his gorgeous chocolate eyes.

"Just let me make ye feel… for once, just take pleasure in lettin' someone else pleasure ye." He grinned. "Let me be the one to do it." Not only was he eager to join with her, which in a way irritated him because he hated becoming attached or being needy, but he knew this was the only way he could respond to her proclamations of love. Perhaps if he gave her this, she would know he still cared about her, though he still couldn't actually love.

Calypso was highly tempted. Highly. But she didn't feel it was the right time, not yet. She wanted something more from Jack, and she was going to get whatever she felt she needed before she gave herself to him. She stepped back, resigned.

"Jack, as much as I would like you to be my first, I'll have to decline for now. Perhaps sometime later." She avoided his eyes again by looking out to sea.

He raised an eyebrow, not appreciating her rejection. The ache in his loins was going to have to continue, he supposed.

"I'm startin' to think I need to lock ye in the brig, Calypso. Somethin' to get temptation out o' my view. I have a ship to run, so behave." He passed by her, kissed her cheek, then smacked her bottom, and was off to talk with Gibbs.

Business for Ol' Jack.


"We'll stop in Antigua fer supplies," Jack informed Gibbs. "I want ye or Anamaria to stay on Calypso. I don't need the lass getting into more trouble than she's worth. An' I tell ye now, she's a hellion. Always the adventurer." He shook his head, his glassy beads jingling. "Don't let 'er near the rum." Calypso tended to get as bad as him with the amber alcohol.

"Aye, sir. I'm thinkin' to myself she's an angel. The lass is a lovely one, Jack." Gibbs raised a bushy eyebrow. "Bit surprised, meself, that ye didn't have a go at 'er."

Always the nosey Gibbs. Jack grinned. "I will soon enough. In fact… why don't ye let her have some rum." He raised an eyebrow and stroked his beard as he thought to himself.


Jack knew the exact solution to get out of the standstill: Calypso was going to get drunk, and then he would weave his magic.