By StarWolf


Title: ODisaccharide

Author: StarWolf (elendraug@yahoo.com)

Fandom: South Park

Genre: angst/tragedy, A/U

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: slash, threesome-ish, potential underage-ness, implied A/U character death

Pairing: light Stan x Kyle x Kenny

Disclaimer: Not mine. Don't know what Trey and Matt would think of it, either.

Distribution: I'll archive it myself, thanks. Don't put it anywhere. I don't care how "kewl1!" your site is.

Summary: C6H12O6.

Authoress' Notes: Blame this. news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/1827822.stm

Let's assume that Cartman died of diabetes type II, okay? Yeah, I suck for not having much of a plot. The title is a combination of "OD," the abbreviation for "overdose," and "disaccharide," which is a type of sugar, i.e. sucrose (table sugar).


Cartman is a stupid, fat bastard, thinks Kenny as he presses his mouth to Stan's. On his tongue he tastes salt, and he tightly shuts his eyes with grief as he buries his face into Kyle's shoulder. Kyle is holding Stan and Kenny and Stan is holding Kenny and Kyle and Kenny doesn't know what to do with himself anymore.

He cries.

Kyle bites his lip, and Stan thinks this is a good idea, so he bites Kyle's lip, too. Kissing haphazard-and-halfhearted-ly, they wrap their arms around each other and Kenny and sob. Saliva and saltwater mix, and Kyle thinks that blood should be in the solution as well, just for effect. Kenny thinks that blood may be the solution.

They collapse into a despondent, miserable heap on the rumpled duvet. Tears soak their faces, and Kenny thinks that he's losing the circulation to his arms. At this point, none of them give a fuck.

Equilibrium has been destroyed; they're three fourths of what they used to be.

Sugar is bad, mmkay?