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Hellsing: Order 14 Hellsong.

Seras Victoria sat in her room sipping blood off of a spoon. It wasn't much, but she had drunk worse. For once though, her mind wasn't focused on the warm liquid sliding down her throat. It was in Sir Integra. It had been three months since Alucard had changed her into a vampire when she'd been facing death.

Integra had immediately gotten free and taken charge of Hellsing once again. Everything was running like it had before. There were still vampires and Freak vampires out there that needed to be stopped. Seras had been finding it easier and easier to do her job with Alucard.

So why was she so fixated on Integra. She had been for a week now. Ever since she'd gone into Intergra's office and seen her casually sipping blood from a goblet while going over some paper work. Intergra had told her the mission and said that Alucard was waiting for her. Seras had left quickly, but ever since that moment a thick ball of jealousy was lodged at the bottom of her stomach.

She stared at her reflection in the blood. Integra drank it easily, not even thinking about it. Integra had taken Alucard's blood a week after she was transformed and had already demonstrated that she could do a lot of the vampire tricks. Meanwhile Seras had waited months, and until she thought Alucard was dieing, before licking up even a drop of his blood. She still flinched a bit drinking normal human blood. As for the powers... god she couldn't even turn into a damn bat. Something she'd heard her master chiding some other newly made vampires about.

The hand holding the spoon stopped near her lips and she looked down at it. "No wonder he thinks I'm nothing but a failure!" With a hiss she threw the spoon away and picked up the whole bowl. In one move she brought it to her lips and then began guzzling the whole thing down. When it was gone she threw it against the wall and licked her lips.

God, it tasted so good.

Then her mind flashed on what she had done. She was drinking human blood. Where had it come from? Whose had it been? If given the chance would she drink from a human... like she'd seen Alucard do to that reporter. God, she'd wanted to then...

In disgust she banged her head against the table. It crumbled under the blow like cardboard. "Shit."

It was noon. Seras, lying in her coffin, tossed and turned but couldn't get to sleep. Finally, though she was dead tired, she opened the lid and walked out into the hall. It was empty and well guarded from sunlight. She carefully crept down the cold stone floor, moving so fast that she looked like a blur.

When she got to the door to her master's room she paused. "Do I really want to do this?" Finally she took a deep breath and knocked. There was no answer. Calling through the door she said, "Master Alucard, are you in there?" Silence reigned.

Finally she gently turned the knob and stepped inside. A large coffin exactly like hers sat between four bedposts. Closing the door behind her Seras walked over and gently knocked on the lid. When there was no answer again she opened it. It was completely empty.

"Damn, what did he do? Go for a snack?" Her eyes scanned the room.

She looked next to the door and saw Alucard's coat, hat, and glasses hanging from a hat stand next to the door. Walking over she picked up the sleeve and sniffed deeply. Her master's scent was all over it. All over the room in fact. "Does he even know how I..." She shook off the thought and looked around again. Alone in Alucard's room. Then she looked at the jacket and grinned. "Well, no sense just standing here."

She lifted his glasses off of the stand and put them on, followed by his hat and coat. It all hung off her loosely and she had to laugh. The sleeves ended well past her hands and the coat dragged on the floor. The hat had fallen over her eyes, knocking the glasses to the end of her nose so that they now hung over her chin.

"I must look ridiculous," She mumbled to herself.

"Oh, I don't know, I think you look kind of cute."

Seras wasn't sure what happened next. She felt a cold chill and knew she was surprised. Then everything got weird. Her vision flittered around like she was seeing from a hundred different eyes. She was everywhere at once, filling up the whole room.

She then heard her master's voice in her head. "Calm down Police Girl! You need to concentrate! Pull yourself together, I'll help." And then there was a touch in her mind. It seemed to tug all the pieces together into one again. She felt what it was doing and did her best to help until...

"Welcome back," Alucard said with a grin. Reaching over he plucked his hat and glasses off of Seras' face.

"I... I'm sorry!" She said and quickly took off the coat. Then she stared at it and then back at her master. "What just happened?"

"You finally did it. I told Integra you could if you tried," He said casually. "Though I'm not sure this counts."

"Did what?"

"Turned into some bats. About sixty to be exact. Not bad at all police girl," He winked at her. "Integra can only do one."

Seras felt herself blush and quickly turned to hang up the jacket. "I'm sorry. I wanted to talk to you and when you weren't here..."

"Don't worry about it," he said. "What did you want to talk to me about?"

Seras balked. What was she going to say? "I..." Are you disappointed in me? Do you really not care?

Alucard tilted his head and said, "Ah, so that's it."

She suddenly glared at him. "Stay out of my head!"

"Make me," he said.

Without thinking Seras found the spot that Alucard had used to enter her head. She still called him master, but she knew she had been free since she's licked the blood from his lips. With a mental shove she pushed him out of her mind and locked the door behind him.

Instead of getting angry like she expected he applauded. "Bravo Police Girl."

"Stop calling me that!" She snapped.

Alucard leaned against his coffin and smiled. "Okay, Victoria. So do you want to tell me what's on your mind?"

She turned away. "No, I don't." Without another word she walked out of the room, slamming the door behind her.

It was another week later when Seras awoke at sunset to find two boxes on the new table in her room. One was long and rectangular while the other was clearly a hat box. They were solid black and each was wrapped in a black silk ribbon. Blinking her eyes to focus Seras slowly got out of her coffin and moved towards the table. There was a white card lying next to them.

Seras picked it up and opened it. Inside was a smiley face with fangs and the letter "A". Setting it down, she reached over and undid the ribbon on the first box, and then the second. She then reached out with both hands and flipped off the lids.

"Oh my god..." She gasped and stared. Then reaching down she picked up the hat inside. It was just like Alucard's only instead of red it was dark blue. She put it on her head and examined the contents of the other box. It was a suit matching his, but also in dark blue, and cut to fit her. The blue leather duster caught the light on unblemished leather. Lifting it out of the box she noticed underneath a pair of white gloves, a shirt, and shoes. A pair of pink sunglasses sat in the bottom.

It occurred to her that like Alucard's her new clothing was the color of blood... at least when it was still in the vein. Did that mean something? Was he trying to give her a message?

Shaking it off she quickly showered and came out to try on her new wardrobe. It fit perfectly, the inner garments hugging her curves while the jacket billowed out behind her.

There was a knock on the door. "Come in!"

Walter came in holding a large mug filled with blood. For the last week Seras had been drinking it, instead of taking the tiny sips she normally did. She'd also been practicing some of the things she'd done in Alucard's bedroom... but a lack of confidence seemed to be holding her back.

"Sir Intergra wishes you to meet her in her office," he said.

Seras nodded and quickly gulped down her dinner as he left the room. She then gulped down the blood and set the cup aside. As she reached for the doorknob she stopped and took a look down at herself. Why not give it a try? In these clothes she could probably do anything. Opening the door she stepped out into the hallway and concentrated.

Alucard smiled as Integra jumped. Not that he could blame her. A hundred bats flying into the room and reforming into Seras was something new. The younger woman stood there in her new clothes smiling hugely, obscenely proud of herself.

"You wanted to see me?"

Integra glared at her. "Somebody has been practicing." Her eyes traveled over Seras's clothing. "Nice outfit. Not very original though."

"Hey," Alucard said.

"Oh, so you did this? What are you up to? Getting us both ready for the brunet you've got on the way so you can have the complete set like in the book?"

Alucard rolled his eyes. "That hack writer and his damn book. You know I didn't get any royalties from that at all..."

Integra shook her head. "Neither did my ancestor. I think that's why he changed your name." She cleared her throat. "In any case we've got a vampire attack outside of London. I need you two to get there and take care of it. Now."

"On our way boss," Seras said happily.

Alucard led the way out the door and she followed. When they were down the hall he said, "You seem to be in a good mood today."

"Maybe," Seras said.

They stumbled back into the building almost six hours later. Seras dumped her gun by the door and sat down hard on the huge staircase. "God, that was close." She looked down at her jacket. "Look at this! That bastard put a damn hole in it!"

Alucard yawned and sat down next to her. Even he was tired. The vampire they'd gone up against had turned an entire small town into ghouls. "Here, let me." He passed his hand over the torn jacket and suddenly the hole was gone.

"Thanks," she said.

"Hey, I paid a lot of money for that thing."

She smiled and nodded. "Yes. Um... thanks again by the way. I really like it and... Well just thank you."

"You're welcome." They sat for a bit then Alucard yelled, "Walter, bring us something to drink!"

"Right away sir," came the reply.

While they were waiting Seras looked at Alucard who was sitting there with his eyes shut. "Master, can I ask you something?"

"Sure, what do you want to know?"

"Are... are you still disappointed in me?"

He turned and looked at her. It took him a while and Seras saw his eyes flicker to every part of her face, then coming to rest on her eyes. "No, I'm not."

"Oh," she said quietly, still looking at him. "It's just... I'm so slow with some of these things and Sir Integra just seems to..."

"She's been around this a lot longer. You haven't even known about vampires for a year. Anyway you're way more powerful than she is."

"I am?" She was startled. "But she..."

"Look, you'll just have to take my word on this. I made Integra a vampire because she's... a long time ally. You I picked because I saw potential. You can really be a No Life king. Integra is always going to be held back by her religion and her fears because she refuses to face them."

Seras thought about it. From what she knew of Integra the woman would drink blood easily, because she had to. But... in her mind she'd probably think it was wrong. She wouldn't even admit that she was losing her humanity, something that Seras had struggled with.

"I think I see what you mean."

They were interrupted by Walter, who came in with two glasses of blood. They each took one and he left them, sitting on the stairs and drinking quietly. Neither of them had looked away from the other.

Finally they finished and set their cups aside. Alucard asked, "Was there anything else?"

"Yes, but..."

"Just ask Victoria."

"Master... Alucard. What do you think of me... as a person? Who I was and who I am now."

He thought it over for a few moments before saying, "You are one of the most exasperating people I've ever met. You've tried my patience then turned around and done what I was trying to get you to do all along. On top of that you have moments when you really seem to understand what you are and then dump it all right out the window." Seras felt her heart sink a bit. "But you're also one of the strongest people I've met. You get back up when you should stay down for good. You'll kill anyone who threatens what you hold dear. All in all..." He reached up and took off his hat and sunglasses. "I think of you are Seras Victoria."

She smiled and took off her own headgear. Looking into his eyes she said, "Thank you. I..."

"Oh for crying out loud!" Alucard suddenly stood up and grabbed her shoulders. "Just say it already! I know you want to. I'm not going to spend the rest of eternity waiting for you to get up the courage to talk. Just say it!"

Seras looked into her Master's eyes. The pupils were mere pinpoints and he had on a mad grin. His hands were holding her firmly, but not hurting. She glanced down at them and once again saw her new clothes. It was time for a leap of faith.

"I love you."

"There," Alucard said and let her go. "I knew you could do it."

"Do you..." She was interrupted as he leaned forward and kissed her.

Seras wrapped her arms around Alucard's shoulders and pulled herself against him, kissing back. There was some tongue involved, and she could taste blood from where they cut each other on their fangs. She didn't care.

The End

Author's note:

A nice if somewhat short Hellsing story. My first one. If you like it or think that vampires REALLY believe spelling their name backwards fools anyone, please email me at clayton_n@hotmail.com