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Hellsing: Order 14 Hellsong. Part 2

By, Clayton Overstreet

Integra sipped from her goblet of blood and absently went over her papers. She was going over the transcripts from Seras and Alucard's last battle. She had to admit that she liked that about the police girl: she was good at filling out the forms. Alucard just came back and told her the monsters were all dead. Then he'd head off and do whatever it was that he did.

She looked down at the blood in her hand. It didn't taste half bad. She wondered why Seras had rejected it for so long. It was all donated.

Then her mind flashed back to something she'd seen. When the two vampires had attacked the counsel of twelve Integra had seen the ghouls they'd brought with them attack Seras. They'd had her pinned down and Integra had thought she was done for. Then ghouls had come flying out of the pile. When the way was cleared Integra had seen Seras.

Seras had been fighting the ghouls before, but at that moment she wasn't. Not exactly. Instead it was like she was playing with them. She was smiling and actually seemed to enjoy hurting them. Even when she was crushing one's skull under the heel of her boot. Integra had been unable to stand watching her do that to the men she'd been responsible for, even if they were ghouls. She'd rushed in and snapped Seras out of it.

Integra shuddered and gulped down her blood. She refused to ever let something like that happen to her. She could reconcile her new powers, since the freak chips could bring them out in even a normal human. Drinking blood was even easier, since it was in the bible from Jesus' own lips. But to lose herself so that she enjoyed killing for even an instant... no. She could never allow that.

Turning she saw that it was nearly dawn. Putting down the papers she got up from her chair, grabbing a cigar as she went, and walked out into the hall. Walter was just passing and bowed to her. "Good evening Walter."

"Good Evening Sir Integra. Is there something I can do for you?"

"Do you know where Alucard and Seras are?"

He nodded and said, "They have retired to their room."

"Their room?" Integra asked. Walter nodded. "I see... that will be all Walter."

"Yes sir," He made to leave, but then paused. "Is something wrong?"

Integra shook her head. "No, I was just surprised." She turned and walked down the stairs.

So, Seras slept in Alucard's room now? Integra had heard rumors from some of the men and had suspicions of her own. But to know that those two were together was different. How did that work anyway? She reflected that they'd have to leave the lid off of a coffin if they were sharing it. Or would they?

Integra was still a virgin. Between what she did for a living and how much time she spent on it, she would have been surprised if she wasn't. She'd always felt that she was preserving the family honor and that had been enough for her. Sure, she had had thoughts about her and Alucard when she was growing up. But neither of them had ever mentioned it and that phase had passed. In the end the plain fact was that she was alive and he wasn't.

But that wasn't true now was it?

She stared at her hand. Integra knew that she could crush a gun to scrap metal without effort if she wanted to. She was probably the strongest person to ever hold the title of the family's head. And now she was going to be the last. There were no more VanHelsings in the world.

"And if I'm so strong... why couldn't I die?" She asked herself as she entered her room.

The coffin lay in the middle, just like it had since she'd let Alucard change her. It was a constant reminder that, when all was said and done, she hadn't been sure she'd done the right thing all these years. Allying herself with Alucard, killing ghouls and people... in the end that had been what had made her chose the night: The certainty that she was already damned.

Seras Victoria was lying on the railing at the top of the stairs, looking up at the ceiling and smiling. She hadn't stopped smiling since Alucard had kissed her at the foot of the stairs and told her he loved her. Then he'd taken her to his room and things had taken their course. It had hurt, but she hadn't cared. She had just been happy to be with him. And even though he wouldn't ever admit to it in public, she'd seen inside his mind at the last moment and knew he loved her too.

She looked down at the tail of her blue leather duster hanging over the edge of the railing. It looked purple through the pink sunglasses. It was a perfect match to Alucard's outfit, but was scaled down to fit her. The hat was on her chest and she played with the brim, not worried in the least about falling.

Over the last couple of weeks she'd gotten more control over her powers than she'd ever had. Seras had learned to regenerate limbs along with clothing and she was still feeling good about finally knowing how to turn into a bunch of bats and when she'd walked through a wall. Alucard had chastised her for her fear of trying the more difficult changes, like turning into the demon dog thing that he could. Other things continued to elude her too.

But he was still happy with her. Especially when they'd been cuddling in his coffin one night and she'd just sunk her fangs into his shoulder. She wasn't feeling the bloodlust at the time that she usually got in her fights. It had just seemed like the thing to do. Alucard had been pleased and then returned the favor. That had almost been as good as the sex.

"Almost?" said a voice in her mind.

Seras smirked and said, "You heard me."

"Hmm, in that case I'll take it as a compliment. And you're right, the sex was better." There was a mental laugh and Seras felt a tingle to her left. Seconds later Alucard was there, leaning on her stomach like it was the rail. "But then again, they both have their bonuses don't they?"

Suddenly they both looked down. Integra was standing on the floor below them, watching with passionless eyes.

"Is something up boss?" Victoria asked.

"Yes. I need you both to meet me in section 17." And then she was gone.

Alucard smiled and said, "You heard the lady. Let's go." And then they turned into bats and flew off.

Integra waited in section 17. It was where they kept some of the ghouls made by Freak vampires that they'd managed to catch for study. Behind unbreakable glass walls they lurched, clawing at the glass near Integra's face.

She heard the flap of wings behind her and managed not to jump. Instead she waited until the sound vanished. When it was over she said, "We've finished all of our tests on the ghouls. I thought you two might like to put an end to them now. I haven't seen either of you two in one of your normal fights yet and this is a good opportunity to test Miss Victoria's new powers."

"No problem," Seras said.

Alucard shrugged. "I think I'll sit this one out. Wasting ghouls is such a hassle. Let the rookie do it."

"Thanks so much," Seras said sarcastically, but she stepped forward immediately and handed him her coat. "Hold this."

Integra asked, "Are you sure? There are over thirty of them in there." They both stared at her for a moment. "Fine, whatever."

Seras continued walking and entered the chamber through the closed doors.

The ghouls were on her instantly, for all the good it did them. She ducked under the first pair of hands and punched up driving her gloved fist through the monster's head like it was made out of cheese. Ghouls and pieces of ghouls flew against the clear windows. Integra, through the blood, could see Seras inside. It looked like she was whistling to herself.

Moments later Seras stepped back through the wall, sucking some blood off of one of her gloved fingers. Alucard was helping her on with her coats when Integra said, "Seras, can I speak with you alone for a moment?"

"Ah, girl-talk," Alucard said. "I think I'll be going before you two start exchanging stories about me." Then he faded into the wall behind him.

"What's up boss?" Seras asked, adjusting her glasses.

Integra looked at the almost completely innocent smile on the police girl's face. "Victoria, are you aware of what you just did?"

"Yeah," she said cautiously. "I killed the ghouls just like you asked." She looked up. "Hey, if you're worried that I only did it out of bloodlust you can relax. Since I started drinking the donated stuff I've been in total control. Plus I've been drinking from Master Alucard."

"You still call him that?"

Seras shrugged and smiled. "I just do."

"Seras, you just single handedly tore up all those ghouls."

"Yes," Seras said. "Did I do it wrong? Were you timing me?"

Integra growled in her throat. "No, god damn it! But I still remember you less than three months ago. You wouldn't even touch blood. You hated having to shoot people."

"They're not people," Seras said. "Once someone's a ghoul the only thing you can do for them is kill them."

"I know that! But you should still feel bad about it! Not enjoying it." Integra realized that she sounded desperate, but didn't care.

Seras studied the other woman's face. She was right, but at the same time, Seras could see what she was thinking and where she was going wrong. It was the same place she'd balked at, at first. Cold and calm as she appeared, Integra was, or had been, human.

"Sir Integra… I think I know what you mean. But Master Alucard is right. As a vampire I… we're going to live nearly forever. We'll always be stronger and faster than anything else. The chance to test ourselves is rare." She laughed a little. "I'm even beginning to understand what master means when he says that fighting ghouls is boring. I mean, if they weren't going to hurt people I probably wouldn't even bother."

"But don't you think even for a minute that it all might be wrong?" Integra asked.

"Well yeah, but what's that going to do? I did worry about it for a while, but then I realized that we all just do the best we can. Whoever runs the afterlife can accept that or bite me."

Integra turned away, wiping at her tears furiously. Alucard was standing there. "I forgot to give her the hat." He held up Seras's hat. "Integra, perhaps you and I should have a talk."

"Not now Alucard." She said.

"Yes now. I'm not putting up with another squeamish vampire for months on end." Seras blushed and he handed her the hat. "Excuse us for a moment."

Seras vanished through the wall leaving them alone. Integra looked up at him defiantly. "So what do you feel you need to say Alucard?"

"Me Master? What could I possibly say that would have any effect?" He grinned and pulled her towards the door. "Follow me, Sir Integra Hellsing. Let me introduce you to someone who can help you."

They were down in the dungeon. Alucard walked them into the cell where his body had lain for almost two decades. While Integra watched he punched his fist into the brick of the back wall. It collapsed inward. Alucard snapped his fingers and through the dark hole, Integra saw candles light up. Alucard stepped back and bowed theatrically. "I am not permitted to go any further."

Cautiously Integra stepped forward and pulled herself through the hold the large missing brick had left. Inside was a small room. Three candles burned on the walls. There was no dust and the room smelled stale. A wooden desk sat in the middle of the room and on it was a tiny book.

Stepping forward she came to the desk and flipped the book open to the first page.

"Let those who come after me know that this is the journal of Abraham VanHelsing, head of the protestant knights. My one time enemy, one time prisoner, and now my servant and friend, Alucard has suggested to me that I leave something for the generations to come. I am now very old and perhaps foolishly indulge him as I should not. Perhaps because my grandchildren adore him so, mad that he is.

"He thought that one day there might come a time when my family would be dieing out. He swore to me that he would do everything in his power to stop that from happening should that ever happen. Knowing what his powers consist of I can only assume that one day one of my descendants will be a vampire."

Integra paused and looked back at the hole. It had gone dark. Alucard had probably turned off the lights and left. Nervously she turned back to the book.

"I have done many heinous things in the pursuit of what I felt was right. I myself may be damned to hell along with Alucard one day. If not then I may be surprised. But for now I speak to you. Know this, last of the VanHelsings. Choosing to die is not bravery. It is inevitable, even for our fanged enemies and friends. Soon if our family has anything to say about it. But going on in the face of possible damnation… that takes courage. But then, if you are truly sorry in the end, god may forgive you.

"If you are one of them, one of the undead, then as a VanHelsing it is your duty to continue on. You are the last. Use your power for what you know is right and wipe out all traces of those who would do evil. That is what we stand for. Damned, blessed, or simply something that is, you are above all else, a VanHelsing."

Integra arrived back up stairs clutching the book to her chest like a schoolgirl. She'd spent six hours reading it from cover to cover. The rest had chronicled Abraham's adventures. His experiments on the No Life King. Even those of his children.

Alucard and Seras sat at the dining room table, sipping blood from packets. They looked up when she entered. "So how'd it go?"

"I… thank you." She said.

Alucard shrugged. "Hey, I owed it to your family. Old Abe was the only one who could ever keep up with me. I wish you could have met him."

"He'd have chopped my head off," Integra said.


Seras looked between them. "Anything I should know?"

Integra grinned and said, "Well actually my ancestor did have a few juicy tidbits about our friend here." Alucard's head shot up.

"Integra, if you say one more thing…" He began.

"Oh, I'm so scared… ginger."

Seras raised an eyebrow. "Spot?" Alucard moaned and covered his eyes.

"Yes, it seems that the big bad vampire used to turn himself into a cat for the kids to play with." Integra laughed as Alucard sank into his chair under their gazes. "In fact, he also wrote down several stories about when Alucard was merely a fledgling vampire…"

Seras pulled out a chair and grinned at Alucard. "Oh, this I've got to hear."

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