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Full Circle

Fan Fiction Written for YuGiOh Online Publication: March 15th 2004 Genre: Adventure/Romance (?) Possible Pairing: Seto Kaiba / Tea Gardner Dedicated to: Fans of the Seto/Tea(Anzu) who are desperately searching for an amiable piece of fiction to read...simply because there aren't enough decent stories of this pairing around.

Brief Summary: Tea is 'hired' to help the arrogant and cold CEO of Kaibacorp, Seto Kaiba, glimpse the normal life of peers of his age. 7 days, she promises; 7 days that can change his life...


Chapter One: Chances

Swallow your pride / Tears I've cried

Listen to the shattering glass/ as I break inside.


What a successful day!

Tea Gardner closed her eyes, breathed in contently and let her shoulders droop. Getting here was always a challenge---motivation was not an easy thing to acquire. There was always something difficult about putting down the remote in exchange for her duffle bag and busing thirty minutes into downtown for her classes. The stairs leading up to the studio never looked any less tiresome, Miss Kasami's shrill voice never lost its unpleasant edge and there were times when Tea's aching body could not take anymore. She would be tired, her toes would bleed and somewhere, in the back of her mind, there'd be that lingering reminder that rest was only temporary---she would have to do this all over the next day.

But the afterglow was always worth it (even if it lasted only for a little while.)

Tea waved goodbye to Miss Kasami before exiting the dance school, bag slung over one shoulder and face scrubbed clean. Outside, the evening air was cool against her flustered cheeks and she arbitrarily decided that today was a good day to reward herself for such an exceptional effort. Her stomach growled in affirmation.

She was heading towards Burger World, the dying sun peaking at her desperately between buildings and over rooftops. It was 7:14 when Tea last checked her watch while waiting at a street crossing. The rush-hour traffic had since settled and the mellow evening shooed most people indoors. It was peaceful.

As she decided to take a short cut through Domino park, Tea tried not to think about her parents coming home later that night. Just this morning, they had found out about Tea's secret rendez-vous in pursuit of her dream to become a dancer. It wasn't a pretty scene at the breakfast table, that was for sure. Her father simmering silently behind his morning paper, the hand that held his coffee cup trembling with nerves while her mother gave her the typical what-are-you-going-to-do-with-your-life speech. It ended ugly when their teenage daughter, sick of their irrational conclusions and cliché arguments, stood up calmly, retrieved her book-bag and left the house...slamming the door behind her.

They wouldn't understand. I knew they wouldn't. That's why I was doing this... in secret. No one ever needed to know. I'm paying for it...Why are they overreacting?

Tea knew she should expect punishment when she got home; she deserved it for slamming the door. But that was all. She was not going to apologize for pursuing her dreams...

She entered Domino Park, and walked along the promenade that overlooked the lake and beyond towards the west. Both sky and water were drenched in fire, encompassing everything in their heated glow. There were quite a few people taking a walk, enjoying the pretty evening and the calm breeze the breathed through the area.

As she passed by the memorial gardens, Tea noticed a lone boy with messy black hair sitting at the ledge of one of the main fountains, tossing rocks at the frothing water. She had to do a double-take because the child looked strikingly familiar.

"Mokuba?" Tea approached him, placing a tender hand on his right shoulder. The boy looked up at her momentarily, before listlessly winding his arm back to throw another pebble.

"Hi Tea," he mumbled.

Blessed with the innate ability to absorb emotions about her like a sponge, Tea sensed that the young Kaiba was exceptionally upset about something and sat down beside him. It wasn't just his tone of voice that gave it away—defeated, hopeless, quite obviously tired—his entire being radiated an aura that spoke of melancholy. Unlike his brother, Seto, Mokuba had no predisposition to hide or control his feelings.

"Would you care to tell me what you're doing here alone in the park at this hour?" Tea asked him gently.

Shrug. "Nobody cares."

"I do." She frowned. "Mokuba, is something the matter?"



"A little... maybe.. Yes."

She raised a knowing brow at him; he realized that he wouldn't fool her. "Would you like to talk about it?"

The boy heaved a sigh. "It's Seto; I'm really worried about him. He's been really stressed out lately and I think it's doing a number on him. He doesn't smile anymore—"Tea could not contain a look of tight surprise at that comment---"we never spend any time together and all he wants to do is work. It's like he's a machine or something. I don't know what to do."

"You're brother was always like that, though; isn't that true?"

Mokuba shook his head. "No, that's where you're wrong. He used to be just like you. He used to be so full of life, and determination. He really looked out for people---cared even. I think he's forgotten all that."

"You should remind him."


Tea smiled. "Spend some time with him. Get him away from his work and show him he's missing out on the best years of his life."

"Seto is not a normal kid, you know."

"He must know how to have fun," she said, airily. "Everyone does."

"He's forgotten all that," he mumbled sadly, looking back up at Tea with those pleading, gray eyes. "And I know that he won't have fun with me because he'll only be smiling to make me feel better. He does that." He closed his eyes. "He does a lot of things for me, even if it hurts him. This entire company... Kaibacorp. He kept it to sustain me...and it's sucking the life out of him."

"That isn't true. Your brother is a hard worker. This is what he likely enjoys."

"He's stressed now. He doesn't sleep... I know he's not liking it. He needs a vacation."

Tea nodded at him in understanding. Although she and Kaiba were never really on good terms (considering the fact that he never turned down the opportunity to pitch a haughty jibe at her) she knew he was a hard worker. It was likely that most of his bitter exterior came from the oceans of expectations that crash against his work-beaten body everyday. He certainly was running a corporation...alone...at age sixteen... Tea had trouble just juggling dance classes, schoolwork and friends.

"Say, Tea--- how about you show him?"

She looked up at Mokuba in surprise. "Hmmm? Show him what?"

"Show him what he's missing," his smiled broadened. To him, this seemed like a brilliant idea. "What it's like to be a normal teenager."

Blink. "I don't think that's such a good idea, Mokuba. Me and your brother..." she paused, floundering about for the right words. "We don't get along; he doesn't like me very much."

Her and Seto Kaiba spending time together. What a riot.

"I think he would, if you guys gave each other a chance. At least you give him a chance, Tea." Pause. "Please?"

Tea sighed, no even realizing what she was saying. "What do you want me to do?"

"Take him out somewhere so he can relax a bit and have some fun."

Kaiba? Fun?

"Um...Sure, I guess I could do that," said Tea, even though she was everything but sure. She rubbed her arm nervously.

"Really? Great! I can't wait... How about tomorrow morning?"

"That sounds okay."

Mokuba got up rather eagerly and shouldered his knapsack. She could see that he really was excited. "I'll let Seto know tonight. You can come by at around 11:00... Is that good?"

"Sure." Tea felt her stomach swirl.

"Alright, I'll---uh—he'll see you then! Thanks Tea!"

She watched him dash across the park and saw his tiny form disappear beyond the gates. The sun had barely dived into the horizon and the street lamps flickered on.

Why does this scene seem so familiar? Right. Because I'm always set up on dates with guys who have no social lives whatsoever.


End Chapter.

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