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Rating: PG-13 to R

Pairing: D/H slash. (AU)

Story title: Because I Never Gave Up

Author: Spideria *Hey, that's me!*

Because I Never Gave Up

Chapter 1: It's that Stupid Oliver Wood's Fault!

"Man, he is so hot!" Harry exclaimed one morning, as he kicked the soccer ball to Draco, his best friend. "I mean, just look at him! Tall, dark, and handsome all wrapped in one! And don't even get me started on those piercing blue eyes of his..." Harry trailed off with a dreamy sigh.

"Yeah, I guess." Draco said, as he stopped the ball and kicked it back to Harry.

"You guess!? What do you mean, 'you guess'? Do you know anyone hotter than him?" Harry asked, as he caught the ball and kicked it back.

"Well..." Draco began hesitantly.

At this, Harry froze completely and paid full attention to Draco.

"Draco, you wouldn't happen to fancy anyone, would you?" Harry began tauntingly.

Draco began to blush and quickly stammered, "N-no."

"Oh my god! You do! You have to tell me! Who is it!?" Harry exclaimed, beginning to get extremely excited, as Draco almost never developed a fancy for anyone even though he knew he was gay. Well, no one that Harry knew of, at least.

"It's no one. I mean-nothing! Not no one, because there is no one to be something of since it's nothing and nothing isn't something because obviously then it would be something which it isn't and...umm....it's.....uhh....not... not....ummm..." Draco tried to fix his mistake, failing miserably.

"Come on Draco!" Harry continued, knowing fully well that Draco was outright lying, "We're best friends! I tell you everyone I ever fancy!"

"Well that's because you have a new fancy every other week!" Draco exclaimed.

Harry blushed, knowing fully well that it was true, but quickly redeemed himself. "That may be so, but no matter what, I always fancy Oliver Wood the most. I've stayed a loyal admirer of his since last year! Even when I fancy other people, I still always like Oliver even more, because like I said, Oliver is the full package; tall, dark, and handsome!" Harry began to once again, get that far off dreamy look.

Unnoticed to Harry, Draco was beginning to get an irritated look on his face.

"He's not that great." Draco quietly mumbled to himself.

"What?" Harry asked, coming back to reality at the sound of Draco's mumbling.

"Nothing." Draco said, trying to restrain his irritation.

Suddenly, Harry remembered what they'd been talking about and said, "Oh I see! You were trying to make me forget about this new person you seem to fancy by making me zone out, daydreaming about Oliver. Well it's not going to work! I want to know who it is, and I want to know now!"

'Oh of course! I really want you daydreaming about that no-good pretty-boy Oliver. As if! The stupid, slimy little-' Draco was cut off from his thoughts with Harry's insistence.

"Tell me!"

Draco searched deep into Harry's beautiful emerald green eyes. Should he really tell him? Should he really tell him how ever since they'd first become friends, four years ago when they were both 12, he'd know right away that Harry was more special to him than anyone else in his entire life. How no matter how depressed Draco ever was, just the sound of harry's voice could bring a smile to his face? Could he really tell him how he loved the way his nose wrinkled up ever so adorably every time he smiled? Should he-

Draco cut of all thought at once.

Of course he couldn't tell Harry all that! What was he thinking! That was idiotic!

A: He could end up ruining his friendship with Harry if it made him to uncomfortable, which it would.

B: If Harry completely freaked out, which he would, Draco would never be able to live another day.

C: It was just pure stupidity!

So instead, thinking fast, Draco took a large gulp and said the first thing that came to mind. "Err...Terry Boot."

Harry's eyes practically bugged out. "WHAT!? Are you kidding me!? We've know him for three years, and just now you start to fancy him!? Well...actually, he did get a lot cuter over the summer." He commented slyly. "You guys really would make a great couple! But you know, I didn't even suspect it! I mean, just yesterday, you were talking to him like nothing! The last time you got that tiny crush on Dean you couldn't even think about him without blushing!"

"Yeah, well, I've been practicing to keep the blush down." Draco made up lamely.

Harry accepted this reply and smiled before saying, "Good for you, mate! I'm proud! I see I'm finally starting to rub off on you!"

Even though Draco wasn't exactly in the best of moods at the moment, he took one look at Harry's smiling face and threw back a grin.

Yes, his life sucked.

And it was all the Stupid Oliver Wood's fault!

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