Name: Dream a little dream

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1)The beginning is just explaining who's who in the zoo, and the location, and the brief history of the seven. It starts off with Chris witnessing his family's death, then what happened till he got to the seven. Then you will catch on.


3)Okay, I wrote this with only four hours sleep, and it's my second language, and after a movie night, so there is going to be some influences from the movies. And yes, the movie that I'm using is not one of the greatest- but it did have some pretty cool details- hee hee.

4)I am not telling which movie- because that will spoil the whole, "What's going to happen next", question. ( And yes, I am that evil).

5)Might be spelling, grammar, ect that's not right- that's because a) no beta Reader, b) Not that good in English, and c) I'm SOUTH AFRICAN! so my spelling is not the same as yours. So please just focus on the story- but any help will be accepted.

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Three years ago.

At the Larabee's household.

"HELP!" Sara Larabee screamed.

Chris watched in horror was his wife and child were trapped in the burning building.

"SARA!" Chris screamed as he ran towards the building, only to be thrown back by the explosion.

Chris sat up, only to see the broken building no covered in flames. He didn't feel the heat from the fire burning he skin, nor did he feel the little pieces of broken glass dig into his flesh as tried to get up. All he felt was the grief, soul-shattering grief.

"Noooo!" Chris screamed to the heavens.

All Chris could do was to sit there, in total numbness as he watched the building burn to the ground, along with his wife and child. Tears fell down his dirty face, but he didn't care. He just sat there, as he's soul broke into hundreds and thousands of pieces, he sat there as all his hope, his faith, his dreams died with each flame. He felt his heart turn cold, leaving him trapped in an icy body. Demons entered his mind, playing the event over and over. No mercy, no forgiveness, sending him into an unbearable world that was crushing him.

Buck Wilmington watched the emotions run through Chris's eyes, then all of a sudden they became cold, and uninviting. Buck had to watch as he best friend lose his wife and child, then he had to watch the destruction as Chris became a different man.

Buck had to take care of Chris, he had been there when Chris turned into the man of stone, where his once loving eyes where nothing more than daggers that could send shivers down anyone's spines. He had to be there when Chris turned to alcohol.

After two years, Buck finally managed to get Chris cleaned up, and off the drinks, but the man Buck knew, from childhood, died the day Sara and Adam died.

As soon as Chris became more human, Director Orrin Travis, provided an opportunity of a life time, a position as an AFT leader, with the option of choosing his own men. Chris accepted, and he's first choice was Buck.

Buck Wilmington was one in a million, a heart of gold. He was the person you could always count on. He was in his late twenties, short brown hair, with the most beautiful brown eyes what could melt any girls heart, which is my he was also known as a ladies man. Why how could any girl resist that moustache or his teddy-bear eyes, or his charming smile?

Next on the team was Josiah Sanchez, a man in his early thirties. The "preacher" in the group. He was giving the name Preacher, for his use of proverbs, or sayings. He was the man you would turn to for advice, with his big broad shoulders, that could hold the weight of the world, you would always feel safe with him on your side. He was chosen because he was the best at handling difficult situations, he had a degree in Psychology which came in handy to get into the minds of the criminals.

Next to join was Nathan Jackson, the medic. Nathan was the best man for the job, with the knowledge of "healing" and the skill to fight, came in handy. He was in his late twenties, and he was married to a beautiful wife, Rain, who stole his heart during their one holidays. Rain was also in her late twenties. She worked in the one hospital, that the seven were always sent to when injured.

Ezra Standish was next to join. Being through out the FBI for acts of treason, Chris hired Ezra, giving him a second chance. Ezra was too in his late twenties, he had soft green eyes, and short blond hair, and of course his famous golden tooth that shone every time he smiled, all helped him to be the best con man there was. Ezra was the man to go to when you need anything. Ezra could sell sand to a man in the desert. He was the team's undercover agent.

Following Ezra came the 'kid' . JD Dunne, in his early twenties, long brown hair, with amazing brown eyes, and the smile. JD might have been to young, but he was very professional. He was the "Wiz Kid" in the group. Anything to do with technology, JD was your man. When he first came to the office everything doubted him. But he was the best, so Chris had no choice. Since JD first joined, Buck took him under his wing. They learnt that JD was still learning in a dump, because he could only afford for studies. He never knew his father, and his mother died when he was still in collage. Buck immediately offered JD the spare room in his apartment. Since that day they have become brothers.

Finally last, but not least, was Vincent Tanner, the man that helped Chris. They day they meet, they have become brothers. When ever Vin was around Chris's demons went away, giving Chris the freedom to breath in the sweet smell of freedom. His icy cold heart melted, and for the first time in three years Chris smiled and learnt to live again.

Vin's past was a secrete to everyone. As far as his records went, his father was in the military, but was killed the day that Vin was two. At the age on five, Vin's mother was killed, the cause of being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Vin was sent to an Orphanage. For the next five years he was sent from home to home , from Orphanage to Orphanage, then nothing. No record of him till the age of sixteen when he joined the army. That's when all his files became 'Classified'. When Vin finished with the army he disappeared, again, this time the only records of him was when he brought in "bounties" from being a bounty hunter.

Then with the help of extra lessons and a few 'favours' Chris had found his sniper, and brother.

Chris had to smile to himself as he lay on his bed. His life had changed alot, he was happy again. Chris picked up two photo's, one of the team when they were on the one holiday, and the other one with him, Sara, and his son, Adam.

He put the pictures down, then turned off the light...

Chris turned around, opening his eyes to see the familiar soft blue eyes staring at him. He smiled as he lifted his hand to touch her check.

"I miss you so much, Sara," Chris said.

Sara smiled as she looked down at her husband.

"Stay strong Chris, please, stay strong," She whispered.

"Sara..." Chris called as he watched her image fade.

Chris sat up with shock. His breathing was fast and ragged, as if he just ran a mile. He looked around the empty room, which made his heart ache. He looked at the picture of his wife. She was smiling, with her eyes that made you feel safe. He lowered he picture back down on the bedside table before going back to sleep.

It just felt like he closed his eyes when he heard a ringing. Without even opening his eyes he reached for the phone.

"Larabee," he growled.

"Mr Larabee, this is Doctor Jacques Nel, I'm at Hope Hospital," Jacques said.

As soon as the words doctor were mentioned Chris's eyes flew open, he quickly sat up switching on the light to reveal that it was three am.

"Who? When? how bad?," Chris asked.

"um...about four minutes ago, it's critical, and its a Vincent Tanner," Jacques said with uneasiness.

"What the hell happened?" Chris demanded as he got out of bed.

"Car crash, sir," Jacques said.

"Damit, I'll be there in half an hour," Chris said as he switched off the phone.

He quickly went to the bathroom, and changed into comfortable clothes. He went into his cupboard and grabbed the bag that was always ready for over night stays. He quickly locked up then jumped into his Ram. As he started to drive he quickly called Buck.


3: 03 am Saturday morning.

Buck and JD's apartment.


Buck woke up to the phone ringing. He switched on the light which caused him to wince as the bright light hurt his eyes. He slowly got out of his warm bed and walked out to the hall way where the phone was. Just was he opened the door he saw an equally sleepy JD, squinting to see through his half opened eyes.

Buck just giggled. He was used to be forced awake. He had learnt that when he joined the army with Chris, knowing that if you couldn't wake up fast enough would mean death.

He quickly picked up the phone.

"Wilmington," Buck answered.

"Bout Bloody time you answered!" Chris cursed.

"And a good morning to you too," Buck said sarcastically.

"Sorry, look I'm heading to Hope Hospital, Vin's been in an accident," Chris said worryingly.

"Dam, I'll call the rest of the team and meet you there," Buck said.

"Thanks Buck,"

"See you there," Buck ended as he put down the phone.

He turned to see JD, who was looking every worried.

"Vin's been in an accident, get ready while I'll call the rest," Buck said.

"Is he hurt bad?" JD asked worryingly.

"Don't know, all I know is that he's in HQ2," Buck answered.

JD nodded then quickly went into his room to change. Well Buck picked up the phone to call the others. He started with Josiah.

"Sanchez," answered a very sleepy Josiah.

"Josiah, there's been an accident, Vin," Buck said.

"Vin? how bad?" said a Very alert Josiah.

"Dunno, look meet us at HQ2," Buck said.

"Right, be there in ten," Josiah said as he switched his phone off.

Buck signed as he dialled Nathan's number.

"Rain here," Rain answered.

"Rain, honey is Nate there?" Buck asked.

Rain could hear that there was something wrong. She quickly woke up the man next to her.

"Nate....NATHAN DANIEL JACKSON!" Rain shouted.

Nathan woke up quickly, knowing that if his whole name was mentioned there was trouble. He sat up and took the phone from his wife.

"Nathan here," he answered.

"Daniel?" Buck asked.

"Buck, if you say a word I'm going to get you back the next time you get hurt!" Nathan warned.

Buck suddenly realised that Nathan was one person you don't want to tick off, especially when your hurt.

"Look Nate, there's been an accident, Vin's hurt, its HQ2," Buck filled Nathan in.

"How bad?" Nathan asked.


"Okay, I'll be there in fifteen minutes," Nathan said as he put down the phone.

When he did he looked into his wife's worried eyes.

"Who?" she asked.


"Oh, that poor boy," Rain said in worry.

"I gotto to go," Nathan said as he got out of bed.

"Which hospital?"

"HQ2," Nathan answered without thought.

"Where?" Rain asked with a frown.

Nathan chuckled remembering how they got the name HQ2.

"Vin named Hope Hospital the HQ2," Nathan said.

"Headquarters two?" Rain asked.

"Yeah, he said we spend enough time there that we might as well work there," Nathan said with a smile.

Rain just laughed.

"That boy is a trouble magnet," Rain said sadly.

Nathan nodded his head as he got ready, when he came back into the bedroom Rain was dressed in her doctors uniform.

"It's your day off, you don't have to go," Nathan said.

Rain raised an eye brow.

"Please, I know that everyone is going to be afraid of Chris, and I'm just as worried about Vin as you are," Rain said seriously.

"Should I be jealous?" Nathan teased.

"Maybe," Rain teased.

"You like him, don't you?" Nathan asked.

"He's special, he's like family," Rain tried to explain.

"Like a younger brother?" Nathan asked.

Rain smiled and nodded her head.

"Come, lets get there before Chris kills anyone," Nathan said.

Rain just laughed.


3:07 am.

Buck and JD's apartment.

Buck signed, two down one to go. He quickly dialled in the numbers then waited.

"Standish," a sleepy Ezra answered.

"Ez, Vin's been in an accident, meeting at HQ2, don't know how he is," Buck said quickly.

Ezra sat up quickly, switching on the light to reveal the time.

"What?" Ezra asked again as he quickly woke up.

Buck signed.

"Vin, accident, HQ2, don't know how bad,"

"Mr Tanner has been in an accident, in this hour?" Ezra asked in surprise.


"And we must meet at Hope Hospital?" Ezra asked.


"And you don't not know how Mr Tanner is?" Ezra asked.


"I shall be there," Ezra answered as he ended the call.

Buck signed in relief. Then headed to his room to change. Once he came out he saw that JD was already waiting in the car.

Buck jumped into the driver's seat and started to drive. They drove in silence as they made their way to Hope Hospital.


3:30 am, Saturday morning.

Hope Hospital, aka HQ2.

Chris arrived at the hospital, quickly parking in the Team's zone. He had to smile when the hospital gave the Team their own personal parking space. When he got there he saw that Nathan, Josiah, Buck and JD, and Ezra were already there. He quickly ran to the main entrance.

When he got there he saw Jean Smith, the one nurse.

"Morning Chris, they are waiting in your waiting room," Jean said.

"Thanks Jean," Chris replied as he headed to the elevators.

On the way to the top floor he had to smile. Not only did the hospital give them parking, but a waiting room too. Chris smiled when the doctors opened their room. It was a large room, enough for two beds, two sofa's, a cabinet with a lock so that they could lock their weapons up. A laundry basket, for them to put their AFT uniforms like their bullet-proof jackets, and stuff in their. A tv, so that they could do something, anyway this benefited the nurses and doctors too. There was also a table for the guys to eat, and to play poker.

Of course the nurses sometimes used that room too, so they were happy, and the civilians were happy.

When Chris got there he saw that Buck, JD, were lying on the one sofa, while Ezra, Josiah and Nathan sat on the other.

"Hello Chris," Buck greeted.

"Any word?" Chris asked.


"Rain's gone in, she said as soon as she finds out she'll come," Nathan said.

"Thanks Nate," Chris answered as he sat down next to Buck.

That cause JD to sit up to get more comfortable.

"Any idea how it happened?" JD asked.


They waited in silence, no one really wanting to watch tv. They waited, and waited.

JD began to fall a asleep, as his head fell on Buck's shoulder. Buck never moved, he didn't mind, in fact he was happier that JD fell a sleep. This way he didn't have to go through the waiting.

Minutes turned into hours, still no word.

Chris went and lay down on the bed, his mind running with every possibility. He closed his eyes, wishing that this was all just a bad dream. He opened his eyes to see Sara 's eyes.

"Sara?" Chris asked.

"I'm here," she whispered.

"Is a dream?" Chris asked

"This, yes, but with Vin no," She said sadly.

"I can't lose him Sara, I just can't," Chris said worried.

"I know, sweetie, I know how much he means to you," She said.

"I couldn't breathe when I lost you, then he came, I could breath again," Chris tried to explain.

"I know, just promise me that you'll never lose hope," She asked.

"Sara, please don't make me lose him," Chris begged.

Sara looked at Chris sadly.

"I have no control over life and death, Chris, just please don't lose hope," She whispered as she faded.

Chris woke up with a fright. He looked around the room to see that he was in the hospital's waiting room. He got up walked to the sofa's. A sad smile formed on his face when he saw that Buck and JD were sleeping on the one sofa, Josiah was sleeping in a sitting position on the other, with Ezra sleeping at the table, and Nathan sleeping on the other bed.

He walked around, but felt caged. He silently left the room and headed to the nurse's lounge, which so happened to be next door to the seven's room. He entered to see one a few nurses resting on the chairs. He went to the little kitchen and helped himself to a cup of coffee. Just as he was about to take a sip, Jean Smith came in.

"Hello again," She said.

Chris just nodded.

Jean had red hair what was neatly tied up into a bun, she had soft brownish-green eyes. She was in her early thirties.

"Any news on our boy?" She asked in concern.

Chris smiled with the "our boy". Since the team sent most of their time in hospital, most of the hospital staff have become very close to the Seven, Vin in particular, was their favourite.

"Don't know yet," Chris said sadly.

Jean saw the look, then smiled.

"Well I saw Rain heading into the operating room, She's probable making sure they don't leave any ugly scars. So I don't want to interrupt them, but I can look for the police officer to tell you what happened," Jean said.

"Thanks Jean," Chris said gratefully.

"No prob, just look after the others," Jean said.

Chris watched her leave, he took his coffee back to the Teams room. When he got there he saw the other's were still sleeping. He sat down at the table, across from Ezra who woke up when he smelt the coffee.

"Any news on Mr Tanner?" Ezra asked.


Ezra sat up probably, making himself more respectable, then looked at the time. It was five o'clock.

"No news is good news, Who ever came up with that quote never had to wait," Ezra said sarcastically.

Chris smiled, even though he and Ezra didn't really see eye to eye, he knew that Ezra had a heart, and that he cared.

They sat their in silence, when the door opened to reveal Jean and a nurse enter. The nurse carried a tray with some coffee.

Ezra quickly made space for the nurse.

"Thank you my dear lady," Ezra said gratefully.

The others woke up and all made their way to the table to get their coffee.

"Thanks Grace," Buck said as he saw the nurse.

Grace Miles was in her late thirties, she had brow hair that was currently tied beneath her cap, she had soft green eyes, and a warm, kind face.

"How you doing?" She asked.

"As well as I can," Buck answered.

"Don't worry, our boy has been in more scraps than I care to count. But before you know it he's going to say that 'I'm fine', and that he doesn't need to be here, and then making our lives hell," Grace joked.

"I found that police guy, he's on his way," Jean said.

Everyone sat around the table drinking their coffee, when a police officer appeared.

"Excuse me, but is this the AFT room?" the youngish man asked.

"Yes, come in," Jean answered.

The man came in, he walked up to the table.

"I'm Officer Jake Walter, I am the one in charge," Jake introduced himself.

"I'm Buck Wilmington, Ezra Standish, Josiah Sanchez, Nathan Jackson, JD Dunne, Chris Larabee, Jean Smith, and Grace Miles," Buck introduced everyone.

"Larabee, your the AFT team," Jake said in shock.

Normally praise would be nice, but at that moment all they wanted to know was what happened to their brother, that was fighting for his life at that very moment.

"Can you tell us what happened?" Chris said in a deadly tone.

Jake swallowed nervously,

", Mr Tanner was travelling and stopped at a robot. A drunk driver who was travelling at a very high speed, he didn't stop, He crashed into Tanner, pushing Tanner's car straight into the path of the incoming traffic. Lucky that it was late at night that there wasn't that many traffic. But there was an incoming truck," Jake explained.

Everyone felt their blood boil when they heard that the driver was drunk. Then they paled to hear Vin being forced into the incoming traffic.

"Oh my..." JD gasped.

"The truck couldn't stop, it hit Tanner's car head on. The drunk driver is in jail, only minor injuries. The Truck driver is down stairs, he wants to apologies to Tanner's family," Jake said.

"The truck hit him head on," JD said in shock.

"Dear lord," Ezra gasped.

"The Bastured is still alive!" Chris said in a lethal voice.

Jean wiped the tears from her eyes, as she left the room. Grace just sat their, in total shock. She looked at the six men, her heart was breaking for each one of them.

Jake looked at Chris's glare. He suddenly felt sorry for that poor bastured sitting in the jail.

"Which side did the truck hit?" Nathan asked in fear.

Everyone froze, not realising how bad the situation is. They all paled, as they looked at Jake for the answer.

Jake felt like he was the bad guy. He just felt like the Grim Reaper who just killed their best friend. Then it hit him, they were losing a friend.

"The truck hit Tanner's car, on the driver's side," Jake said sadly.

"No!" JD cried.

All hope seemed to fade on those last three words. Chris felt like someone had taken a knife and stabbed him through the heart, with each word was like a dark force ripping his heart to threads.

"No one could have survived that," a nurse said.

Everyone looked up with anger at the new nurse who made the mistake of entering the room. She saw their glares then quickly left.

Jake unconsciously took a step back as he saw all six glares. Now he knew why everyone was afraid of them.

"She's wrong. I know someone who could survive that, and right now he's up there fighting," Grace said.

Josiah smiled.

"If I catch any of you doubting that, I'll call Nettie, and she'll help me kick your butts," Grace stated.

"But he's only human," Chris said sadly.

"Oh no you Don't. You listen to me, and YOU listen good. That boy might just be human, but he is has enough stubbornness, and will power to get this licked," Grace stated.

"Licked?" JD asked.

"To survive, Hell, that boys has survived the impossible, he hasn't stopped yet. Neither should you. That boy is one in a million, and he's going to get through this, So Stop this pity trip, and support him!" Grace demanded.

"Are you related to Nettie by any chance?" Josiah asked.

"Yes, we both have to deal with you seven," Grace teased,

"Smart ladies," Nathan teased.

Grace just chuckled. Jake was getting a little bit uneasy being in the waiting room.

"Um...I'm going to go and get the files all organised, I'll send you copies," Jake said as he left the room.

Everyone fell silent, the only sound was the continuous ticking of the clock. Everyone just sat down, no knowing what to do. But all that changed when the door opened to reveal a tall man, in his early thirties, short blond hair with greenish-brown eyes walked in.

"Mr Larabee? I'm Doctor Jacques Nel, I operated on a Vincent Tanner," Jacques introduced himself.

"Well?" Buck asked.

Everyone tensed as they prepared to hear the news of their fallen brother.



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