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Buck awoke with one major headache. He looked around to see that he was lying in his bedroom.

He frowned as he slowly got off the floor.

"What the hell?" Buck asked in confusion.

He looked around, everything looked the same, everything was normal. He pinched his arm.

"Ouch! looks like this is no dream, guess I had to much to drink," Buck muttered to himself.

He yawned then headed to the bathroom. He headed straight for the shower, hoping that it would shake the weird feeling.

The water was warm and relaxing.

He a sign he switched off, and grabbed his towel.

He headed to the sink to shave.

"Have to look my best for the ladies," Buck said with a grin.

He opened the medicine cupboard and took out his stuff. He poured some shaving cream onto his hand, before looking at the mirror.

"What the hell!" Buck swore.

With the forgotten creamy hands he looked at his reflection.

His face, it was disappearing.

He immediately brought his creamy hands to his face, making sure this was just a dream. The cream prohibited him from feeling everything clearly.

He quickly turned the tap, allowing the water to flow so he could wash the cream off. As he washed his hands he kept his eyes on the faceless reflection.

"It's just a dream, it has to be," Buck prayed.

Confusion hit him when he felt that there was something wrong with the water. The once, cool, light liquid had turned warm, thick and sticky.

He looked down to see blood flowing from the tap.

He jerked away from the basin, as he stared at his bloody hands.

"What the hell?" Buck gasped.

He wiped his hands on another towel, but the blood just didn't seem to come off.

"JD HELP ME!" Buck yelled.

No one came.

"JD GET YOUR BUTT DOWN HERE NOW!" Buck shout angrily thinking this was a joke.

Buck left the bloody towel on the floor as he went in search of JD.

"JD I'm going to ring your neck if I find out it's you!" Buck said as he climbed the stars.

HE looked into JD's room, to find it was empty.

"JD, VIN!!" Buck yelled.

An eerie silence filled the room.

Buck suddenly became worried. He started to search each room, looking for the two main suspects.

"Buck!" an angry voice came from behind him.

He turned around with a start to see Chris.

"Chris, oh, thank goodness your here," Buck said in relief.


Buck looked at Chris in confusion, he was in fill combat gear, and his eyes were icy.

"What happened?" Buck asked in fear.

"You failed me, you failed our team. Because of you, everyone is DEAD, and it's all YOUR FAULT!" Chris said in a slow, deadly tone.

Buck winced with every hateful word.

"Dead?" Buck asked barely above a whisper.

"YES, dead. Nathan, Vin, Josiah, Ezra, Sarah, Adam, and JD, all dead because of you!" Chris spat.

Buck felt like someone was using a blunt knife, slowly digging out his heart.

"But...but.." Buck stuttered.

"YOU failed, you failed everyone. You killed them, it's all your fault!" Chris yelled.

Buck couldn't speak, he felt the tears threatening to fall, he felt his soul break into hundreds of pieces.

"It's all your fault! you failed!" Chris said.

Buck didn't move, his eyes looked down at his bloody hands, as the voices of his dead friends filled his head. All saying the same thing...

"You failed us,"


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