Title- M7 meets South Africa.

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Spoilers: Chris is having a hard time, Ezra is after the gold, Vin's having fun...there's danger waiting....


Chapter one

In a dark and gloomy warehouse, a group of men stood. On the ground before them was an old man, on his knees and begging for mercy.

"Please, don't kill me. I didn't tell. I swear to God, I didn't tell," the man begged.

The five big men looked at the black suited leader.

"You betrayed Mr Stuan, and that means you betray all of us!" the leader spat.

The older man looked up, his eyes were filled with fear. "Please, I didn't. I swear. PLEASE!" he begged.

"You went to the Feds. YOU gave them the tip off. We have spies there. WE know everything. Now I hope you're prepared to die!" the man said.

Horror spread across the older man's face as all five men raised their guns and pointed at him.

"Kill him. Slowly!" The leader's laughter followed him as he walked out the warehouse.

The warehouse was suddenly filled with sounds of flesh hitting flesh and cries of pain. Then one painful, agonizing scream that echoed around the room, before a loud BANG exploded, followed by an eerie silence

Five men walked out, and got into their cars before driving off.

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Anyway don't worry this is just an introduction....

Read on and see.