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Chapter Six

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Ayanda tightly shut her eyes as bullets struck the wall just above her. Pieces of the wall paper came raining down on her.

Vin couldn't move, he made sure that he held Ayanda and Marie's heads down, making sure that they wouldn't panic and try to get up. If they did, they were dead.

Vin moved his body slightly, trying not to squish the two bodies which lay on each side of his body.

He wanted to check and see if they were still alive, but as the bullets kept on coming, he didn't want to take the chance.

He felt pieces of wood raining down hard onto his body. Little pieces that dug into his flesh. He guessed that a few bullet had hit the wooden chair, sending fragments of wood down onto their bodies.

Chris kept down, he had managed to get a better position, where he was safe from the flying bullets and where he could see the others.

Buck and JD were leaning heavily against the passage wall, making sure that they were not near windows. Josiah and Ezra stood right behind them, making sure that no one could come from behind. Nathan, on the other hand, had a gun in the one hand, and a medical kit in the other. Chris could see that Nathan's attention was more focused on where Vin, Marie and Ayanda lay.

Chris silently thanked their training, where they learnt knew hand signals. He quickly drew their attention as he motioned with his hands to communicate with them.

Buck stood up straight, focusing on what Chris was saying.

"Right, Chris says we stay low till these "Trigger happy" guys relax with the shooting, then we attack," Ben whispered as he relayed the message to the others.

"And does our fearless leader have an idea on how we 'attack these Trigger happy goons'?" Ezra asked.

Buck smiled as he signalled Chris, asking him about the plan.

"And ask if he can see if the others are ok, Vin hasn't moved, neither has the girls," Nathan said worriedly.

Buck nodded to Nathan before he continued with the message to Chris.

Chris nodded and quickly replied to Buck.

"Right, as soon as the shooting cools, Ezra, you and Josiah go around back, you have to go out spare room's window. JD, you and me are going to wait till the 'goons' come in, before we attack. Nathan, as soon as you can, you check on Vin and the girls," Buck explained.

Everyone seemed to be ok with the plan as no one objected to the plan. Probably because no one else had a plan.

Ezra and Josiah silently made their way to the spare room, where they would try to sneak out the house to ambush the bad guys. They moved slowly, making sure that they weren't in dangerous positions.

The others got ready, each one preparing for the up coming battle.

Vin could hear the bullets become to slow down a bit, he lifted his head an inch from the ground, trying to see where Chris and the others were so that he could be prepared.

He saw that Chris was getting ready near the entrance, and had a feeling that Chris would go for the whole-ambush-the-bad-guys- plan.

Vin knew that his job was to protect the girls, which meant, that he had to stay where he was.

o o o

Ezra silently climbed out the window, and cursed softly as he heard his jacket tear.

Josiah heard the soft tearing noise and saw Ezra's shocked expression as he examined the small tear. He would have laughed, but he knew that it wasn't the time.

However, he couldn't help but smile.

Ezra just glared at Josiah before silently moving on.

Josiah carefully climbed out the window, it was a tight fit, but he managed to get out.

He saw that Ezra was already scanning the area, making sure that there weren't any unexpected guests anywhere near them.

"All clear," Ezra said softly.

Josiah nodded in relief.

They headed to the side of the house, before kneeling down so that they wouldn't stick out as much, and so that they could get a better view.

"Dam," Josiah swore softly as he saw the site before him.

o o o

Buck and JD made sure that their guns were ready to fire, knowing that there wasn't any time for mistakes. Buck knelt down as he quickly scanned the entrance hall, the door was almost totally destroyed.

He quickly moved back to his original position.

He looked at JD who had a cell phone in his one hand. He would have kicked himself for not doing that sooner.

He looked at Nathan, who was still looking over to where Vin, Marie and Ayanda lay. He knew that Nathan was worried.

"Don't worry Nate, I'm sure that they are fine, just catching up on their sleeping," Buck said.

Nathan nodded, but didn't believe it for a second.

"I called for back-up, they should be here in twenty minutes," JD said as he lowered his cell back into his pocket.

"Good thinking," Buck said happily.

JD smiled at Buck's praise.

But that was short lived when the shooting stopped.

It was time.

o o o

Josiah and Ezra looked at the site before them, there were twenty men out there, all had guns.

"Dam," Josiah swore softly.

"I agree,"

"Ok, there are seven of us, Vin will be taking care of the girls," Josiah spoke out aloud.

"Leaving Mr Jackson looking after them," Ezra carried on.

"That leaves JD, Buck and Chris the only defence inside," Josiah explained.

"And us, outside," Ezra concluded.

"Five against twenty," Josiah summarised.

Ezra nodded, the odds where not the greatest, but he was a gambling man.

He just hoped that today wasn't the day that he would be proven wrong.

"I shall take the four on the left," Ezra joked.

Josiah smiled.

"Then I shall take the four on the right, and leave the rest for the others," Josiah joked.

They nodded in agreement. All they had to do, was wait for the attack.

o o o

Chris smiled when he saw Vin looking at him, he was just thankful that Vin was alright.

He motioned with his head to the side, trying to order Vin to move.

Vin looked and shook his head.

o o o

Vin knew that Chris wanted him to move, but he couldn't. If he got up, he would be hit. He just had to stay where he was, and try and fight.

He could hear the shooting stop, and knew it was time.

"Ayanda, Marie, we got to move," Vin said as he quickly got up.

Vin didn't want to take any chances, so he grabbed their arms and pulled them along with him, pulling them out the immediate danger.

o o o

Chris smiled when he saw Vin move Ayanda and Marie out the way.

He turned his attention back to Buck, when he saw Nathan quickly run passed the entrance way and stopped next to him.

"Make sure Vin stays there," Chris ordered Nathan.

"I'll try," Nathan promised.

Chris nodded and turned his attention back to where the entrance was.

He heard the door being kicked down.

He raised his gun, ready to shoot the first person to appear.

He heard the footsteps coming closer...

o o o

End of Chapter Six