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The Affair

He came to me that night. A simple meeting of two souls, one running away from the normalcy of everyday life, another simply trying to escape from the cold hiding in her soul. I never knew who he really was until he unveiled his face in the moonlight. Our hands reached out for each other in tandem with the hidden beating of our hearts. We have been waiting for each other all this while. We should have known that such a tugging can never be denied.

"... what is the magnitude of the force?"

I could feel his stare on me, a kind of beacon through the dreary day that was starting to turn for the better. His eyes never left mine even as my eyes were in turn bearing themselves down at the words that were starting to blur. It did not really matter anyway because I never knew what they meant in the first place. Every curve was the tilt of his head, every line an outline of his lucious lips... If only he knew what my thoughts were! But risking a glance at him, faced with his smouldering orbs, I think he did.

"The answer is 50 kN."

The girl in front spoke up, breaking my train of thought as I silently cursed her. He had broken our link, looking down at his book in false consternation, unwilling for anyone else to realise where his thoughts and glances really belonged to. Smirking slightly to myself, I continued reading the next question.

"Class, try the next few questions by yourself."

It was a terse kind of stillness that fell upon the class as they concentrated on the work that they were given. They could not see it, nor feel it, but with every breath that he takes, we escape. Closing our eyes in unison, I can feel these invisible threads linking us, binding us to each other. We pass each other, his coat brushing me as I breath in his scent. It belongs to me.

But we were the only ones who knew that.

Quietly, a pieces of paper catches my eye as I return to my seat. He had left it earlier on my table. Tilting my head slowly at his corner, I nonchalantly glanced at the rest of the class to feign boredom or consternation, all the while hoping to lock his gaze. He knows. Smiling slightly at me, he nods his head, then drops his gaze to the piece of plain paper on my table. Opening it up, I read the few words that belongs to him, the neat simple strokes defining who he was.

Tonight, at the pavilion.


A/N: Hm. Yes, I'm writing another series, despite the fact that Eternity and a Day is still uncompleted. This one is mostly written out already, since I've posted it on my blog and decided to add a little RK flavour to it. Roughly one or two more chapters on my draft and I'll be done, so you can expect a weekly posting. All in all, I'm up to chapter 5 now, so it should be 6-7 chapters, probably 7, since I'm having so much fun with it. Ooooh, scandalous affairs!