Never Again

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Have you ever been crushed by a guy before? I am sure all of you have. Includeing Ginny Weasley...she was but 14 years old and she had been crushed already. Poor thing...guys in my opinion are not things that bring only love, they bring tears. It's just part of the package.

Harry Potter had always been there for Ginny, he had been someone to talk to, and heck someone to share good times with and just to enjoy life with. He was truely...Ginny's dream...Harry was all she had ever hoped for.She had placed a lot of trust in Dean and several other boys who she had fancied. But she had never trusted anyone as much Harry, nor had she liked anyone quite as much.

Ginny would most of the time be hanging out with either of her close friends, Hermoine or Luna. Yes you heard me right; Luna. They had actually become quite close. But not as close as Ginny and Harry were. When ever she would hang out with Hermoine or Luna she would immediatly leave as soon as she saw Harry. Even though she loved talking to her girl friends...she felt like she could confide in Harry so much more, and know that she could trust him no matter the circumstances.

One night as Ginny sat on the satin sheets of her small bed, she realized she should tell Harry how she was time.

She could do it, she knew she could...she had always had courage...and she definitly needed it.

She met Harry at their 'usual spot' by hagrids hut at the skirt of the dark forest. When she arrived Harry lay on the ground face up, looking up in the sky admireing the stars. And she had to admitt, it was beautiful out, the sky was so clear..and the air was only slightly brisk.

"Hey Harry," she called, but recieved no answer."Hello? Harry?" but he didnt move, he just lay there...stiff.

She began to jog towards him, all of the worst thoughts popping into her mind. As she jogged further towards him she realized that his eyes were closed. By then she had began to run. Right when she reached him she threw herself on the ground next to him and shook him..."Harry talk to me!" but no avail...he just stayed the way he was. As she got up to leave to go get help; something or someone rather grabbed her around her ankle and she fell onto the was Harry.

He began laughing histarically and put his arm around her as they both lay on the ground...but Ginny wasn't laughing.

"I sure did trick you,didnt I?" Harry asked while he continued to laugh.

"Bloody hell! Why would you joke around like that?" she exclaimed and hit him hard in the arm.

"Ouch!" he protested...but Ginny let a little smile escape her mouth to show she wasn't too mad at him...and then she began to laugh.

"Harry Potter if you ever do that again..I..I will.." she was inturupted.

"OK I promise Gin...chill."

"Well ok just as long as you promise." They both sat up and inched closer to each other, both of them looking up at the sky in amazement. "Its so beautiful." she added, her mouth gapeing.

" is." he said with a cheeky grin, he wasnt looking at the sky, he was looking at Ginny. But then he coughed "Um you know...the sky...ya..erm..beautful." He didnt know why he was saying this stuff to her, he didnt even like her that much...the truth was he kinda had a crush on Luna. But for some reason he was attracted to Ginny right now.

Ginny blushed, Harry could be so sweet. Luckily he couldnt see her blushing because it was so dark outside. She hoped he wasn't leading her on, but Harry would never do that.

"So how have you been?" she asked him quietly, still thinking about what he had said.

"Just great, and yourself?" he answered as he continued to stare at her.

"I'm ok." she needed to tell him soon about how she liked him, but she couldn't work up the courage she thought she had had. In a sudden impulse, maybe adrenaline it happened.

"I like you Harry." immediatly after she brought her hands up to her mouth not believing what she had just said. Harry didn't seem to believe it either because he continued to sit there with his mouth gapeing. Had she really just said that?

"Oh," is all he said.

"Is that all you have to say?"

"Its just can read me like a book Ginny. And you can help me with my problems...when you don't even know what the problem is...and well I tend to be friends with people like that." he said hesitantly."And well...I kinda have a thing for Luna." he added.

Her eyes began to water, she didnt care if Harry saw her cry. What had she done? No one, and I mean no one realized or will ever realize how much she liked...perhaps even loved Harry. She had branched out to him...and told him how she felt..and she had been rejected again. Yet she couldnt be mad at him, he had said it so nicely. But he was always leading her on...oh it was so confusing. She wished that just once she could fall in love and not have it hurt so bad in the end.

"I will never understand that, but oh well." she said between sobs.She couldnt stand it, she had to leave. She couldnt stop crying. It was as if an ocean was pooring out of her eyes for gods sake. "Well see ya Harry." she said before turning towards the school and jogging in.

All Harry could do was sit there...he didn't mean to hurt her...but he had and he didnt know what to do? Perhaps there was nothing he could do but let her eventually get over him. But even he..oblivious Harry knew that wouldn't be soon. She had seemed so upset.

As Ginny ran towards the tall and ancient school she thought to herself: Never again will I trust my feelings with a guy again, escpecially someone she liked so much. Never again.

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