I'm haunted by your scent When I'm talking to someone else I'm haunted by your eyes In the middle of brushing by teeth I'm haunted by your hair By your skin When you're not around Are you visiting me Am I dreaming you up
„Haunted"by Sam Shapard

One more night I woke up in sweat from nightmares I can't remember. All I know is that I feel so much pain that it breaks my heart, cuts deep in my soul. It is like I loved someone and lost him/her suddenly. I tried everything I could think of to bring the memories back.

Something in my mind tells me not to pry into it. That it will destroy me inside out. Yet tonight it was different. I saw the face of IT that I loved. It was woman. Beautiful woman with brown hair and eyes that could see into my soul.

This made me make a decision that I couldn't do before. I decided to do a very powerful spell to bring back forgotten memories. The danger of it is that when you're not strong enough to cast it, you will go mad. I hope I am.

When I say the incantation I feel the world spining around me. My heart beets faster and I fall on my back. I think I am blacking out.

I woke after five minute of being unconcious. It was here. All of it. Things that were taken of my memory by order of my „friend. I remember. Connor. Cordelia. Jasmine. Angelus and Faith. I remember all small details. And I remember her. Lilah. The reason I can't sleep in a night and the reason I am crying now.

The End.