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Series: Years in Gondor

Title: Of Melkor and Telcontar (Morgoth and Strider)

Author: Strider's Girl

Disclaimer: I in no shape or form own LOTR nor any of its characters created by Professor J.R.R.Tolkien. However I own the characters of Ancalimé, Tiniwiel, Anawiel, Eleclya and Eowulia who are my names for Aragorn and Arwen's children. Please ask my permission before using them. Thank you!

Rating: PG-13

Summary: 25 years after the WOTR the Dark Lord Morgoth rises again threatening all of Arda. The Fellowship must reunite, but soon it becomes clear that to destroy their enemy they may have to destory a friend as well.

Characters: The following characters will appear in some shape or form throughout the story: Aragorn, Arwen, Eldarion, their 5 daughters named in the Disclaimer above, Gandalf, Frodo, Sam, Merry, Pippin, Rosie, Elrond, Galadriel, Celeborn, Celebrian, Glorfindel, Dark Knights, Faramir, Eowyn, Elladan, Elrohir, Luthien and of course Melkor himself. Please do not ask me how the elves will play into the story and why Gandalf and Frodo are in it. All questions will be answered. And before I get asked 'why is Luthien in the story when she is dead' here is the answer: she is the guardian angel of Arwen! She lives in her and can appear to anyone of her line when need be! It will be explained properly later on, but for now that is the simplist explanation I can give without giving too much away.

Warning: Character torture. Mostly Aragorn but that is just because of the situation he is in during this story. *g* Also for those who like Legolas torture there will be some in around Chapter 14 or 15. And it is quite grievious. Trust me!

Flames: I don't mind people flaming my work as long as its constructive critisism that will help me to improve this story. I do accept suggestions for this story as well.

Updates: Updates will be every week up until my exams in May. Then updates will be less frequent until the end of June when my exams finish. However I will try and update every week, if I can.

Inspiration for this story: Just the thought that there could be a reason that Morgoth could return to M.E. hence the story. I hope I've created the Numenorean Power. All questions about this will be answered throughout the story. However additional questions about it will be answered if you ask me.

This story at the moment is estimated at 18 chapters long however it may change!

~Years in Gondor~

~Of Melkor and Telcontar~


~The Prophecy~

The world's future was set the moment Morgoth spoke these words at the beginning of time: 'For any reason I am stripped of my power, it will be said that I will return with full strength when the last of my servants fail to take this world as their own, and if they succeed, I will be released, and serve them until my power is found.'

Unrecorded by any save Morgoth's most loyal servant, Sauron, this was lost out of all knowledge, and yet it came to pass that Sauron was defeated in the last battle of the Third Age by the Halfling Frodo Baggins. But unknown to all Sauron had added to the prophecy made by Morgoth.

For when Morgoth was imprisoned in the Void, his powers were taken from him, but passed onto the Numenorean's giving them long life and possessing skills of the elves enabling them to be at par with the immortal race. Each Numenorean possessed this power, but now it has dwindled in Middle-Earth and only one now holds it.

And so Sauron spoke after finding this knowledge, binding his words with that of Morgoth's: 'And he that holds the Numenorean power will be instrumental in the fall of Middle-Earth. But the fate of the true one is to be death, for when the power is to be restored to its rightful bearer, the Numenorean's will wane, wither and die. And the true power in this world will be known. Everything will come to darkness, and all will bow before us.'

It has begun.

The tide in which all will be washed away. Yet in this darkness is a bright light shining through. The star of Ëarendil. As before there is someone with the power to defeat Morgoth. All they need is the strength and courage to do so.

Even from the shores of Numenor, Morgoth will come to an end, such as has been seen by the elves on Valinor. Yet it will be the choices of a boy that will see this task through.

It has begun.

The prophecy has been set in motion. Morgoth has been freed from the Void. With what small power he has, he has risen Numenor from the depths of the ocean, and using one of the lost seeing stones, stolen from Valinor itself, has located the bearer of his power – the power of the Numenoreans.

Now he has created the Great Knights – six men bonded to him. Tall men with imaginable powers capable of tricking the minds of mortals and making them see things that are not really there. Terrible foes they are. No one can defeat them. Only Morgoth has the power to destroy them.

Orcs marshal to him on the island. He is now ready to make his war on Valinor.

All he needs now is the bearer.

The Great Knights have been sent forth to retrieve the bearer. And when he is brought before Morgoth, the dark lord will have the final piece to make him invincible.

Nothing will stop him.

Unless the 'one' can sum up his courage and take the life of one he loves....

~Chapter One~
~Return of the White Wizard~

A beautifully crafted boat gently sailed into the harbour at the Grey Havens. Cirdan the Shipwright pulled the ropes still round the poles locking the boat in place. No ship had ever come from Valinor and yet because of the distant darkness out to sea, the ancient elf knew that the Valar had sent the wizards again to help battle this evil.

Cirdan elegantly waited on the stone platform as a man descended from the boat cloaked in White. The shining sun giving off an exquisite glow that radiated in the morning light.

The man nodded his head to the Shipwright. "Master Elf." The man said simply. "It has been a long time since we last met on the shores of this world."

Cirdan smiled, bowing before the wizard. "Gandalf. Old friend. It's good to see you again." Then from behind the wizard stepped a hobbit, one that had aged, but still looked fairly youthful, yet his eyes were shining brightly, and Cirdan realised that this hobbit was Frodo Baggins. He was happy. His time in Valinor had healed him. He was at peace. The elf held out his hand and gently shook the hobbits. "Welcome back to Middle-Earth. I'm sure you've got a lot of work to do." The elf nodded out to see, where he could discern the distant shape of an upraised land on the horizon.


Gandalf nodded as he turned to look at the island. "Yes. The power of darkness is coming. None of us know how Morgoth has escaped the Void and raised Numenor, but things have been set in motion that shouldn't have. Something is behind this deadly deed. Valinor will be assailed if I do not succeed here in Middle-Earth."

Cirdan raised a questionable eye.

"The bearer." Gandalf replied. "The bearer of the Numenorean power. Morgoth needs this to recover his full strength. Already he knows who it is. Yet he hasn't acted upon it. In due time he will. The bearer has no idea of what is happening on the shores of this world. None in Middle-Earth know of what is rising."

"The bearer? Numenorean power?" the elf asked. As he'd not sailed to the Undying Lands, Cirdan had not heard of the Numenorean power.

"Most of Morgoth's power resides in the veins of the descendents of the Numenor Kings. The power of Morgoth was transferred into Elros at the time of his ascension to the throne on Numenor. This gave him long life and the skills possessed by elves, thus each heir since then has had Morgoth's power in them, giving them longer life and elven skills. Yet only the oldest living heir holds the power at one time. When Elros died his son inherited the power." Gandalf explained.

"So that means that the bearer of this power is..."

Gandalf was nodding and smiling as the elf spoke and finished before him. "Aragorn. Yes, King Elessar, is the bearer. Morgoth knows this. All he needs is Aragorn and his power will be restored to him. It is my task to protect Elessar from the danger, and find a way to destroy Morgoth. There is a way, but I will not tell you, unless it does come to that."

Frodo had remained quiet throughout the talk listening intently. He knew all of this. Gandalf had been asked to travel to Middle-Earth and protect the bearer. Frodo had begged to come along, since he had left Middle-Earth the Valar had been reluctant to let him leave, but Gandalf had fought for him, and on the condition that he helped protect the bearer, Frodo would be allowed to return to Middle-Earth and help Gandalf.

The hobbit had felt content with that. He wished to see Merry and Pippin again. But most of all he wished to see Sam again. His dear friend Sam. Everyday he thought of him, wishing that he had joined him on the sea voyage long ago.

At last Frodo spoke up, aware of the fact that they were on a mission. He did not want to fail like he had at Mount Doom when he'd been unable to vanquish the Ring to the fires. He felt a stab of guilt race through his system, but his time in Valinor had healed him. He did not feel so broken as before. Once more he was Frodo of the Shire.

"Gandalf. Shouldn't we be going? To the Shire?"

Gandalf allowed a small smile to cross his face. Yes, he had witnessed Frodo's recovery, but he feared that the hobbit would react badly when they got to Minas Tirith, which was so close to Mordor. He also feared the presence of Morgoth's Great Knights. He knew that the Great Knights would eventually attack Minas Tirith in order to capture Aragorn take him to Morgoth. The power of darkness in the air might lay on Frodo's heart and remind him of his journey through Middle-Earth. It frightened the wizard to even think that Frodo could still be affected.

"We will be Frodo. Do not fear." Gandalf explained before turning back to Cirdan and continuing speaking in elvish. Frodo could not catch what Gandalf was saying, so lost in his thoughts was he, that the wizard had to speak his name thrice before he answered.

"Come Frodo. We must leave." Gandalf took hold of the hobbits hand and led him to a horse that stood waiting outside the harbour for them. Gandalf hopped up behind the hobbit, wrapping his arms round Frodo and holding him tightly. "Cirdan. You must send word to Legolas of Mirkwood and Gimli of the dwarves in the Lonely Mountain. It is important that they know of the danger that is brewing. Inform them to come to Minas Tirith as fast as they are able."

Cirdan nodded. "I will do so." He said. "Namárië dear friend, until our paths cross once again."

Gandalf muttered a small prayer to the Valar and then urged the horse forward. And so Gandalf the White and Frodo Baggins had returned to Middle- Earth on the 3rd February in the 25th Year of the Fourth Age.

It was about to begin. The battle for Valinor was about to begin.


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