I can see the tears flow from your eyes,
I can hear the sadness in your cries.
I can tell no matter how hard you try,
It's impossible to hold your head up high.

Their laughter echoes in your ears,
And you can do nothing to stop your tears.
It only serves to feed your fear,
That when you cry no one will hear.

But don't you fret,
No, don't forget,
That it isn't over yet.
I'll hold your hand,
And help you stand,
You'll make it through; I know you can.

If their laughter makes you bleed,
And you ever feel the need,
To end the pain and at last be free,
Just look beside you and you will see,

I'm walking with you all the way,
From day to night, from night to day,
By your side I'll always stay.
Listen to me when I say,

Don't you fret,
Please don't forget,
I'm with you, no matter how hard it gets.
I'll hold your hand,
If you can't stand,
And I'll protect you till you can.

Ignore their laughter,
They don't matter,
Ignore their grins,
Don't let them win.

The stage is set,
Please don't forget,
Your journey isn't over yet.
And if you can't stand,
Just take my hand,
We'll make it through; I know we can.

I'll walk with you all the way
By your side I'll always stay
Listen closely when I say,

Don't forget.