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One boring day in the hot unbearable sunshine, Erika, Gabby, and Liane, stomp around in Hollywood video. Stacks of DVDs are stacked along the isles.

So much to choose.... so much to choose...

"I think we should check the musical section, that's where Moulin Rouge should be," Erika comments excitedly. "What about you Gabby?"

Gabby glances around the room. The place is filled with decorations and movie posters. "I'll get twenty-eight days later, I've always wanted to see that movie."

Making their final decisions about the money they now go look at Liane who is hiding a movie rack.

"Come-on Liane," Erika grins. "What movie is it?"

Liane suddenly turns cheerful as she whisks the movie title in their faces.

"Obviously," Gabby laughs. Erika just shakes her head as she goes up to the counter.

"Three movies?" the man leans over taking the movie boxes.

"Yes please."

The employer just smiles, "Ok, so we have Moulin Rouge, Twenty-eight days later and...."He picks up the Spiderman movie in astonishment.

"Where did you get this?" The tag on his shirt reads, "Frank o' Connell."

Liane shrugs.

"I got it from the empty section over there," she points to the far corner, full of cobwebs and dust.

Frank doesn't pay attention as he keeps observing the DVD, holding it at the tips of his fingers.

He jumps in Liane's face.


"What?" she looks confused. "Why?"

"Look," he leans further. "I can't explain why, but this DVD isn't normal."

Erika and Gabby seem fascinated. "What does it do?"

"I can't say, someone might hear us," he whispers. "But I repeat, don't borrow this movie. Get something else, like.... uh, Unbreakable. You like superhero movies right?"

Liane nods.

Erika shook her head," I'd like to take a little risk."

Frank shrugs ", It's not little, it's big." He gives them the bag uncertainly. "Enjoy your movies."

"Wait! What did you mean?"

He sighs.

"See for yourselves."

O' Connell turns away, greeting another customer. The conversation was over.

"I guess we will."


Liane clutched her DVD the whole way home excited, swaying back and forth as she drives the Jeep. All of them are excited, seeing what the movie might bring. What would happen? Was it dangerous?

"Liane! Concentrate on the road!"

She turns around in the warm car. Gosh, it felt good. Erika and Gabby clutched at each other tightly; afraid they're going to see heaven a lot sooner. 'Is she Crazy?!'

They head straight for a tree.


Suddenly, the car swears to the right, saving them in the nick of time. The two girls shake their head releasing from their hold.

They park near the out side public bathrooms, catching their breath. "Liane," Gabby breathes. "Let's just watch the movie before we get into any more accidents. I want to see the movie, we're getting a little too uneasy." Erika shudders.

"Sorry about that guys," Liane says, turning off the car with her bronze key. "I guess I'm a crazy driver," she snickers.

They all start to settle down as Liane climbs to the back. Erika inserts the cd, expecting for previews and commercials.

There weren't any.

"That's weird."

The screen immediately switched to the menu.

Liane moves her thumb around and presses 'play.'

The main titles are the same just like when they saw the movie at the theater. They all began to think it was a joke the employer played on them.

"I guess there isn't anything really special," Liane sighs, disappointed.

Gabby shakes her head. "There's supposed to be something else." Erika notices a button that starts to tempt her greatly.

"What's this?"

The other two, who are now enjoying the movie, gasp at the site of the small button.


But it's too late.

"Look!" Liane shouts. "The screen! It's. ...It's..."

Then all becomes unknown for the next moment.

~Note from a gleeful author: AHAHA! What happens? We'll see
next time. ~