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A/n: This is strange, and I don't know what inspired it. Will be SLASH. DOn't like it, Tough.

Ben watched out the classroom window as a figure darted into the building. Here it comes. 10....9.....8....7....6.....5.....4.....3...2....1..And here he is!

"Welcome, Mr. Adams. I'm so glad you could join us today" The teacher said softly.

"Well, I do my best." 'Mr. Adams' said with a grin, before sitting next to Ben.

"Where were you?" Ben hissed.

"Oh, here, there, anywhere really." Ben rolled his eyes and turned back to the board.

'Mr. Adams's first name was Mercutio, do to his parents being Shakspeare fans, and they had been friends since 1st grade. He had a tendedcy to be sarcastic and quote 'Romeo & Juliet' alot. When he had met Ben, he had insisted on dubbing him 'Benvolio' even though it wasn't his name. Ben had a tendency to blend in with the crowd, and they balanced each other perfectly.

And then the Bell rang. Mercutio laughed. "I timed my entrence just right, Didn't I, Benvolio?"

"I think you need a wake up call, Mercutio. You're just lucky Ms. Ishtar doesn't beleive in Detentions."

"Ah, you worry to much, Grandsire! And don't tell me you have NEVER felt the urge to sleep in."

"I won't lie to you," He said as he pulled his Chemistry book from his Locker. "But, I overcame that urge."

Mercutio laughed. "Peace, Benvolio. Let us away." They arrived in Chemistry, and Mercutio gave a call of "Good Morning, All!"

There was a grumble from the other side of the room. "Shut up, you idiot. Some people are still asleep." And that was Tybalt, et another unfortunate child of Fanatic parents.

"And a VERY good morning to you, O Prince of Cats! How are you this morn?" Mercutio goaded

"I would feel MUCH better if You were impaled on my sword, villian." Was the reply grumble from the head pillowed in Tybalt's arms.

"Oh, I'm sure you would! But, Tybalt, Hun, You have to let it go. I'm spoken for!" Mercutio said with a wink.

Tybalt lifted his pitch black (dyed) head, and glared, before going back to his stupor.

Mercutio chuckled, he loved egging Tybalt on, especially this early in the morning, when he was too asleep to think about what was being said.

Tybalt had dark black dyed hair, and dark blue eyes. His skin was pale, and he was very strong, though you wouldn't know by looking at him. Ben knew that if Tybalt and Mercutio ever came to blows, Tybalt would win.

Mercutio turned his attention back to Ben. "How's Ron?"

Ben sighed. "His still pining for that Rachel chick. God, it's annoying."

"Sorry to break it to ya, luv, but yer cousin's a Ponce" Tybalt muttered as the teacher came in.

"Tybalt! We're going to start now, and if you ever want to pass this class, get your ass up!" The teacher snapped.

Tybalt sat up, slowly, and streached. "Yeah yeah, I heard it all last time." But he stayed awake.

That afternoon, Ben was walking home from school alone. Ron had goen off to try to win over Rachel, and Mercutio had disappered, giving the excuse of "Sorry, Benvolio. Uncle E. wants me home early. Said he needed my help with something." Ben sighed; Mercutio's uncle was the Mayor and kept Mercutio busy alot.

Suddenly, there was a shout, and Ben ran to the scene. What he saw were two of Tybalt's cronies and some of Ron's wannabe friends duking it out.

"HEY! Stop that you idiots!" Ben shouted. Said idiots didn't listen.

"And just WHAT is going on here?" Ben turned around quickly and sighed.

"Tybalt! Call off your hounds! One of these days someone's going to die becuase of this stupid fued! Can't you just make peace?"

Tybalt laughed. "Peace? PEACE? Ha! I hate that word, just like I hate Hell, your cousin and You!" There was something hiding under the surface Tybalt's mocking gaze as he said this, and Ben shuddered.

"But seeing as how these idiots can't fight; I WILL call them off." Tybalt bent down and grabbed each of his cronies by their ears. "What the hell were you thinking? I knew you were dense, but I didn't think you were insane! Get out of my sight." Tybalt through them to the ground, and they scurried away.Ron's wannabe friends soon followed.