Title: Black Summons

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Author's note: Here it is, an epic sequel for both of my short stories. I even brought in Quincey Harker, who is Mina's and Jonathan's son, it would be interesting to see Mina as an overprotective mother. Those who have read An Odd Acquaintance, it was a story inspired by the rumors of the new Van Helsing flick, Henry Jekyll meeting Abraham Van Helsing, I could explain what happened in that story, but I'd spoil it. Yes, Van Helsing and the League are going to be fighting some evil, the Van Helsing from the original story of Dracula, although I did imagine him to look like an older version of the guy in the new VH movie.


The chamber was dark, only torchlight licked the walls of the sinister place. Stone gargoyles and paintings of demons decorated the chamber. In the center of the chamber, people clad in black robes, their hoods and masks hiding their faces. As they stood in a circle, their leader stood in the center, holding a great book in his hands; the title on the front cover was 'Summoning and Incarnation of Demons'. In the pages of the book was ancient looking text along with hideous illustrations of demons and witchcraft symbols.

"Soon," he said to his followers in a smooth, yet evil voice, "the world shall despair in darkness." The other robed members of the cult filled the silent chamber with their laughter.


In his bedroom, Quincey Harker was working on his studies at his desk. Only at the age of ten, going on eleven in November, he kept to himself. His mother had been gone for several weeks on some secret business, his father passed away when he was a small child, which meant he was alone with the servants. Setting his pen down, Quincey placed his elbows on his desk, resting his lower jaw in the palms of his hands.

'When will she be back?' he thought with a sigh. Young Harker was starting to worry on what had become of his mother, Mina Harker. He remembered that his mother left to join some secret service for a few weeks, because she was a chemist.

As his thoughts trailed off, there was a small knock at the door. Quincey turned his icy blue gaze to the door.

"Yes?" he asked. The maid opened the door to Quincey's room.

"Quincey," she said, "Mrs. Harker has returned from her service work. She and the gentlemen downstairs are waiting for you."

"I'll be there shortly," said Quincey. The maid nodded and closed the door as she left.

Quincey got up from his desk and walked over to the mirror on the wall. He looked at his reflection, combing his auburn hair back with his fingers and straightening his shirt. The boy smiled to himself, his mother had finally returned with some gentlemen, probably her colleges. When he was done tidying himself, he walked out of his room and downstairs.

Downstairs in the parlor, the remaining League members were settling down. The servants offered them sherry as they took their seats. After the first mission, they wanted to take a small break back at Mina's house before travelling the world.

"This is quite a nice shack you have Mina luv," said the invisible thief, Rodney Skinner, after he gulped down a mouthful of sherry.

"Mr. Skinner," said Mina sternly, "I suggest that you not call my husband's house a shack, and act as the gentlemen you claim yourself to be when Quincey joins us." She tightened the collar of her blouse, not wanting to reveal the scars on the flawless skin of her neck.

Quincey walked downstairs and into the parlor. There was his mother, looking the same as he last saw her, Mina's auburn hair pinned up, clad in her tidy white blouse and her black skirts. There were four other men in the parlor with her.

One man sitting on the sofa, drinking sherry, had a rather white face, wearing a trilby, black trenchcoat, and dark glasses hiding his eyes. What really fascinated Quincey was that he could not see the man's feet.

Also sitting on the sofa was a tall, lanky gentleman with reddish brown hair and gray-blue eyes. He was dressed in a black waistcoat, trousers, gray vest, and the starched collar hugging his neck.

Standing at one side of the room was a dark skinned man, dressed in blue foreign garments, a coat and turban. He had dark eyes and his face partly hidden by a dark beard.

A young man occupied one of the cushioned chairs, his sandy blonde hair untidy covered his forehead. He wore a black vest, sleeves of a linen shirt rolled up, and the suspenders hung down from his gray trousers.

"Mother," said Quincey in an excited voice. He walked up to his mother, receiving a light kiss on his forehead from her. "I missed you."

"I missed you too, dear," she whispered softly to him. "Come introduce yourself to the gentlemen."

Quincey looked to each gentleman in the parlor. "Good afternoon, gentlemen," he said after taking in a deep breath, "I am Quincey Harker."

"Agent Tom Sawyer," said the young blonde man, "of the American Secret Service."

"Rodney Skinner," said the pale man in the black trenchcoat with a cockney accent, "gentleman thief."

"Doctor Henry Jekyll," the lanky gentleman said, "pleasure meeting you young Harker."

"I am Nemo," said the dark skinned man, "Captain of the Nautilus."

"Nice to meet you all," said Quincey.

Mina placed her hands firmly on her son's shoulders. "The gentlemen and I have planned to travel around the world, I want you to join us and share the experience."

"What about my studies?"

"You can still have time to study, Quincey."

"I guess I can join," young Harker said quietly, "I've been hiding here for too long."

"We've all been hiding as Mina said at Allan's funeral," said Skinner.

"Funeral?" asked Quincey.

"It's a long story," said Tom, his facial expression darkened by memories of Allan's death.

"Mrs. Harker," said the maid when she entered the parlor, "there is a letter that came in the mail for you." She held out an envelope, Mina accepted it and the maid left to continue her duties.

Mina tore open the envelope without speaking a word and unfolded the letter as Quincey and the other League members watched. The vampire's icy eyes scanned the letter, her expression silent as she read:

'Dear Mrs. Harker,

'How are you and the boy these days? It's been a while since my last letter to you; I have been busy lately.

'I am doing some investigations in Transylvania on these gatherings of a witch cult. There have been rumors from villages that this witch cult could summon terror from the depths of Hell. Based on the legends and folklore I've studied, such things could exist. Whoever is making these gatherings must be stopped. I fear that this cult could even try to reincarnate the Count, along with capturing other fiends that walk the earth by use of witchcraft.

'Come quickly as you can and meet me in Transylvania. Bring Quincey with you, there are matters that concern you both.

'Sincerely, Abraham Van Helsing'

"It's a letter from Van Helsing," Mina said when she was done reading. "There is a crisis in Transylvania, Van Helsing requires our assistance." Thoughts passed through Mina's mind, memories of that perilous country of the Count, the wilderness, wolves, the three sisters and the Count Dracula himself.

"A crisis, eh?" asked Skinner after downing his sherry. "Just when we were finished preventing a world wide war?"

"If it's a crisis that requires our League," said Nemo calmly, "then we should make for Transylvania. The Nautilus awaits."

"Quincy," said Mina to her son, "go pack what you need, we'll be leaving soon."

"Yes mother," said Quincey. He dashed to the stairs and climbed up to the second floor.

"I better help him," said Tom as he stood up. He followed Quincey upstairs.

Jekyll was silent, lost in memories of when he met Van Helsing in Paris. Now the League was going to meet Van Helsing in Transylvania.

"Afraid that the League will tell him about us?" Hyde's voice asked at the back of Henry's mind. "Do you remember what he said to you about meeting again? He'll soon know Henry, and what would he think of you?"

"I will make sure that no one tells Van Helsing about us Edward," Henry responded to his alter-ego.

Nemo and Skinner had exited the parlor to wait outside for the coach that would take the League to the docks. Mina noticed that the doctor was silent, and had not even moved from his seat, Henry seemed to be deep in thought, perhaps arguing with Edward.

"Doctor, are you alright?" she asked, concerned about what troubled her friend.

Henry broke out of his trance and glanced at Mina. "I'm fine," he said flatly.

"Are you sure? You seem upset about something."

With a sigh, Henry stood up and began to fidget with his pocket watch. "How long have you known Van Helsing?"

"Years ago, Van Helsing, Jonathan and I fought Dracula," answered Mina, "Van Helsing has become a family friend since then. Why do you ask?"

"It's hard to explain. Almost a year after I faked suicide and fled to Paris, Van Helsing came hunting for Hyde in the Rue Morgue. Hyde was able to avoid capture, when the formula was done I became myself and I used deceit against Van Helsing to send him off Hyde's track. I regret not telling Van Helsing the truth about myself."

Mina walked up to the doctor and placed a hand on his shoulder. "Maybe you should tell him when we arrive in Transylvania."

The doctor stared at Mina, no words came from his lips, but there was realization in his eyes.

Quincey was gathering his notebooks from his desk and packing them into his bag that lay open on the bed. When he was done organizing his notebooks, he looked over his shoulder at Tom, who was standing in the bedroom waiting silently.

"Mr. Sawyer," he said, "if you are going to help me pack, then do you mind taking some clothes out of my closet and passing them to me?"

"Sure," the American replied. Tom went to the closet and collected some clothes that were neatly folded. European children were so well mannered compared to the children in America, Tom thought.

"Here you go," said Tom as he placed the clothing beside Quincey's bag.

"Thank you," said Quincey. He began placing his clothes in his bag.

"How old are you?"

"I'm ten years of age, turning eleven in November."

"You seem the quiet type, do you have any friends your age?"

Quincey stopped packing his clothes and sighed. "No, I usually keep to myself."

"Oh." Tom could not understand why Quincey was not an outgoing type, always well behaved, organized and did not have any friends. The American agent remembered that he and his childhood friends would always find some sort of mischief, but Quincey Harker was the opposite.

Quincey had completed packing his clothes and study notes. "I'm done packing, lets go, everyone is waiting." He picked up his bag and left his bedroom with Tom close behind.

Tom and Quincey went downstairs where Henry and Mina were waiting for them. All four of them met with Nemo and Skinner outside where they boarded onto a coach that would take them to the docks where the Nautilus awaited.

End Note: There is the first chapter of Black Summons, second chapter will come soon if I can survive my homework. Let me know what you think, suggestions for the next chapter I can accept from reviewers.