Author's Note: So I am concluding this story, it's been very tiring to complete.

Chapter 19: Conclusion

It had been a week since the defeat of the Demon Cult, everyone had boarded the Nautilus for the journey back to England. Not much was said between anyone since that dreadful night at the Cult's hide away, they were probably better off not saying a word of what happened. Yet, news of the fall of the Demon Cult spread quickly among the various towns. The League did not wish to remain in the European country for long, but leave and continue exploring the world.

Henry Jekyll was on the conning tower of the Nautilus as it departed, he watched the landscape get smaller and smaller by the minute. It had been stressful for everyone during the last week, the fight against the Cult, making sure that no other cults were starting, and having to settle down after all the excitement. Most of all, everyone had concerns for young Quincey Harker, what powers he possessed and what he had done.

"Still thinking of that kid?" Hyde asked inside the doctor's mind. "He's fine!"

"I know that," Henry responded internally, "it's probably been very hard for him. Being kidnapped and having to give in to his powers. There isn't much anyone can do about it."

"I thought you'd be up here," said the dry voice of the professor, "I'm afraid to tell you that the good captain plans to take the ship under in a few minutes."

"Thank you," said Henry quietly, facing the professor. There was silence between the two men for a moment. "I must ask you. What do you plan to do when we return to London?"

"I'm retiring," said the professor, "these things are too exhausting for one as old as I. The only thing I must do is research further into a cure for Madam Mina and her son." For some reason, the man looked even older after the Cult had fallen. Abraham's hair was silver and his face lined with deeper creases, Henry guessed the man was probably the same age Allan Quatermain was on the first mission.

"What of the boy?"

"He'll be alright, Madam Mina has enough experience with her powers to assist Quincey with his own." The professor scratched his chin. "You seem very fond of young Harker."

Henry felt his face flush red. "Yes, I admit that I am. He's a thoughtful and intelligent child, when he met Hyde, he did not seem that terrified. Mina was the same when she and I first met."

"Mina is a courageous woman, Quincey is probably just as courageous. Come, Dr. Jekyll, we should be inside before the ship goes under." The professor gently clasped Henry's arm, in a sensible and warm fashion.

Henry felt his spine tingle at the professor's touch, he recalled the night when they met, the amount of passion between them. Now the passion had settled, it was only the calm warmth between them. Without saying another word, they both entered the ship's interior before the Nautilus slipped under the waves.

Quincey was staring through the glass panel that revealed the aquatic world that the Nautilus glided through. He watched the marine life drift by as the ship continued on its course, leaving behind all the troubles that occurred over the last week. If only he could leave behind his own troubles.

He had a power beyond his knowledge and control. If he were to give into it, he may end up doing something regretful, such as hurting someone close.

Yet, he should not feel so alone. Mina had vampirism, a curse she thought to be cured, but she learned to live with it. Skinner was invisible with no cure could reverse it, but the thief seemed to be used to it. Jekyll had Hyde, brought on by an experiment on himself, but the two personalities eventually had to coexist with each other. The boy realized he just had to live with his own curse like the others.

"Thought you would be here," said the voice of Tom Sawyer. The American was followed by Rodney Skinner.

"I just needed some space," the boy said quietly, "I've been under pressure over the last few days."

"If it's about killing that Demon Cult bloke," said Skinner, "you have no need to feel any regret, those cults always meet an awful end."

"It's not that," Quincey shook his head, "Darren's fall may have been regretful, but his path of darkness was a choice he made. Lately, I have been thinking about my own curse, it wasn't a choice of mine, but I still have to choose how I'll live with it."

"It's alright," said Tom, "that you're cursed, most of us are what you may call cursed. Whatever choice you make to live with your own, it will be the right choice."

"Perhaps you are right, Tom. I have an inner darkness, but I am not like those Cult members, I know I stand right in the League."

"That's good to hear," said Skinner with enthusiasm.

Nemo knelt before the statue of Kali, murmuring a Hindu phrase of thankfulness. It had been a stressful time for him and his crew. Burning the bodies of the Cult members that were left in the village and the funeral arrangements for the crew men lost. However, the mansion in the forest was better off as a tomb left closed for the Cult members who fell and committed suicide.

Even though Nemo worshipped the goddess of Death, he did not really agree with suicide. It was a horrible deed that a man could do to himself, even if it was a quick escape from life.

Standing up, Nemo looked upon the goddess for one last moment, he silently bowed before leaving the shrine and taking on his duty as captain of the Nautilus.

It was evening when Mina met with Quincey while he was returning to his cabin. The boy looked more relieved after a week of what happened in the forest. The color returned to his pale cheeks and his eyes seemed more brighter.

"You seem to be well," she said.

"Thank you," said the boy. "After what happened, I know that I have to live with my curse. If you could become used to it, I know I can as well."

"I know. If you do have any difficulties, myself and the League are here for you."

"Sure," the boy glanced at his cabin door. "I think I need to rest for now, it's been a hard week."

"Of course," she brushed the strands of hair out of Quincey's face before the boy entered his cabin.

As Quincey disappeared into his cabin, Henry Jekyll appeared in the hall.

"How is he?" the doctor asked.

"I think he is handling everything well," Mina answered cooly. "Perhaps he is keeping most of his emotions covered to keep me from worrying over him."

"I've really developed a fondness of him, Hyde... feels the same way. It's funny that I'm saying such a thing, Hyde is my complete opposite, but we sometimes have shared feelings." Henry reached for his pocket watch, only to hold it as if to send his thoughts into it.

"You and Hyde are two halves of the same being, it is logical that the both of you would share similar thoughts and feelings." Mina tugged at her red silk scarf to make sure it was securely in place. "Perhaps the same could be said about Quincey and myself, only difference is that he and I are blood relatives."

"I can agree to that, Quincey is much like you."

"I have been thinking," Mina pressed a finger to her curved red lips for a moment, "I noticed that you have been helping Quincey with his studies. If it's possible, maybe you can be a mentor to him, it would be appropriate if he had someone else to look up to."

"Mrs. Harker," Henry's cheeks were blushing pink, "I'd be honored." It was such an overwhelming moment, a woman he admired offered him to be mentor to her son, a boy he became fond of. Not even Edward Hyde could make a crude remark to sink Henry's spirit.

The End.