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"There are outlaws in Sherwood Forest," I said, blowing on the hot beans on my plate and watching the dark skin peel off to reveal the lighter stuff inside. I scooped up some with my spoon and took a bite, trying not to burn my tongue.

"Outlaws?" my mother asked, raising one eyebrow quizzically. "Are you sure, Mariel?"

I nodded and swallowed. "Or, at least, there used to be," I added, starting to eat my potato. "This tastes good," I said, soaking a piece in butter and then placing a bite of the rich, mealy potato in my mouth.

While my mother chewed daintily, my father spoke. "How do you know?" he asked, his first contribution to the conversation on any of the subjects Mother and I had had since the beginning of tonight's supper.

I chewed slowly, wondering how best to phrase my answer, knowing that if I admitted seeing one of them, and that I had followed him to their camp, Father would either try to force directions to the camp out of me or forbid me to go near Sherwood again. Most likely, he would choose the latter. Neither, of course, would work, but he is smart enough to know that, and he would post guards or something.

"I stumbled upon a clearing with a huge old oak tree in the middle and a camp around it when I was walking earlier and I thought I saw something, but it was only the sun," I said finally.

"Mariel, would you please go eat the rest of your dinner in the kitchen? Your mother and I need to talk," my father told me, and I carefully gathered my dinner up and left the room. I did not plan to go to the kitchen, though.

After the door closed after me, I walked to the end of the hall, set down my dinner, and took off my shoes. They would click-clack, making walking back impossible. I walked and slid across the hall again, getting to the door without making a sound in my stocking feet. I pressed my ear to the keyhole and listened. I might mention that eavesdropping is one of the two most useful talents I posess. The other one is picking locks. Also, I learned a long time ago to press your ear to a keyhole, not your eye. It makes hearing ten times easier.

Then I decided not to eavesdrop. Not this time, anyway. I walked back down the hall, put my shoes on, and picked up my plate. I hurried to the kitchen, knowing that would be the first place they looked for me when they finished. Besides, they had told me to go there.

When I finished my dinner, I watched Eva, the scullery maid, get dessert ready for my parents. I toyed with the idea of getting Eva to eavesdrop for me, then discarded it.

"Would you tell my parents to come and get me when they finish, Eva? I would really appreciate it," I said, knowing that they most likely would anyway, but I wanted to be sure.

Eva curtsied. "Yes, miss," she said, picking up the tray for my parents.

I sat down on the floor next to Cookie's cat Mouse. She was lapping up a bowl of warm milk on the floor near the wall. I petted her gently, not wanting to disturb her. She was getting plump again. If she was going to have kittens, I was not going to let Cookie drown this litter, I decided. I know that Mouse knows what happens to her kittens, because every time Cookie gets rid of them, she spends days sitting on the roof yowling, making everyone stay away from her. Almost like a period of mourning, I mused.

Poor Mouse. I know I wouldn't like it if someone killed all of my babies every time I had some. Mouse looked up from her milk, licking her lips and blinking a little. She washed her face and mouth with her tongue and paws, making sure to scrub behind her ears. Mouse, satisfied with her bath, climbed into my lap, purring a little. I petted her, and decided that I would make a soft bed for her and the next litter of kittens that she had out of my yarn basket.


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