[notes 1:] Abuse of dashes and dots. Any and all criticism or comments are welcomed.

[notes 2:] Takes place before the actual Naruto storyline starts, when Naruto is still pretty young, around eight or so.

[disclaimer:] Naruto does not belong to me. No profit is being made out of this fanfiction.


[I'll tell you a story]


A long, long time ago, there was a beautiful princess, with long, flowing golden hair and sky-deep blue eyes.


-Huh? Oh?

No Naruto, it's not you. Yes, yes, I know you are a boy.

Hm? What? No! Naruto, you don't have to prove it! Na-Naruto! Pull your pants up right now.


Her mother and father, the queen and king, adored her very much.



Adore? Well... that means showing your love, I guess.

Have I been adored? What's love? Don't I know? Am I stu--Naruto! Stop laughing.

Aa, aa. One question at a time!

Hm... Yes, I suppose I was adored, a long time ago.

Huh? No, I do not have a girlfriend. No, I do not have a boyfriend.

Then by who?

By... my parents.

Where are they now?



Anyway, love is... something you can't define. Love makes you... hm... dizzy. Powerful. Weak. Beautiful. Ugly.

I know that doesn't make sense, Naruto. Love doesn't.

I am not in love. What do you mean at least love doesn't make you stupid? (it does.)

What does love feel like?


I don't know.

What? Haven't I ever -

NARUTO! I don't know where you heard that kind of language, but you stop that right now.

- No, I cannot teach you the "scary-angry-face-no-jutsu".

Just listen to the story please, Naruto.


When she was -


The princess, Naruto.


When the princess was young, an evil witch placed a curse on -


Evil? Curse?

Well... evil is when... you are bad. No, no. You are not evil, Naruto. And being evil isn't a good thing.

Evil is when... you hurt someone because you want to. When...

Huh? Oh, no, Naruto. You aren't evil. No.

Don't worry too much about whether you are good or bad. Everybody has a good side to them and everybody has a bad side to them, too.

Just... do what you think is right, I guess.

Now, a curse is... Well, you're cursed when... Um, you're cursed when someone - a powerful someone - puts an... ah, well, it's sort of like a spell. An evil spell -


Who told you that?

No, Naruto, don't smile like that.

Who told you that?!


Everybody? Really?

Oh. With their eyes, huh? Wait, some of them said to your face that you were a curse? Really? Did they say anything else?

Eh - Naruto, it's okay to cry. It doesn't mean that you are we--


Don't say that.


Naruto!! Don't you dare say that!

I do know what pain feels like. I do know what it feels like to lose and have nothing. I do know. I know more than you, you -


Oh, I am so sorry, Naruto. I'm sorry, sorry, sorry. I didn't mean that -

No, no - don't run - I said I'm sorry!

I'll... ah... buy you ramen tomorrow. Yeah, I promise.

(stupid ramen there goes my money what's so good about that stuff anyway?)

No, I didn't say anything, Naruto.

Huh? Oh yes - the story.

Where was I? Right.


When the princess was a baby, an evil witch placed a curse on her.

"All her life she will long for an unreachable dream, reaching but never touching," the witch cackled.


No, Naruto, I will not change my voice to sound more like an ugly hag - you watch your language.

Your laugh doesn't hide anything, Naruto. What do you mean you'll have to practice? Practice what?

You understand how she'll feel? Who, the princess?

Hahaha, yes, I've heard. You will become the hokage.

My dream?


That's a secret.

What? Stop laughing at me, Naruto.

It doesn't matter if I've never loved or if I don't have a dream.

(And I do have a dream, by the way.)

Life goes on.

What? Huh?

Oh, I'll finish the story tomorrow. After I buy you that ramen I promised.


Go home, Naruto.